Automated inventory management software

About TRXio

TRXio is an inventory management solution designed by Cairnstack Software. By creating live QR codes, this system scans inventory labels so you can track products without the hassle of manual data entry.

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Features of TRXio

  • Live QR Code Traceability
  • Movement Analytics
  • Asset and Order Management
  • Standardized Identification
  • Labeling and Scanning
  • Change Orders
  • Auditing and Reporting
  • Cycle Counting

TRXio Pricing Guide

There are 3 pricing models for TXRio software: Solo, Team, and Expedition.

  • The Solo subscription plan is designed for small businesses with a single user in a single location. This plan begins at $159/mo.
  • The Team subscription plan starts at $409/mo if prepaid annually. Monthly payments are $495. This plan includes multiple (5+) permissions at a single location or business unit.
  • The Expedition subscription plan is for enterprises with multiple business locations and includes custom integrations. Request a demo to get a price estimate.
Starting Price
$159 /user/month
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User Reviews of TRXio

Submitted on February 19th, 2020 by Rob Demeter

Before TRXio, we were using Excel and a custom ‘equipment log’ spreadsheet, but this was very cumbersome and prone to error. As sales volume increased, we needed a way to track equipment and parts through the job cycle. We would strongly recommend TRXio because of its ability to record and track inventory so precisely, and a support team that is one of the best we work with. One of the most amazing things we’ve seen is how the software package has grown in a very short time based on suggestions we’ve given. We’ve never seen another software platform update as fast as TRXio, and each update is stable, which is a necessity in the business environment. Cairnstack Software and TRXio has become the mark with which we judge other companies by.

Submitted on February 19th, 2020 by Scott Mcknight

Support and technical staff at TRXio are great at understanding our needs and working through problems to make the system work as we envision. Now, we see even more opportunities to grow and TRXio will adapt to fit our evolving needs.