A job management software for print, sign, and screen printing shops.

Product Overview

shopVOX is a web-based job management, customer relationship management (CRM), and point of sale (POS) system built for sign, print, and apparel shops. The platform’s main features include logging and tracking of customer interactions, managing accounts, and overseeing internal workflows to ensure on-spec product delivery. It also has a job board for monitoring project stages and documents, pricing calculators for custom products, and robust customer interaction tracking.

ShopVOX integrates with porgrams like QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero to cover accounting functionality.


  • Integrates with QuickBooks, Sage One, and Xero
  • Express plan has no onboarding fees


  • Several features only available on Pro plan
  • Charges per month and per user

Target Market

Small to medium-sized businesses in the printing, graphic design, and sign manufacturing industries.

About shopVOX

Video Overview


Estimates Orders and Invoices

  • Multiple Pricing Schemes: Standard-based pricing: Square Foot or Product-based pricing.
  • Custom Quotes: Build custom quotes or build templates
  • Easy Outsourced Pricing: Pricing Outsourced items can be as easy as pricing inhouse
  • Catalog Pricing: Organize and Identify goods found in catalogs.
  • Quick Quote: Jump right into pricing for phone and counter sales.
  • Quantity and Area discounts: Set size and area discounts for your goods, customer discount levels and mark-ups
  • Quote follow-up: Alerts the sales rep and the owners to pay attention to static quotes.
  • Minimum item amount: Determine and charge a minimum price regardless of size.
  • Minimum payments and automated deposits: Collect full payment at order or percentage of invoice total based on gross sale.
  • Integration to Quick Books: Invoices, Payments, Credit Memos, Purchase Orders, Cost of Good Sold
  • Reorder jobs: Carry over critical job information from the previous order.
  • Shopping cart Integration: Integrate using our open API.
  • Enable/Disable Invoice editing: Auditing of Invoice modifications when invoices are edited to track changes

Production Management

  • Online Proofing: Upload files such as jpeg, gifs, png & PDF to be sent directly to customers. They can approve it online or make changes. Staff is notified of approvals and changes.
  • Version history: See total number of revisions, with comments next to approved art.
  • Categories: Organize, items, customers, materials, templates, notes, tasks, lead sources etc. any way you want
  • Assets: Ability to upload files to any transaction type. Keep job files together for centralized access and organization.
  • Production Scheduling: Setup defaults for automatic date scheduling.
  • Automation: Automatic status updates as you interact with customers through estimating, proofing and emailing.
  • Notifications: Always know who is responsible for what and as things occur
  • Access from Anywhere: Access from anywhere anytime, via pc, mac, tablet (iPad/Android), or any data-enabled smartphone.
  • Image Notes: Annotate on-site survey photos to store measurements, install instructions, design ideas and more. All notes are stores and are easily read
  • Notes on jobs: Add important notes to jobs that are copied to the work order and recalled when reordered. Comments are time-stamped and ID’ed to the author

Electronic Job Board

  • Electronic Display: Job display with several different columns for job and status management.
  • Production WorkFlow Status: Shows you what all steps have been completed, what is in process as well as what needs to be completed.
  • Filtering: show only jobs by priority, customer, created date and due date
  • Printing: Print a PDF for offline use
  • Customer Review Tab: Shows a list of all the proofs waiting for customer approval/feedback. See when the proofs were sent, when the customer viewed the proof and a one-click "Resend " proof button.
  • Summary View: See jobs in three important departments: Design, Production and Install
  • Production Board: See a two week calendar view with drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Install Board: See a two week calendar view with drag-and-drop scheduling. Includes estimated install times to prevent scheduling conflicts.

Business Intelligence

  • Notifications: Always know who is responsible for what and as things occur
  • Reports: Custom and Canned reports exportable to PDF and Excel
  • Sales Commission Management: Manage payments and recording of sales commissions paid on orders in one place.
  • Sales Goals - Setup Sales goals for each sales rep. See sales gaps mapped to a chart.
  • Quickbooks and Xero Integration: Simply sync transactions over to these supported accounting packages.
  • Picked Up: Indicate whether items for the invoice have been picked up or not. Pull reports showcasing which ones have and haven’t been.
  • Term Codes: Create payment terms for any situation including a specific day of the month.
  • Collections: Dashboard with all the past due invoices. Call from that screen, make a note, email, or create tasks for yourself of employees, all from one screen.
  • Sales Dashboards: See business mix, average transaction information, product mix, yearly performance, top 10 customers, daily activity, cash drawer reconciliation and more.
  • Yearly Performance: Review TOP industries, TOP Lead Sources? Total Invoices in the year, average invoice, total number of customers who generated these invoices, total number of “new” customers, total amount of accounts receivable. All in one neat and tidy screen.
  • Task Management: Create tasks, view in list or calendar view, export to iCal calendar, add tasks for any object leads. See completed, assigned and past due tasks per employee and per category.
  • Store-wide Require Attention: Easily identify 4 major areas that generate income and how many transactions are in each state with dollar totals. Sales leads, quotes which have not been followed up, orders completed but not invoiced, past due invoices.
  • Feedback: Ability to collect feedback on each closed invoice.

Customer Management

  • Sales Leads: Create and track sales leads. Visual indicators alert the age of the lead; as the lead turns yellow if it is 3 days old and red if more than 5 days old. Ability to create tasks for each sales lead to set reminders. Set sales lead states (New, assigned, preparing quote, quoted, lost). Automatic notifications sent when a lead is created as well as assigned to staff. Track the conversation by adding and categorizing notes about the lead. Quote directly from the lead.
  • Optional Contact Form Integration: Automatically sync leads from your website with your shopVOX account. Click here to learn more. Bulk updates of customers Tools that help you clean up the old data easily
  • Customer Search: Search for customer by name, contact name, city, state, zip , sales rep etc.,
  • PMS Color and Fonts: Pre-define PMS Color and Fonts per customer which are shown on work orders.
  • Customer Assets: Ability to add assets at the customer level. Save company logos and other customer files.

Employee Management

  • Role Based: Grant permissions based on their role. Add or remove permissions to see pricing, costs, reports and more.
  • Security: Static IP Based and time-based access control
  • User Dashboard: myVOX – A bird’s eye view of what a person is responsible for in the store. If it is a salesperson – shows all their sales leads/quotes/orders/invoices, if it is a designer/production shows all their production jobs in different states.
  • Task Management: Assign responsibilities with a task that, when created will notify the specific employee of the responsibility. See assigned, past due and completed tasks per employee.
  • Signatures: User-level customizable email signatures.
  • Inside/Outside Sales Commission: Inside and Outside sales commission on Cost, Profit, Gross Price

Vendor Management

  • Purchase Orders: Track and manage purchase orders
  • Preferred Vendor: Rank Vendors in preference of materials ordered.
  • Vendor Pricing: Associate all materials to vendor prices for easy PO creation and price checking.
  • Material Requisition: Store staff can requisition materials and PO are managed better.
  • Quickbooks Export: Export information to Quickbooks, purchase orders, cost of materials, cost of outside sales etc.,
Starting Price
$99 /month

Product Overview

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