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A full ERP system designed by Visibility for manufacturing companies.

About ERP is a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for complex product manufacturers. Through an unparalleled suite of business applications, is the leading-edge technology enterprise solution that enables organizations to significantly optimize business effectiveness and dramatically enhance performance. Designed to support optimization of operational management strategies, the ERP software solution consists of integrated modules that enable optimized effectiveness in managing; customer relationships, quotes, projects, costs, material and resource planning, product engineering and manufacturing, business performance, finance and global issues where supply chain collaboration is key to your success. provides businesses with strategic insight, the ability to differentiate with increased productivity and the flexibility needed to achieve business goals. provides strategic advantage across the entire enterprise. Business integration, comprehensive functionality, collaborative capabilities, global features and compliance based controls enable effective decision making, increased organizational productivity and a system infrastructure optimized for profitable business growth.

Accounts Payable

Included in Financial Management Suite

The Accounts Payable module allows the ability to maintain the supplier data and provides for the entry, maintenance and payment of supplier invoices, debit memos and adjustments.

Accounts Receivable

Included in Financial Management Suite

Accounts Receivable provides for the entry and maintenance of customers, currencies, credit terms, tax codes, installment billing plans, contact management groups, invoices, credit memos, finance charges, adjustments and cash receipts.

Available to Promise

**Included in CRM Suite **

Available to Promise (ATP) is an important element in providing superior customer service. Setting proper expectations at the time of order enables subsequent on time delivery and solidifies the customer/partner relationship.

Business Intelligence

Included in Business Performance Management Suite

Visibility’s Reporting & Analytic Solutions unlock critical business information and transform data into knowledge. All pre-built departmental solutions are designed with a best practice architecture that facilitates speed to deploy and flexibility to accommodate unique Key Performance Indicators for your organization.

CAD Interface

Included in Engineering & Product Lifecycle Management Suite

The CAD Interface provides for export and import of parts and BOMs. provides online links from ERP product data to part drawings and electronic files.

Corporate Governance

Included in Business Performance Management Suite

Governance and audit controls exist both in the ERP application and in the Financial Analyzer. Every record in the ETO ERP software application is user and date stamped. Changes to user and role permissions are tracked thus meeting control standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley. In financial consolidation, business unit controllers electronically authorize unit financials prior to clearing them for use in the consolidation. Where revisions are made, change history records are recorded. Additional information on Change Management and Logical Access can be found in the Secure Portal section of this document.

Cost Accounting

Included in Financial Management Suite

Work order and sales order transactions accumulate costs to Work In Process and Cost of Goods Sold ledger accounts. Cost Accounting delivers real-time standard to actual analysis. Cost Accounting provides a number of estimates to complete/ estimate and complete cost analysis reports.

Customer Portal

Included in CRM Suite

Customer accessibility is made easy and securely with the Customer Portal. It provides self-service capabilities with a multi-lingual 24/7 e-commerce storefront to facilitate the customer’s investigation and ordering activities. Product catalogs are groomed for both anonymous and trusted partner access, with appropriate access to pricing and part availability.

Data Collection

Included in Operations Management Suite

Support for barcode identified inventory data collection is available for a variety of inventory related transactions. In addition, using web services and its open architecture, supports linkage to data collection systems such as wireless data capture or barcode systems. Approaches such as these, offer the opportunity to further reduce the cost of collecting and improving the timeliness and accuracy of all inventory, work in process and related operations data.

Features & Options

Included in Engineering & Product Lifecycle Management Suite

The Features and Options module enables the ability to establish and maintain features and options for To-Order parts. This module is designed to create a structure that allows a customer to define the end product by selecting the features desired.

Field Service Management

Included in CRM Suite

The Field Service module provides call center logging, tracking of site and module equipment, along with ‘as-manufactured’ properties. Service orders provide for administration of billable and warranty returns and repairs. Field Service lets all companies maintain online service history and product configuration information. With highly accurate and easily accessible service records, each user can flag problem parts and processes whenever they may occur in the life cycle of a product.

Forecasting / MPS / MRP / CRP / APS-ETO / MTO / Receptive

Included in Material and Production Planning Suite

The Master Production Schedule (MPS) is used to specify demand, independent from sales orders and forecasts, to drive the MRP process. Multiple named forecasts can be maintained for consumption by MRP. Forecasts may be specified for high level family items. The MPS process can be run as a simulation or as an actual run, and allows for optional direct entry of planned orders.

General Ledger and Financial Consolidation

Included in Financial Management Suite

The General Ledger provides the tools to measure performance against budget at individual levels including project, department and account levels based on either actual or standard cost. Complete support for multi-entity businesses is built in assuring every organization the ability to conduct and manage business within any combination of single or multiple business hierarchies.

Human Resources and Payroll

Included in Financial Management Suite

All aspects of employee definition, time tracking and expense posting are managed via Human Resources and Payroll module and the Time and Attendance module.

Inventory Control

Included in Material and Production Planning Suite offers enterprise wide Inventory Control that integrates planning and management of inventory at all warehouse locations. It provides the flexibility to manage the different types of inventory, provide traceability and control, ensure suitable safety stock for bulk or re-order point items.

Labor Management

Included in Operations Management Suite Labor Management provides all companies with the ability to generate timely management information, in addition to facilitating the company’s ability to ensure the smooth running of Human Resource (HR) administration. provides comprehensive tools for capturing both production related and overhead time bookings, ranging from hourly timesheets to web based time collection for remote employees.

Lot/Serial Control Number

Included in Material and Production Planning Suite

The Lot/Serial Number Control option enables tracking the activity of inventory items that are sold, purchased or manufactured. Lot and Serial Number traceability meet the requirements for CFR 21 Subpart 15 traceability and management.

Maintenance Operations

Included in Operations Management Suite

The Maintenance Operations module assists with the tracking and resolution of customer service calls through its integration with the controls, labor and order entry features of other modules. This allows you to track and report equipment failures and service calls and repairs.

Managed Reports

Included in Business Performance Management Business reporting may be sourced from the core ERP database, or from the Visibility Analyzers. supports security controlled access to reports and data sets, and content may be delivered on request, or using scheduled publication/intranet folder or email delivery methods. In financial consolidation, business unit controllers electronically authorize unit financials prior to clearing them for use in the consolidation. Where revisions are made, change history records are recorded. Additional information on Change Management and Logical Access can be found in the Secure Portal section of this document.

Multi-Entity Consolidation

Included in Business Performance Management Suite

Visibility’s Financial Analyzer contains data from multiple business units; in both base and consolidation currencies. Powerful analytic displays deliver interactive comparative and consolidated results. The data loading phase of the consolidation data mart, processes currency conversion, ledger account mapping, and elimination entries.

Order Management

Included in CRM Suite

The Order Management system generates sales orders through direct input from quotes, EDI, configurator or Customer Portal. Orders can be tracked in real-time through the manufacturing, shipping and invoicing processes, while capturing accounting information such as project costs, pricing, profit margins and Accounts Receivable.Many customer relationships involve complex contract and credit arrangements. Using, simple orders, as well as complex order types, are easily executed. Additionally, CRM functionality supports customers with master billing and credit structures, pooled credit within subgroups, and pre-defined contracts for deposits, percent complete, and retention terms.

Parts & BOMS

Included in Engineering & Product Lifecycle Management Suite focuses on ergonomics as well as rich functionality in creating and maintaining product data. Elimination of duplicate entry and access to both 'quick entry’and ‘full maintenance’ forms allows engineers to focus on engineering not data entry.

Product & Part Attribute Management

Included in Engineering & Product Lifecycle Management Suite

The Part and Product Attribute Management capabilities allow for explicit management of part attributes to aid in locating parts to avoid duplicate entry.

Product Configurator

Included in Engineering & Product Lifecycle Management Suite

The Product Configurator provides powerful, rule-based generation of product structures, costs, and pricing, in a flexible guided user interface. The product configurator is fully integrated with quoting, order entry, and engineering, delivering efficient data entry and reliable generation of simple to complex Configure-To-Order items.

Product Costing

Included in Financial Management Suite

Product costing provides for the robust calculation of standard costs. Standard cost versions can be maintained by entity, warehouse and operating budget. Labor variations are supported by warehouse and part revision dependent routings.

Project Accounting and Management

Included in Financial Management Suite

The Project Accounting module together with fully integrated project management capabilities provides the tools needed to manage all projects on time and within budget. The Project Accounting module extends into every module of the system, providing the means to manage on a project basis. Additionally, it also enables each department to operate optimally with a mix of project and non-project work. Project Accounting is a cost collection and planning tool.

Prospect and Salesforce Automation

Included in CRM Suite facilitates timely and coordinated management of leads, contacts and opportunities. Having the ability to configure and price complex quotations and sales orders, gather and review historical sales data, access information associated with customer related jobs and projects allows appropriate individuals to quote more quickly and accurately.


Included in Material and Production Planning Suite Purchasing permits preparation of requisitions and purchase orders, including blanket order parts against a warehouse or any work order, sales order, project or valid general ledger account. It is fully integrated with Accounts Payable, Cost Accounting, General Inquiries, Inventory Control, and Work In Process to track materials, costs and activity.

Quality Systems Management

Included in Operations Management Suite Quality Systems Management module is integrated throughout the application and business process. It delivers integrated quality assurance management by extending standard shop floor control and provides for the creation and use of revision controlled, ‘process oriented’ routings. Quality Systems Management also offers a number of tools to assist in quality control data collection and analysis. This module can help businesses achieve ISO compliance with a well defined process throughout the business from the shop floor and in all aspects of the production cycle.

Quoting and Estimating

Included in CRM Suite

The Quoting and Estimating ERP Software module allows organizations to rapidly develop comprehensive and accurate cost and profitability estimates for all complex projects. This integrated system supports the concurrent engineering aspect of the To-Order business by fully utilizing its data with all other business processes. Quoting and Estimating allows companies to quote standard products where price and availability are the key variables, as well as products that require extensive design engineering or multiple configurations.

Revenue Billing and Installment Billing

Included in Financial Management Suite

Automate the generation of accounts receivable invoices based on user defined installment billing templates. These templates allow for timed generation of invoices in relation to order progress based on predefined business specific event triggers.


Included in Engineering & Product Lifecycle Management Suite Routings define the steps within the process required to build a ‘make’ part. Routing files contain instructions on how and where to build products. Each routing contains the sequence of operations that need to be performed and identifies the work centers where the operations are to be performed together with the resources, machine and labor used to perform each operation. Times listed in the routing determine the labor costs, scheduling, and the capacity required to manufacture the product.

Shop Floor Control

Included in Operations Management Suite

The Shop Floor Control module provides maximum flexibility to deploy plant wide resources using finite, infinite, backward or forward scheduling. Users may split work orders, track material and change routing operations content and scheduling to meet the critical needs in the time also provides comprehensive shop floor control capabilities to enable full definition of routings along with primary and alternate work centers, alternate work centers, man/machine resource costing capabilities and the ability to manage sub-contracted operations.

Supplier Portal

Included in Material and Production Planning Suite

To meet this objective, the suite provides partner self-service access to key collaboration data. The Supplier Portal process is designed to help optimize the business procurement process, significantly reducing the overhead involved and achieving the best value for purchasing. The Supplier Portal gives companies and vendors the tools to collaboratively manage the procurement process from requisitions, to quotation, and finally through to goods receipt. Internal users are able to create purchase requisitions for Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) items or production parts via a simple web based form. The purchasing team is able to quickly take purchase requisitions and either convert them to purchase orders, or publish them online to selected vendors as a Request for Quote (RFQ). The Supplier Portal lets vendors access selected data in order to provide online quotes, updated price schedules, part lead time information and delivery promises. The Supplier Portal provides buyers with tools to analyze vendor responses for the best balance of price and delivery performance. It supports the use of reverse auctions where the company determines the method of purchase cost management that is appropriate.

Work in Process

Included in Operations Management Suite

The WIP module allows each business to effectively manage the production functions of the business. It identifies assemblies to be built, channels material for work orders into the production floor and returns finished assemblies to the warehouse for shipment to all delivers real value for WIP management and provides complete support for mixed mode (hybrid) and To Order manufacturing.

Product Overview

Market Focus

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Industry Focus ERP is designed primarily for use in the manufacturing industry.

User Reviews of ERP

Submitted on February 12th, 2015 by Dave from ULVACc Technologies, Inc.

We replaced our legacy system with an out-of-box solution to handle our engineer to order manufacturing and distribution business. We use purchase orders, work orders, sales orders, BOMs in our Visibility system. We have configured it to pull out all the useful information we previously did not have access to in our legacy ERP system. I am an active user and we streamlined our operations to be far more efficient.

The Good…

We have thousands of parts to manufacture one of our typical tools and parts are called up quickly in searches using a variety of search options. We can export our data into Excel, .PDF, Word, XML, XML2, HTML. We print our own forms, and track transactions in Japanese Yen and U.S. dollars. We can create customized data fields (User-defined fields) to track any data we like. The General Inquiries function is a pleasant surprise as I can drill down into data from a variety of different pieces of data like by part number, by supplier, by sales order, etc.

The Bad…

We would like a bigger emphasis on service business and perhaps electronic signature capture to attach to service sales orders.