CoStar Real Estate Manager

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Lease accounting software from CoStar Realty Information Inc.

About CoStar Real Estate Manager

CoStar Real Estate Manager is a suite of solutions that assists with both real estate management and lease management. Having access to accurate real estate and lease data will help you make better business decisions. This solution will ensure your business complies with all FASB and IASB accounting regulations. With CoStar Real Estate Manager, you’ll be able to run reports, create journal entries, and more.

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  • Lease Accounting
  • Lease Administration
  • Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Planning
  • Projects and Construction Management
  • Transaction Management

Target Market

  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Retail and Restaurant
  • Service Providers

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User Reviews of CoStar Real Estate Manager

Submitted on November 15th, 2018 by Jennifer

I use CoStar on a daily basis for numerous different tasks I have.

It’s easy to navigate. I’ve used different types of database systems before. Jumping in was kind of self-explanatory, how to get to different areas, which is nice.