A cost effective, accurate and intuitive ASC 842 Lease Accounting Cloud Solution for small and medium-sized companies

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iLeasePro, a highly scalable, cloud-based solution for enterprise level or mid-sized firms, offers comprehensive Lease Management and Lease Analysis features developed to reduce costs, mitigate risks and increase business intelligence of your lease information within your organization. Whether leases are currently on spreadsheets or in an application, iLeasePro’s intuitive solution allows companies to seamlessly transition its current lease operations from single threaded processes across multiple groups into a fully centralized lease management approach without having to realign its resources.

Are you concerned with the upcoming FASB and IASB Lease Accounting Changes? The iLeasePro Management team has been closely monitoring the upcoming FASB and IASB Lease Accounting changes since its inception. The foundation to address all requirements of the new accounting model is in place and will be available once the standards definition is finalized. You will need to account for all of your active real estate and equipment leases. Are you ready? Subscribe now to begin preparing for these mandatory compliance changes.

Do you need help in negotiating leases or renewals? The iLeasePro Lease Analysis feature is invaluable in supporting lease negotiations as well as key decisions required during the life cycle of any lease. Key functions include the amortization of lease costs across the term of the lease and automatic calculation of Effective Rental Rates, Net Present Value, Average Monthly Cost, Total Cost Per Annum and more. The comparative lease analysis offers a side-by-side detailed comparison of selected leases with the ability to create what-if scenarios, the Economic Analysis of a Lease, review of Operating Expenses, and recommendations for potential Lease Term Changes that will bring the lease terms into your favor.

Do you need a comprehensive electronic library of your leases? iLeasePro offers an intuitive and easy to use work flow of screens to allow you to capture, store and produce comprehensive standard reports all of your critical lease information.

Are you interested in better understanding your lease portfolio? – The iLeasePro executive dashboard and portfolio feature enables you to group, analyze, and manage your lease portfolio by geographic location, asset type, lease type or any other category that you define, it is customizable and an important feature that you need for effective lease portfolio management.

Are you concerned about tracking agreement dates or defaulting on your agreements? Critical date management and notification is a key feature of all comprehensive lease administration systems. iLeasePro provides the flexibility to manage critical dates like lease expiration, options, insurance renewal, or any other critical date that is important for you to track.

Are you sure the annual pass-thru expenses you pay are accurate? - The iLeasePro Expense Chargeback feature calculates the year-over-year true-up of lessor chargebacks against base year expenses. Record line-by-line current and historical expense details in the Expense Chargeback feature compare and report current year versus prior year(s) and base year amounts and readily identify expense fluctuations that should be questioned. Companies have saved significant amount of money through expense chargeback auditing.

Are you certain you have calculated your base rent and rent step payments correctly? – This is a huge expense to almost every company. Eliminate errors and the need of a standalone calculation process when performing complex lease term rent calculations. iLeasePro makes this easy. Simply select from the several pre-defined types of rent payment types, add lessor concessions, define the rent step increase method (like flat increase, incremental increase or percentage/CPI increase) and iLeasePro will automatically calculate the payment costs throughout the entire the lease term.

Do you need quick to your lease related documents from anywhere? iLeasePro is on the cloud! Any company resource can have instant access to all critical documents from anywhere at any time. And also ensure auditing compliance by uploading and managing your lease related documents in one central repository. Electronically store leases, amendments, insurance certificates, photos, floor plans and any other lease related information.

Are you concerned with auditing compliance, like Sarbanes Oxley? iLeasePro tracks and reports every change made to a lease offering superior audit and data accuracy. Data changes are captured and time stamped to allow for after the fact audit and review. Reports can be archived and saved so that critical historical information is readily available.

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