Lease accounting software by UGAAP LLC.


UGAAP is a lease accounting software solution that organized lease records and documents. This Cloud-based and on-premises system keeps journal entries organized, keeps track of an audit trail of individuals that make changes to a lease, provide reporting, and more.

UGAAP is compliant with:

  • ASC 842
  • IFRS 16
  • GASB 87
  • And more!

Most other “lease accounting” products on the market are in fact property management software with limited accounting functions. Unlike those solutions, accounting compliance is at the core of UGAAP. This software is based on extensive accounting research and preferred by experienced CPAs and accounting professionals.

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There are two versions of UGAAP available, with slightly different features. Both offer the same main features of:

Feature UGAAP Basic UGAAP Featured
Amortization Schedules x x
Classification Tests x x
Journal Entries x x
Disclosure Reports x x
Transitional Functions x x
Imports/Exports x x
Multi-Layer Organization x x
Multi-Currency   x
Dual-Standard ASC 842 & IFRS 16   x
Multi-User/Access Levels   x
Workflow with Internal Control   x
3-Year Support and Updates   x


Plan Price
UGAAP Basic $3,600 one-time
UGAAP Featured $24,000 one-time

*Price includes license and implementation

The total cost of UGAAP software also depends on whether you want the on-premises solution or a Cloud-based SaaS. The later has lower implementation costs but requires annual licenses for unlimited users. The on-prem option includes a permanent license for unlimited users and leases.

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User Reviews of UGAAP

Submitted on March 25th, 2020 by Eduard Grainger

I feel UGAAP is a well-conceived software catering to our Accounting and Financial Reporting departments. Our lease accounting became much easier and organized with the help of this product. It is unassuming but does the job with no big implementation and big budget fanfare. Just a tool. Plug and use.

The Good…

Easy to use and understand. Designed with accountant’s mentality.

The Bad…

Not available on mobile phones