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A full ERP system designed by Alumni Computer Group for accounting/legal/professional companies.
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PCLawPro has all of the easy to use features of PCLawJr, but also includes accounts payable, networking, past due notices, and a diary system. PCLawPro starts at 10 users/10 timekeepers.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module gives your firm an easy way of tracking payments you will make in the future. With a click, you can pay these expenses, see a complete payment history, and keep track of purchases from vendors and suppliers.

Each entry updates the Client Ledger and journals automatically.


  • Track amounts owed to suppliers
  • Track the payment history for each supplier
  • Track and compute vendor discounts
  • Charge portions of an invoice back to client matters
  • Add invoices and print checks
  • Print 1099 information on Government approved forms

Payable and check entries can be printed on pre-printed forms on all types of printers. PCLawPro also tracks information for 1099 forms and can be printed on government approved 1099-MISC forms.

Accounts Receivable

PCLawPro makes it easy for your firm to collect outstanding balances promptly.

Billed fees can be automatically allocated to the responsible lawyer, prorated by working lawyer or manually allocated. PCLawPro retains your allocations for collections and productivity reporting.

When payments are received they can be applied to specific bills or automatically applied to the oldest outstanding invoices.

Take control of your client receivables and follow-up on clients that require attention.

Receivables By Client

The Receivables by Client Report has been designed to expedite payment.

The report details:

  • Client names and phone numbers for easy follow-up
  • Collection notes to assist in collection follow-up
  • Date and amount of last payment to identify partial payments
  • Trust balances to highlight matters eligible for trust transfers
  • You can print the Receivables by Client Report or e-mail it to your staff so they can call clients

Client and Matter Management

Manage Your Clients and Matters

PCLawPro’s Matter Manager is a powerful tool that provides you with one central location from which to manage all your clients and matters and their information including accounting activity, appointments, notes, and associated contacts.

The Matter Manager’s easy to use interface and instant access to every matter detail helps your firm better manage and build client relationships.

Access Complete Client Information

The Matter Manager’s logical tab interface provides quick access to specific information for any matter. From the Matter Manager screen you can access data, create new entries and print reports for the selected section.

Each Tab allows for instant access to a specific matters’ information including:

  • Summary – displays all accounting balances with drill-down editing capabilities. Case memos and collection memos can also be accessed.
  • Appointments – Details both completed and upcoming appointments and to do’s
  • Contacts – Highlights all associated contacts
  • Notes – Shows all notes
  • Ledger – Details all accounting activity
  • Time – Shows all Fees billed and unbilled
  • Related – Displays all related matters
  • All – View a chronological history of all activity

View Data From Any Angle

All information in the Matter Manager can be sorted by any of the columns. This sorting ability allows an attorney to view a list of time entries by total hours or dollar value if they wish. Advanced filters make it even easier to locate specific transactions including billed entries and completed events.

Quick Access to Key Matter Functions

Icons on the Matter Manager screen provide easy access to other key matter functions including time sheets, appointments and notes.

Complete Contact Management

PCLawPro provides a centralized contact management system to track and manage all contacts relating to your firm including clients and vendors.

PCLawPro makes it easy to organize your contacts.

Replace Your Rolodex

You can store names, addresses, telephone, fax, web sites, e-mail addresses, associated contacts and notes for all your contacts. You can generate e-mails messages to your contacts from the contact screen.

Contact information can be copied for use with your word processor or exported for use with other programs.

Contacts can be labeled as ‘private’ to prevent unauthorized users from viewing the contact details.

Customize Contact ‘Types’

You can create ‘types’ of contacts making it easier to find specific contacts when you need them e.g. expert witnesses, judges and opposing attorneys. You can search for contacts by name, firm name or type.

Powerful Conflict Search

PCLawPro’s conflict search checks to see if new clients will cause a conflict with existing files. In addition to active and archived matters, PCLawPro will also check vendors, description lines, memorized payees, and contacts.

Track Contact Activity and Relations

Contacts can be associated with matters and lawyers allowing you to manage your contacts’ relations. To keep track of your contacts’ activities, you can schedule appointments and record unlimited notes for all your contacts.

General Ledger

Automatic Posting

You don’t have to be a bookkeeper to use PCLaw. PCLaw automatically posts entries from each journal to the General Ledger. You may view and/or print the General Ledger in both detail and non-detailed formats. The detailed format reflects every transaction that occurred during the period. The non-detailed format shows summary postings from each journal for the period.

See a comparative view of all your revenue and expenses for the previous 12 months in a “spreadsheet” format.

Payroll (included with PCLawPro)

Worry free, hassle free payrolls.

PCLaw presents a faster, easier way to do your payroll. Completely integrated with your checks and General Ledger, this module can even calculate some payrolls with a single mouse click. The built-in advisor helps you setup, calculate and streamline your firm’s payroll. Special reports ensure all of your reporting needs are addressed.

Time Tracking

PCLawPro provides a number of easy and flexible methods to ensure all time and flat fee entries are accounted for by your firm.

The Time Sheet screen is ideal for timekeepers who enter the day’s time entries as a batch.

Time Sheet

The easy to use Time Sheet screen represents one of the methods of recording time in PCLawPro. Once the matter is entered, lawyer and billing rate information is automatically retrieved.

The Delay Post feature allows you to easily review and change time entries before posting. Billable and non-billable time is totalled on the screen to ensure that you have accurately accounted for all hours.

Quick Timer

Accurately tracking time while working on multiple files has never been easier. Start your first Quick Timer, click on “Stop” and launch your second Quick Timer to start recording the time on your second case.

Trust Accounting

PCLawPro’s integrated Trust Accounting helps you manage all your trust obligations in compliance with local Bar Association and Law Society standards and regulations.

The Trust Listing provides up to date balances for all clients.

Detailed Reports

PCLawPro maintains an up to date Trust Ledger with complete details of receipts, payments and transfers for each Client Matter. PCLawPro’s Trust Reports simplify inquiries and provide the audit trails to satisfy your accountants.

Multiple Bank Accounts

PCLawPro accommodates multiple Trust bank accounts to separate and control regular and interest bearing accounts.

Trust Control

Users can maintain strict control over Trust activity to help prevent:

  • Overdrawing client’s accounts
  • Writing Trust checks before the receipts have cleared the bank
  • Transferring too much money to the General bank account for payment of invoices

Fully Integrated With Billing

Trust funds can be transferred to the General Bank account for payment of outstanding balances during or after billing. The Trust statement portion of the bill details the transfer and shows the client that their account is current.

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