An accounting software system designed by Alumni Computer Group for accounting/legal/professional companies.

About PCLaw

PCLaw provides integrated time billing, accounting and practice management software for law firms with 1-10 timekeepers. PCLaw has spent the past 20 years combining everything you need in one place. Time Billing, Trust Accounting, Check Writing and Calendaring - if it has to do with tracking your time and money, it’s here.

Accounts Payable

Track payments, expenses and write checks. The Accounts Payable module gives your firm an easy way to keep track of payments due. Expenses that you will be paying in the future, either on behalf of your firm or your clients, can be entered here. This module facilitates the charging of expenses to clients and printing checks. You can pay these expenses, see a complete payment history and keep track of purchases from vendors or suppliers.

Each entry updates the appropriate client ledgers and journals automatically. PCLaw also tracks information for 1099 forms and can print on government approved 1099-MISC forms.


PCLaw offers unsurpassed flexibility in client billing including complete support for Task Based Billing, Split Billing and Electronic Billing.

Customize your bill formats. Select any one of the formats that come with the system, modify them to suit your needs, or build an unlimited number of your own formats from scratch.

PCLaw is so flexible, you can create a different custom-designed bill format for every matter. You control every facet of the bill - from the level of detail shown to the actual wording. You even decide the position of information on the page and can insert standard bill paragraphs, logos, or personal messages. You can speed up the billing process by selecting groups of cases to bill.

Client Ledger

The Client Ledger can be called up instantly to let you view all financial information for a client, including billed and unbilled fees, disbursements, accounts receivable balance and trust activity.

A chronological view of each matter, outlining summary totals and all activities related to the matter.

Complete Client History

The Client Ledger report is similar to that of a manual one-write (pegboard) accounting system. It provides a complete history of each matter. Every entry remains on the Client Ledger, even after billing, unless you decide to summarize, archive, purge or close the matter.

Client Ledger Reports

PCLaw report selections allow you to produce a Client Ledger report showing:

  • Client disbursements
  • Time & fees
  • Billing
  • Payments received
  • Write ups and write downs
  • Trust disbursements and receipts

General Ledger

Automatic Posting

You don’t have to be a bookkeeper to use PCLaw. PCLaw automatically posts entries from each journal to the General Ledger. You may view and/or print the General Ledger in both detail and non-detailed formats. The detailed format reflects every transaction that occurred during the period. The non-detailed format shows summary postings from each journal for the period.

See a Comparative View of All Your Revenue and Expenses for the Previous 12 Months in a ‘Spreadsheet’ Format

Review Your Income Statement at Any Time.

The Income Statement shows income and expenses for the period, and calculates the profit or loss. PCLaw allows you to produce an Income Statement at any time, even before the end of the month. PCLaw allows you to produce an Income Statement even if you have not closed prior accounting periods.

The Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet shows the financial position of the firm at a point in time.

Choose Cash, Accrual or Modified Cash Accounting

PCLaw’s General Ledger can be set up to handle Cash, Accrual or Modified Cash accounting for Partnerships and Professional Corporations.

Past Due Notices

Let Your Clients Know They Owe You Money.

The Past Due Notices module allows you to automatically send a statement to clients who have not paid their bills. The notices remind clients of the amount they owe, and if you wish, any interest on that amount. You can choose to send these reminder notices to clients with balances that are current, or greater than 30, 60 or 90 days old.

Simple Bank Reconciliation

Take the drudgery out of bank reconciliations. Each month you may be required by your local bar or accountant to perform a bank reconciliation for each general and trust bank account.

The Bank Reconciliation Program will automatically tally checks, reconcile deposits and track uncleared items. Every trust and general bank account is kept separate. The reconciliation, a deposit versus receipts report and an outstanding check report can be printed.

Time Tracking

PCLaw gives you multiple ways to ensure that you record and bill every minute you spend on a case. Additionally, we understand that not all of your billable work takes place in your office so we have developed innovative solutions designed to help you capture more time while you are away from the office.

Product Overview

Industry Focus

PCLaw is designed primarily for use in the professional services industry.

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