A manufacturing ERP software delivering detailed work-order costing, performance analytics, and quality management.

Product Overview

Infor VISUAL is a manufacturing ERP software designed primarily for order-driven production. It provides detailed work-order costing for precise cost breakdowns and margin analysis. Its performance analytics offer a holistic view of operations with deep dive capabilities for root-cause analysis. Additionally, its quality management systems offer consistency and predictability in product lifecycle and supply management.


  • Advanced work-order costing
  • Comprehensive performance analytics
  • Quality management for product and supply chain control


  • Steep learning curve
  • Non-intuitive menus
  • Non-standard keyboard shortcuts

Target Market

Businesses in order-driven manufacturing requiring detailed cost analysis, quality control, and operational efficiency. Ideal for companies that prioritize scalable solutions and shop floor automation.

About Infor VISUAL

Infor VISUAL ERP is a Windows-based manufacturing software tailored for various production methods like custom, assemble-to-order, and make-to-stock. It offers a complete solution for managing the entire production process, from quoting to billing. It also integrates with Microsoft Office suite for enhanced user interaction.

Infor VISUAL ERP Key Features

  • Material and Demand Planning: Includes Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Master Production Schedule (MPS) for balancing supply and demand, avoiding shortages, and efficient resource allocation.
  • Manufacturing Execution and Scheduling: Integrates Concurrent Scheduling, Shop Floor Control, and Manufacturing Window for optimal use of resources, product delivery scheduling, and streamlined manufacturing plan creation.
  • Quality and Inventory Control: Combines Quality Control, Inventory Control, and Dimensional Inventory Tracking for maintaining high-quality standards, accurate inventory tracking, and detailed inventory management.
  • Data Integration and Management: Features like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Data Import Utility, and Product Data Management offer efficient data exchange, import capabilities, and design-engineering optimization.
  • Reporting and Analysis: Management Reporting and Executive Information System provide detailed analysis and insights into enterprise operations, identifying key performance areas and resource bottlenecks.
  • Labor and Resource Tracking: Barcoding module enhances labor entry accuracy and real-time information access, while Lot and Serial Traceability tracks parts through the manufacturing process.
  • Cost and Financial Management: Cost Accounting captures real-time costs, and Financials provide comprehensive financial management solutions.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Contact Center module tracks customer interactions and sales data, enhancing customer retention and acquisition.
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: Purchasing module simplifies material purchases and inventory control, ensuring cost-effective sourcing and inventory allocation.
  • Part and Product Management: Combines Part Traceability and Technical Estimating for stringent product tracking and reliable job costing.
  • Workflow and Process Control: Workflow module automates information flow and document tracking, while Return Material Authorization manages returned parts documentation.
Starting Price
$12,000 (perpetual license)
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Infor VISUAL

Submitted on October 30th, 2019 by Anonymous

I really dislike what has been done to this software and the user screen windows. everything is STARK WHITE. No colors to help tone down the WHITE that is very hard on the eyes. Adjusting brightness on the monitor DOES NOT help. Hard to distinguish what is the FIELD and the BACKGROUND. It used to look like a very sophisticated software and easy to see and use. Now it looks like something that I could have created myself in Microsoft Excel. And at least I can color code Excel so I don’t have severe eye strain all day long. And all the new ICONS. you took all the color out of them also and they look like stick figures and hard to distinguish what they are. Unfortunately I am stuck with this upgrade. And I definitely don’t remember all this being on the demo that I viewed here a year ago.

The Good…

NOTHING on the new upgrade

The Bad…