MISys Small Business Manufacturing (SBM)

A full ERP system designed by MISys for manufacturing companies.

About MISys Small Business Manufacturing (SBM)

MISys SBM offers all the functionality a small manufacturing firm needs today, with plenty of room to grow in the future. Start with the Basic Manufacturing module, which includes inventory control for manufacturers, multi-level bills of material, revision control, and production work orders. Whenever you are ready, add advanced purchasing, bin tracking, and more.

Flexible Deployment Options

Depending on the flexibility you need, MISys SBM can be installed on a desktop PC, shared across a company intranet, or deployed over the Internet. However your users need their manufacturing data delivered, no matter where they are located, MISys SBM lives up to the task.

Quick and Easy to Learn

While the functionality of MISys SBM may be familiar to some, its underlying technology is brand new. Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc. has combined the latest Microsoft .NET technology with our 20+ years of manufacturing experience to deliver a system that gives users quick access to the information they need, when they need it, wherever they are located. MISys SBM’s familiar Microsoft Office look and feel means your staff won’t have to develop a whole new set of navigation skills. Anyone who knows their way around the most popular email or word-processing programs will quickly feel at home with MISys Small Business Manufacturing.

Built-in Power and Scalability

For maximum performance and scalability, MISys SBM is built on the industry-standard Microsoft SQL database engine, a 5-user version of which is included in the purchase price. For larger firms, MISys SBM supports hundreds of concurrent users on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and other ANSI-compliant SQL databases.

Stand-Alone or Fully Integrated

MISys SBM can be run stand-alone, or integrated with many of the most popular accounting software systems to form a complete manufacturing business management system. Your CFO will smile when your company financials accurately reflect your manufacturing activities.

Critical Data at Your Fingertips

Using a unique system of alerts, you’ll configure MISys SBM to notify you when certain conditions are met or events occur within your manufacturing system. Gone is the risk of not having the information you need to take immediate corrective actions. Scores of standard reports, and the ability to add your own custom reports, put at your fingertips the information you need to run your manufacturing operation more efficiently than ever before.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

MISys SBM is one of the most affordable manufacturing software systems available, not just because of its low purchase price, but because the unexpected expenses that can escalate the total cost of owning software have been eliminated in the design. With MISys SBM there are no surprises, no obsolescence; total cost of ownership is never a gamble. The design of MISys SBM is certain to give your company greater value for your investment than any other manufacturing system available.

Buy or Rent

You may purchase a license to use MISys SBM, or rent it on a month-to-month basis. Ask your MISys Reseller for details.


Features Include:

  • Perform cost roll-ups through entire product structure
  • Maintain chart of accounts for integration with target general ledger
  • Maintain manufacturing subledger reflecting stock transfers, cost adjustments, PO receipts, and inventory adjustments
  • Transfer manufacturing subledger to general ledger at fiscal period end
  • Run period end daily, weekly, monthly, or as often as desired
  • Redirection to item-, job-, or location-specific accounts


Features Include:

  • Choice of standard, average, FIFO, or LIFO costing
  • Select desired target accounting system
  • Select precision for quantities and costs with up to 6 decimal places
  • Define custom formatting for item numbers and other key fields
  • Create security groups to control access on user basis
  • Globally change item and supplier numbers
  • Globally replace BOM components
  • Check for recursive BOMs
  • Reset item and supplier statistics
  • Check database integrity and repair minor errors


Features Include:

  • Five pre-defined alerts reveal critical manufacturing management parameters
  • Create as many custom alerts as needed
  • Power and flexibility with built-in SQL query builder

Master Files

Features Include:

  • Create and maintain master files for items, bills of material, suppliers, jobs, and locations
  • Search using quick Find Now or advanced SQL
  • Sort or group on selected database fields


Features Include:

  • Create what-if production scenarios
  • Instantly analyze impending inventory shortages
  • Choice of direct or batch-driven operation


Features Include:

All the functionality required by every manufacturing firm (including inventory control of raw materials and WIP, multi-level bills of material, BOM revision control, physical inventory cycle counting, and production work order processing) are included in the Basic Manufacturing module of MISys SBM. Start with one user license and expand with up to 256 concurrent users.

  • Create multi-line work orders to drive production
  • Print work order-driven material pick lists
  • Reserve or allocate components for a work order
  • Full BOM back-flushing of components consumed


Features Include:

  • Create and track purchase orders for raw materials
  • Print orders or selectively email as an attachment
  • Calculate true landed costs


Features Include:

  • Preview or print over 75 standard reports
  • Grouped according to source and function
  • Modify existing reports or create custom reports with Crystal Reports designer
  • Quick preview of sample reports

Stock Control

Features Include:

  • Perform stock transfers for individual items, assemblies, and components of assemblies
  • Create and track inventory bin locations
  • Choice of direct or batch-driven operation
  • Create and print physical inventory worksheets
  • Perform counts based on cycle or last-counted date

Product Overview

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