A multi-module management system designed by Shoptech Software for manufacturing companies.

About E2 Shop System

Created in a Shop… by Shop People

The E2 Shop System enables shop owners to effectively control all aspects of shop activity, while simultaneously and effectively managing profitability. Whether it’s your front office or shop floor that you’re concerned about, the fully integrated E2 Shop System takes the uncertainty out of shop management.

Development of the E2 Shop System dates back to 1984. Our shop specific software was developed from an actual shop experience, real-life shop situations, shop know how and shop needs. Both shop owners and shop users participated in the creation of this unique software. Today, shop owners and shop users continue to play a vital role in transforming suggestions into product enhancements.

The E2 Shop System includes features found in no other software product of its kind. The features we have included make our system incredibly comprehensive, yet user-friendly. You will have the information you need in a relevant, consistent and informative format in a matter of seconds.

Because our system is 100% Windows-based, it is incredibly easy to learn and use. Point and Click convenience appears throughout the system, virtually eliminating the need to rely on a keyboard. The E2 Shop System gives you the power, flexibility and speed to access all the information you need to manage your shop. . . profitably.

Due to this experience, we can honestly and proudly say that we deliver a product like no other.


The integrated accounting comes complete with over 100 standard reports.

  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables
  • General Ledger
  • Budget Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Complete financial analysis
  • Complete Audit trail showing all transactions
  • Payroll Interfaces available

Contact Management

E2 Contact Management is a completely integrated tool that improves customer service through the sharing of information.

Data Collection

You Can:

  • Eliminate those hard-to-read manual time tickets
  • Bar-coded job travelers guarantee accurate job costing
  • Prevent time from being posted to a job that shipped days ago.
  • Eliminate time going to the wrong job.
  • Up-to-the-minute job costing and job tracking.
  • Track pieces good and scrap.
  • Compare time in the building with time spent on jobs.
  • Paperless Shop Floor allows shop personnel to view routers, drawings and other attachments
  • Work Queue tells shop personnel exactly which jobs to work on next.
  • Touch Screen data collection utilizes a PC to track time, view documents and work queue.


You Can:

  • Send out request for quotes to get the best price and delivery.
  • See exactly what you need to buy based on the orders that have been entered.
  • Purchase material directly for the job(s).
  • Track your vendors’ on-time delivery and scrap performance.
  • Complete LIFO, FIFO, average and standard costing inventory.


**You Can: **

  • Turn that quote right into an order. No double entry required. The complete bill of material and router comes right over.
  • Set up those multiple releases for the whole year.
  • Handles Time and Material jobs beautifully.
  • Post material directly from inventory or notify purchasing of any shortages.
  • Automatically schedules the job so you can see when you need to start it and when it will be finished.
  • Print out the entire job packet: Bar coded router, Material list and any attached documents at the click of a button.


You Can:

  • Generate quick, accurate estimates.
  • Fax or email your quote straight from your desk.
  • Do a ýquickie quoteý and enter the details when you get the job.
  • Attach drawings, bit maps, jpegs, you name it!!
  • Generate labor, overhead, material and outside services in a detailed estimate.
  • Check out those profit percentages BEFORE the quote goes out the door.
  • See exactly what percentage of your quotes turn into orders!!


  • Whiteboard scheduling shows machine bottlenecks.
  • View your shop by machine, job, department or employee.
  • Drag and drop scheduling has never been easier.
  • What-if scheduling takes the guesswork out of promising unrealistic due dates.
  • View the shop load by the month, week, day or even hour.
  • Infinite or finite schedule the entire shop or by machine.
  • You prioritize the hot jobs and let the computer do all the work.
  • The E2 Scheduler gives you the ultimate in flexibility and ease of use. Never before has it been possible to work more efficiently and more effectively.

Product Overview

Industry Focus

E2 Shop System is designed primarily for use in the manufacturing industry.

User Reviews of E2 Shop System

Submitted on August 11th, 2022 by J.S.

BUYER BEWARE!! We cannot begin to describe the horrors, run, run away from this as fast as you can and hide in a bunker until their sales people leave! I promise you, the Egyptians did better ERP on stone slates then they can with their 1985 style of programming. 10 clicks in and 10 clicks out to print a simple work router, just plain simple processes they managed to make completely incompetent.

The Good…

Sorry, I can’t think of anything.

The Bad…

Simple; everything.

Submitted on May 27th, 2022 by an anonymous E2 Shop System user.

When you have an issue and cant understand something it takes hours to get help. A lot of the time the person on the other end has no idea about what your asking. They try to redirect you to someone else to still not get answers or them even calling you back. It would be nice to have training videos to watch and not have to pay extra for when you already pay for the usage every year.

The Good…

Performance summary’s to make sure everyone is on task and jobs are quoted right.

The Bad…

The help provided from the employees/ company.

Submitted on September 17th, 2021 by Sherri Hanson

To anyone that is thinking about purchasing E2, now known as Shop Tech….BUYER BEWARE

Our company made the decision to purchase E2 in 2018 at a machine show. The sales associates that were demonstrating the software did an amazing job showing off it’s operational talents and expertise. The company paid for two of us top management specialists to travel to a training sight where we worked out of a step by step workbook, which began the wasting of monies….But then 1/1/2019 the nightmare began.

First and foremost, the program was not the same as the one purchased by the President of the company. They supplied a brand new version of E2 and told us that it had been a replacement for the one we purchased and the prior was no longer available.. For two years to follow we were nothing but guinea pigs. Our company suffered computer glitches, accounting problems, data loss and production interruption, due to the unready malfunctioning computer software supplied. Numerous hours spent with E2 support, could still not rectify the continuing accounting issues and glitches within the software. Weekly we received updates from E2 tech support to fix problems in their new system. These updates regularly had thousands of changes.

We hired a representative from their company to fly out for some help with direct training and accounting fixes. We had to prepay for his services. Upon arrival he informed us that he too was unfamiliar with the accounting portion and couldn’t help us much. His services totaled over $6000.00 We finally resorted to paying our CPA office several hours to go through the process with us and balance the books.

In short, $37,000.00 later, not only we would NEVER recommend this product to any sized businesses, but if you’re thinking of viewing this product, don’t waste your time. They will show you a demo of software that’s already setup and operating smoothly, which is NOT what will happen when you implement. As of January 2021 we have since, happily moved on to new software, but recently been forced to pay for the last six months of (non) tech support or risk being sent to Collections from Shop Tech. Classy Shop Tech….very classy. Goodbye Shop Tech…. And good riddance!

This was by far one of the worst purchases our company has ever made. Customer service was terrible. We do NOT recommend this to anyone!

Submitted on March 10th, 2021 by an anonymous E2 Shop System user.

I mean it works… The ERP options on the market are all rather clunky, with bad UX, and poorly thought out features. E2 is one of the best I’ve used, but that’s truly not saying much. It’s one of the better options on the market, but even with that being said, I can’t even give it a 3/5.

The Good…

It has a lot of functionality.

The Bad…

Utilization of any of its functionality is like pulling teeth. Plus support is super mediocre.

Submitted on March 3rd, 2020 by an anonymous E2 Shop System user.

E2 is poorly designed from the ground up by engineers neither familiar with manufacturing environments or the fundamentals of basic software design. Most of their modules feel like poorly planned afterthoughts and don’t function properly. The software is advertised as a data gathering tool, but in the end, the data is buried under a mountain of clicks and an interface that operates like a series of Russian dolls. If you want to talk to someone who really knows the software, you almost have to threaten litigation.

The Good…

The software can generate work travelers with bar codes.

The Bad…

So many things to list. Data is not intuitively displayed. You can’t double click things to open them, but rather have to select items then click “details”. You can’t navigate with the back button. Crucial data is buried under a mountain of clicks. Data is too inter related to be editable. Once you save something into E2, you can’t simply delete or edit. Very Very Very un intuitive. They charge a fortune for training. Their scheduling module just plain doesnt work. Their data collection system is so glitchy that it doesn’t work. The system is so rigid it can’t account for human error. In the end, you feed E2 data which it then disorganizes and buries under click after click after click.

Submitted on March 12th, 2019 by Ashley Hunsaker from HTS Coatings

We had no real employee accountability. We were busy with work but had employees not living up to their full production potential which was wasting time and Money. E2 completely changed that.

Submitted on March 11th, 2019 by Erica Carpenter from X-Mil Inc

I love the mobility of the software. We go to the lake every single weekend and I can be on the boat doing whatever I need to do with E2 on my laptop and the kids can be swimming in the lake having fun. I can see them and I’m there.

Submitted on February 27th, 2019 by Dave Langenkamp from Endeavor Precision

After talking with the E2 team, I knew it would not only get me the certifications we needed but it was going to help me run everything about my business, now and in the future.

Submitted on February 27th, 2019 by Robert Stegmeier from Kaymor Machining & Welding

The access to data has been a game changer for the shop and for my ability to lead the company. I like E2 because I can quickly access nearly any information I need about the shops processes, and then use that data to make smart, fast decisions.

Submitted on February 26th, 2019 by Greg Schoepke

When the last recession hit, we saw business vanish quickly. I knew we had to mind cash flow closer than we ever had before and thats when I realized how valuable E2 was for our company.

Submitted on August 2nd, 2018 by an anonymous E2 Shop System user.

UX design is frustrating at best and very unintuitive. Documentation and support are also lacking. The installer binary for 7.2 actually says its 7.1 - did anyone QC this software? Why are my users getting listbox errors when querying the database? Why is it so hard to edit job traveler appearance and customize other things? I would not recommend this ERP to anyone - it does not simplify processes or facilitate any meaningful reporting without massive effort on the users behalf (hope you know SQL!) Im writing this review whilst digging through the documentation to find some sort of guidance to assist end users and I wouldn’t wish this on my enemies. Don’t believe the well crafted SEO on the web, this software is garbage with a GUI.

The Good…

I cannot think of anything that I like about this software. Not the way it looks, not the way it handles, not anything.

The Bad…

This software is literally minimum viable product with an outdated GUI and tons of obscure error messages. Wait until it tells you too many users are concurrently logged in and you have to manually delete files from the installation directory to get it to work correctly again.

Submitted on June 20th, 2018 by an anonymous E2 Shop System user.

About as useful as a fork when eating soup.

The Good…

Can be imported into Excel and screens can be somewhat customized.

The Bad…

Where to begin…have to go thru layers and layers before information is revealed and then you realize, you’re only seeing one layer…

Submitted on April 6th, 2018 by an anonymous E2 Shop System user.

I find the software to be ver user unfriendly and feel the interface was designed 1995.

Submitted on March 5th, 2018 by an anonymous E2 Shop System user.

This product it seems to have everything that we are looking for in an ERP/MRP software.

Submitted on July 1st, 2017 by Jean-Louis

started with a company that uses the system. I’m not getting proper guidance how to fix the scheduling portion of the system. Not very comfortable with advocating this service to others

The Good…

Simple system

The Bad…

Tech support has not given me what I need to execute my job using the system