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A full ERP system designed by WorkWise for manufacturing companies.

About WorkWise ERP

WorkWise ERP is organized into seven Suites that cover all the information technology needs of the manufacturing enterprise.

Product Data Management (PDM) supports standard, configured, and custom products for to-order, to-stock and mixed-mode discrete manufacturers.

Planning provides real-time Master Production Scheduling where current orders are matched and balanced to forecasts. Capacity Planning and Material Requirements Planning functions are then used to build schedules that maximize throughput to meet customer demands.

Supply-Chain Management (SCM) ranges from estimating and quoting through shipping. Production is kept flowing smoothly by automating procurements inventory allocation and customer service requirements, including shipping, invoicing and EDI linkages. Our Rules Based Configurator brings the design engineering thought process and calculation capability directly to the creation of a customer order and seamlessly passes the results to the production floor.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) offers real-time operations control by providing plant activity information, consistently updated through bar code readers and our Factory Workstation. Shop Floor events are captured and turned into meaningful information available throughout the facility.

Finance, Accounting & Administration (FAA) provides business tools for management to exercise proper financial control over the enterprise. Easy integration with spreadsheets and MS Access provides added flexibility for all financial reporting needs.

Decision Support & Enterprise Tools (DSET) include a Document Management Library, Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC), and a complete set of Graphical Business Intelligence displays including the Dashboard containing Key Performance Indicators.

Web Applications is an innovative suite of web browser based applications that were created to improve Customer Service and Sales, optimize your Inventory Processes and create greater visibility onto your Production Floor. These products include, eCRM, eBiz, eOrderDesk, eWarehouse and eProduction.

Accounts Payable

WorkWise ERP Accounts Payable provides you with a powerful set of tools to control your payables and thus effectively handle the payment side of your business. Accounts Payable maximizes cash flow by enforcing payment on the proper cycle - ensuring that potential discounts are taken when desired. It does this through a simple-to-use payment selection process.

Accounts Payable fully integrates the three-way matching of purchase orders, vendor invoices, and actual receipts, pinpoints transactions with a price variance, handles multi-currency vendors and allows for automatic internal allocation of cost. Direct charges to Job Cost, when appropriate, are also supported. Accounts Payable will work with or without the use of purchase orders and part numbers.

Accounts Receivable

WorkWise ERP Accounts Receivable (AR) performs the standard functions necessary for your enterprise to record, track and verify receivables and cash flow. The day-to-day operations of AR revolve around four core functions or responsibilities: recording and maintaining the customer information base; tracking sales trends for the customer base; recording payments made by the customers and managing customer credit.

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials helps to reduce engineering costs by providing a vital base of product information required to support engineering and manufactured requirements. This is accomplished by relating parent and component item numbers in a way that accurately reflects your product’s structure.


  • Easy worksheet maintenance capability with built-in inquiry to save engineering time and ensure validity
  • Capability to attach operations to component records enabling elimination of phantom or artificial levels in the BOM
  • Enables just-in-time operations within the MES and Planning Suites by linking material delivery locations and schedules directly to the work schedule being executed on the shop floor
  • Matrix Bill of Materials functionality, which supports tabulated drawing and bill of materials conventions. Using this method, specific components and subassemblies are uniquely selected at any level of assembly based on customer specific options and/or engineering rules. Unique bill of materials quantities may also be calculated on an order-by-order basis using RBC (Rules Based Configurator)
  • Engineering change control with approval levels and effectivity dating

Customer Order Processing

WorkWise ERP’s Customer Order Processing (COP) handles the creation, maintenance, shipping and invoicing of customer orders for goods and services. It processes customer orders from entry through inventory allocation, pricing, credit checking, acknowledgment, picking, shipping, invoicing and history. Flexibility is key to the module’s performance. It efficiently accepts your orders from a variety of inputs and prices items from a wide choice of discount and markup rules. Your operator’s task is kept simple because the process may be customized to the individual’s needs.

General Ledger

WorkWise ERP’s General Ledger provides you with the ability to produce timely and accurate financial statements. General Ledger works in concert with other applications to easily classify and summarize data that helps you create an accurate snapshot of your operation’s finances, and analyze it against prior periods and budgets.

General Ledger supports the use of nonfinancial data, such as units produced or direct labor hours generated, to make your statements even more informative and to facilitate the use of flexible budgeting.

Your business system must support a simple, but important objective: to enter data just once. WorkWise ERP’s General Ledger module utilizes current information from other pre- integrated applications such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Management and Job Costing eliminating the need for duplicate entry. WorkWise ERP’s General Ledger is also pre- integrated to work with spreadsheet applications such as Excel. This allows you to analyze and present accurate data multiple ways, including graphically.

Inventory Management

WorkWise ERP’s Inventory Management module enhances customer service and increases inventory turns by replenishing products and materials on time for the required amount without increasing your investment in inventory.

It is a real-time system. You will be able to instantly project phased inventory and access available to promise information. Information that is updated with every transaction includes all consumption and replenishment activities. At your option you can also drill down to see the specific orders involved in any period.

Job Costing

In today’s fiercely competitive markets, cost control is an absolute requirement for any manufacturing enterprise that hopes to grow and remain viable. Job Cost can be used by any Discrete Manufacturer regardless of mode of manufacturing. Job Cost is primarily a collector of costs from activities in Shop Floor Control and Accounts Payable. Job Cost is thorough both in design and in ease of use. Job Cost provides information on the components of actual cost, and variances to planned cost or standard cost, for all your direct and indirect activity. Labor, material and burden are accurately tracked, and you can also issue, track and otherwise control purchase orders specific to a job.

Master Scheduling

WorkWise ERP’s Master Scheduling develops an overall production plan for your operation. The resulting plan is stated in weekly quantities over a user-defined Master Scheduling time horizon. WorkWise ERP’s Master Scheduling allows planning by forecast, booked orders, or both. Planning by booked orders only can become a problem where the order horizon may be too short in relation to the manufacturing lead-time. When planning by forecast only, however, the demand is only as good as the forecast. In addition, planning by forecast is insensitive to real- world demand spikes that can adversely impact production plans.

Material Requirements

Nearly every manufacturer has the same fundamental concerns: What products should be produced? In what quantity? By what date? Without the answers to these questions, no detailed planning is possible. WorkWise ERP’s Material Requirements module allows products to be scheduled and forecasted and a complete material plan to be prepared. This material plan determines the quantities and delivery schedules of the needed components.


Reliable sourcing is critically important in maintaining your operation’s effectiveness. WorkWise ERP’s Purchasing gives you the necessary tools to both monitor vendor performance and to improve your relationship with suppliers through corrective actions. Features include blanket orders, blanket order releases, onetime purchase orders, the handling of general supplies and automatic e-mail receipt and/or inspection status notification.

Purchasing provides for the efficient handling of all aspects of the procurement cycle, including purchase order creation and printing, receiving, handling of vendor price quotations, management of blanket orders and extensive vendor analysis reporting. The application, at your option, can automatically generate purchase orders or cut releases from blanket purchase orders to fill approved requisitions.

Standard Costing

Standard Costing provides stability in the costing of standard products. Your Management’s decision making is enhanced by simulation tools that allow you to analyze the effects of material or labor rate changes. This helps with pricing decisions and also helps to identify areas that have potential for cost reduction.

Standard Costing allows you to determine variances of current (e.g. simulated) costs from standards for material, outside processing, labor and burden. Utilizing data from the PDM Suite, ongoing maintenance is greatly minimized. Tables provide for easy entry and maintenance of labor rates, and a rich variety of burden application methods for both fixed and variable overhead costs.

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WorkWise ERP is designed primarily for use in the manufacturing industry.

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User Reviews of WorkWise ERP

Submitted on June 4th, 2014 by Ronald from Klauer Mfg. Co.

WorkWise ERP has many strong modules to manage the shop floor, manage the financials and since it is SQL based, you can easily get at the data for custom reporting.

The Good…

With the eProduction add on, the shop floor has a clean interface to interact with shop orders. The Workbenches give users control over how they work day to day.

The Bad…

We would like the ability to group sales orders and the related shop orders into 1 manageable unit for shop floor scheduling