WRS Health

Cloud-based EHR software and practice management system.

About WRS Health

WRS Health is a web-Based EMR Software and Practice Management Software

Integrated Affordable Web-Based EMR Software & Medical Practice Management Software That Scales To Meet Your Needs – And Budget

WRS Health provides a complete, affordable integrated web-based EMR and Practice Management Solution that’s designed to make life easier for you, your staff and your patients. The proven solution will help you improve efficiencies, control costs, accelerate billing and build a more successful practice.

Video Overview

  • Serving over 2,900 users in 32 specialties
  • Over 20,000 electronic prescriptions (eRx) sent per month via the secure network
  • Single, integrated solution – with the full range of functionality and interoperability to meet the needs of practices of any size
  • Cost-effectiveness – no discs to purchase; just a simple monthly fee – and no hidden expenses. The most affordable Practice Management System available.
  • Peace-of-mind – easy-to-use with no installations, no software maintenance and no software upgrades – get started right away
  • Security – data integrity and security to ensure full compliance with both HIPAA privacy regulations and CCHIT certification

Billing and Revenue Management

Medical Billing Software to help you get paid correctly the First time & Faster

Waiting Room Solutions Medical billing software and advanced revenue cycle management offer affordable web based solutions ideal for all practices. Helping you get paid correctly the first time.

Medical Billing Software to Minimize Accounts Receivable

Physicians need to chart quickly, comfortably and efficiently while capturing all charges for their services. The Waiting Room Solutions Medical Billing Software offers unrivaled power for charge collection. Charges are automatically captured, cross checked to payor rules and entered for claim submission without the need for dual entry by your staff. The intelligent E&M checker lets you know the level of documentation necessary as you chart.

Additional Waiting Room Solutions Medical Billing Services features:

  • Scrubbed Clean Claims
  • Electronic Autoposting of payments
  • Automatic Eligibility Checking
  • Faster Payment and Shorter A/R Cycle
  • Increased Collections
  • Capture Lost Charges
  • Improved Control and Knowledge of Practice Finances

Automated ERA Payment Entry and Autoposting - Medical Billing Software

Waiting Room Solutions takes Autoposting to a new level. Now go through your electronic payments queue to check, not to enter payments and postings. You can finish your payment entry work in a fraction of the time with standard practice management systems. No need for expensive setup or interfaces. It’s all integrated in one great package.

  • Automatically Post Payments
  • No Third-Party Interfaces or Fees
  • Reconcile to your Bank Account

Automated Eligibility Checking Integrated With Schedule

Eligibility Checking is just part of the workflow for Waiting Room Solutions. Prior to the patient’s appointment, eligibility is checked to ensure that you get paid for the visit. Clear eligibility messages are displayed for your front desk staff to alert them when to examine a patient’s insurance coverage further. Get paid the first time with Waiting Room Solutions medical billing software automated eligibility checking.

  • Eligibility Checking Integrated with Scheduler
  • Front Desk Staff Alerted for Patient’s that Need to be Checked for Coverage
  • No Third-Party Interfaces or Fees
  • Batch eligibility or Single Eligibility check

Document Management

Affordable Web Based Medical Document Management With Integrated Fax & Insurance Card / License Scanner

Web-based Medical Document Management Solutions

Powerful Medical Document Management Solutions That Allow You to Easily Scan Your Old Paper Charts to Make Them Readily Available to You Online From Anywhere on the Web.

Waiting Room Solutions makes the transition from paper to electronic charts seamless. The powerful medical document management solution allows you to scan and index your old paper charts and reports so that they are available to you online with the Waiting Room Solutions EMR. You can instantly access any paper document that was in the patient chart.

To further ensure that your old paper documents are integrated into the electronic Waiting Room Solution medical document management system, the fax server and document management solution allows your staff to input faxes into the patient’s EMR right from their computer – without having to print them out. Paper documents can always be scanned and added to the patient record.

Integrated Online Fax Solution

Waiting Room Solutions Online Fax is fully integrated in the laboratory management workflow. Now you can quickly,cleanly and easily file electronic faxes directly into the patient’s chart. No scanning, no uploading, no extra mouse clicks. Its’ all integrated in one neat package. You will save hours of work each day reviewing charts, laboratory results and radiology results. WRS Health makes one easy queue for you to review in the office, at home or away. Get on top of your faxed laboratory, radiology and order results with the Waiting Room Solutions integrated fax system:

  • Faxes sent directly into the Waiting Room Solutions System
  • Associate Faxes with Ordered Tests
  • Save Physician and Staff Time
  • Affordable Document Management Solution for the Medical Office

WRS Medical Card Scanner for Insurance Card Information and Driver’s License Information

Waiting Room Solutions has now partnered with SnapShell to offer a solution to the laborious task at your front desk of entering insurance card data and license data for your patients. The card scanner is an external, desktop USB card scanner that allows for integrated data and image capture of patient driver’s licenses and insurance cards. WRS propietary functionality captures images (back and front, requiring two passes) of cards and displays them in WRS for reference by your practice’s staff. Information is then automaticaly extracted and mapped (entered) into the applicable data fields in the WRS web based EMR.

This functionality can offer your practice numerous cost and time saving benefits. First, it integrates seamlessly within the WRS Web based EMR Practice Workflow. It eliminates the need to manually type patient demographic data into WRS and prevents costly data entry errors such as patient name, DOB, and insurance card number. The WRS Medical Card Scanner combines the former two step process of data entry and card scanning into a single, integrated step.

There is an easy plug and play installation for the WRS Card Scanner as well as low maintenance (no calibration), low wear and tear (no mechanical moving parts), and excellent picture resolution with 600dpi true color. There is a fast processing time of 2-3 seconds and it can read the OCR of driver’s licenses and ID cards from all 50 US States and over 45 countries around the world. It also extracts both data and images.

The practice user can scan the patient card and/or driver’s license. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) information is automatically extracted from the patient card. Once scanning is complete, the user verifies the scanned information and discrete data is transferred into the corresponding fields into WRS:

  • First Name
  • Middle Initial
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Insurance Card
  • Employer or School ID
  • Group
  • Copay
  • Specialist Copay

Electronic Health Record Software

Web Based and Affordable - 24x7 Access to Medical Records in the Customized Format You Need to Meet the Way You Chart - And The Way You Work.

Effective Electronic Health Record Software Customized for Your Specialty

Physicians need to chart quickly, comfortably and efficiently while capturing all charges for their services. The Waiting Room Solutions EHR offers unrivaled customization in specialty specific templates and note formats. Charges are automatically captured, cross checked to payor rules and entered for claim submission without the need for dual entry by your staff. The intelligent E&M checker lets you know the level of documentation necessary as you chart.

Additional Waiting Room Solutions EHR Features:

  • E&M Coding Documentation Support
  • Templates for Every Specialty
  • Access Clinical Data from any Internet Connection
  • Eliminate the Inefficiencies of the Paper Environment
  • Electronic Prescriptions
  • Electronic Links to Laboratories
  • Track All Orders Issued from Practice
  • Electronic Formulary Management
  • Document Management for Paper Charts and Faxes
  • Learns How You Chart
  • Pay for Performance Tracking
  • Integrated Consult Letter Generation and Faxing
  • Medicare PQRI Incentive Reporting
  • P4P Reporting
  • Qualified ERx System for Medicare Incentive Reporting
  • Incoming Fax Integration with Labs
  • UDS Reporting for Federally Qualified Community Health Centers

ERx - Electronic Prescriptions & Prescribing

Electronic Prescribing, Formulary Checking, and Prescription Refills - Through The SureScripts Network

Bring Electronic Prescribing and Electronic Connectivity to a New Level by Joining the Waiting Room Solutions Network

Waiting Room Solutions is one of the only web-based (Cloud / SaaS) Complete ONC/ATCB 2011 Certified EMR solution that is also Surescripts Gold Certified. This status indicates WRS has met criteria that demonstrate a higher level of commitment to e-prescribing including formulary checking.

Integrated Patient Portal & PHR

Easily Create Your Medical Practice’s Website and Patient Portal

Patients Maintain Their Own Personal Health Record Which They Can Access From Your Medical Practice Website.

Patient Self-Service Portal

Patient Portal is now a requirement for Meaningful Use compliance. Waiting Room Solutions Self-service patient portal is designed to help you in multiple ways.

Improve Your Patient Relationships

Your patients are constantly searching the Internet for medical information. Waiting Room Solutions will help you gain visibility to your patients by helping you create your own medical website and patient portal. Your medical practice website will be completely linked to your backend systems for efficiency. Patients can register online, maintain their personal health record, schedule appointments and message with your office all from one convenient location – your practice website.

Customized Your Website for Your Specialty

Each website is customized by practice and specialty for marketing messages to patients and educational links for patients. Improve your practice’s efficiency by answering secure messages online and freeing up phone lines and reducing unnecessary fax activity.

Market Your Practice on the Web

Waiting Room Solutions helps you market your medical practice on the web. The website optimization tools permit you to market your medical practice through the search engines and optimize relative to your competitors. Be first in the search engines when your patients are looking for you on the web.

Waiting Room Solutions Patient Portal

Provides secure communication between your patients and your practice. You can grant access (with a secure username and password) to information through a web connection. Patients can log in to the system to access:

  • Customized Specialty Specific Content
  • Educational Content for your Patients
  • Secure Online Messaging
  • Request Appointments
  • Check Lab Results
  • Request prescription refills
  • Complete new patient intake forms
  • Update demographic and insurance information

Providers can send secure messages such as appointment reminders, electronic statements and lab results to patients.

Data is exchanged in a HIPAA compliant and secure manner.

Save valuable time for your practice as well as patients, allowing you to see more patients per day

All too often you spend time with patients discussing medical, social and other histories. Patients can log on to the secure Patient Portal and complete much of their pertinent information on-line prior to their in-person visit. This data is automatically and immediately available to the doctor during the visit for review; and change if necessary.

The office staff enjoys the benefits of the patient portal too. The days of sending the patient a registration packet and hoping it’s compete before the office visit are gone forever. Staff no longer has to wait while the patient fills in all the necessary information in the reception area.

Patients can fill out ‘forms’ in the luxury of their own home. For patients that do not have access to any internet enabled computer at home, a computer kiosk can be set up in the lobby area.


Web-Based Patient Messaging Portal

Secure web based patient messaging for efficient responsiveness that saves time and costs while improving your patient satisfaction. Message with your patients and with your office through your website

Communicate Easily and Immediately With Your Patients

From your customized website and patient messaging portal patients will be able to securely message with your office for appointment requests, billing questions, prescription refills, referral requests and general questions. This allows your office to answer patient requests in an orderly fashion rather than responding to multiple diverse phone calls throughout the day. You will save on both your phone and staffing costs by using this feature.

Best yet, you’ll improve patient satisfaction with your better and more effective responsiveness.

Order Tracking

Web-Based EMR and Medical Practice Order Tracking

With Waiting Room Solutions’ Order Tracking Module, Your Orders are Tracked Electronically and Integrated With the Patient’s Chart.

No More Order Paperwork Headaches!

The Waiting Room Solutions Order Tracking system tracks all orders issued from the EMR electronically through the entire order life-cycle. EMR Health helps relieve the burden of tracking orders that have not been obtained by the patient or have not been received by the office.

Because this is all performed electronically the results are integrated with the patient’s chart. No more attaching paper faxes to paper charts and placing them in a stack on your desk to review at the end of the day. Find results quickly, efficiently and view them online.

Electronic Connections to Laboratories

Connect to your preferred reference laboratory directly from within the Waiting Room Solutions system. Waiting Room Solutions maintains electronic connections to most major reference including Quest Diagnostics, Labcorp and BioReference labs. From within the EMR you simply order and then receive your laboratory results.

Scheduling and Online Registration

Medical Appointment Scheduling, Patient Registration, Appointment Recall and Appointment Reminder Software

Affordable online patient registration and medical office scheduling software provides convenience while ensuring you have the critical patient data and history before any examination.

Online Registration Capabilities Your Patients Will Appreciate

The Waiting Room Solutions online patient registration feature provides a convenient, accurate means for patients to provide their critical medical history and patient data. Patients can complete their registration forms from the convenience of their own home – or from anywhere there is an Internet connection (such as waiting room computers). Patients input their demographic, insurance and health information in their personalized health record. This information appears in the medical record for their examination.

Patient’s medications, allergies, previous medical history, surgical history, social history, family history and immunization status are all filled out by the patient and in the patient record before you set foot in the exam room. Other information includes patient pharmacies, contacts, doctors and advanced directives.

Online Scheduling Makes Life Easier

The Waiting Room Solutions online scheduling feature provides tools to help you run your business more effectively:

  • Online patient scheduling software
  • Access to your schedule from any Internet connection
  • Tracking of your office workflow
  • Flexible schedule input viewing
  • Schedules the way you work

Automated Appointment Reminders and Appointment Recalls

Waiting Room Solutions is the first practice management system to offer a completely integrated web based appointment reminder system within the scheduling system. You don’t have to deal with expensive and inaccurate interfaces to external systems. Now when you make an appointment for a patient, the system will automatically call and email your patient as a reminder of their appointment. Unlike other systems, WRS Helath leverages VOIP technology so that each call is a fraction of the cost of the standard phone company charges. No extra setup, no extra phone lines, no extra servers. Waiting Room Solutions makes medical appointment reminders and medical appointment recalls easy:

  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Fully Integrated VOIP Technology
  • Automated Appointment Recalls
  • System Pays for Itself
  • Avoid Missed Appointments
  • Reduce Liability Exposure for Missed
  • Appointments and Recalls
  • Customized Scripts
  • Flexible Setup Options
  • Unlimited Calls for Low Monthly Fee

Transcription and Dragon Dictation

Medical Transcription, EMR Transcription, Web-Based EMR, EMR Dictation, Medical Dictation, Medical Dragon EMR

With Waiting Room Solutions’ EMR Transcription and Dictation Modules, You Can Easily File Your Dictations Directly Into the Patient Chart – Without the Expense and Time of Traditional Transcription Software.

Medical Transcription Online Made Easy – and Affordable

The Waiting Room Solutions transcription module integrates the ease of transcription with the data retrieval benefits of EMR Software. Traditional transcription places a burden on your staff to upload voice files and then pull charts to file away transcriptions. At a cost of $5 per chart-pull and $5 per transcription, this can be a costly endeavor.

WRS Health integrate this process seamlessly through the WRS web-based EMR system so that your dictation goes directly into the patient’s electronic medical record, smoothly, seamlessly and at significantly less cost than traditional transcription. With the new WRS Scribe Service, all you need to do is dictate your notes and leave the charting to a professional scribe on the web-based EMR system.

Integrated Dictation With WRS Web-Based EMR

Save immediately on transcription costs by adding Dragon Medical integrated with Waiting Room Solutions web-based EMR.

WRS Digital Pen Solution

WRS Digital Healthcare Pen Solution

The Convenience of Using a Ballpoint Pen with the Advantages of EMR Chart Using Your Own Forms

The WRS Digital Pen Solution is an electronic pen, that looks and works just like an ordinary ballpoint, but captures handwriting and drawing from paper forms and notes. You can use your own forms printed on plain paper with an ordinary postscript laser printer. No special paper, no special printer, just a special pen. After charting your note the pen wirelessly transmits the form to the correct patient’s chart.

The WRS Digital Pen Solution is a great solution for practices with providers of different computer comfort levels. While one provider can chart using a standard computer interface, another can chart using a pen and paper. There is no need to delay an EMR implementation due to the resistance to change from providers or other medical office workers. You can access all notes from the web wherever you have an Internet connection.

The WRS Digital Pen Solution is also a perfect solution for specialties that rely on forms or free text for most of their charting needs. Patient consent forms, questionnaires and signatures can be captured easily using this technology.

WRS Health has adopted the market leading Anoto dot-pattern functionality onto the web-based platform. Tiny dots printed on the page match with a tiny camera on the Anoto Digital Pen that then transmits, by Bluetooth or USB, the form and your handwriting to Waiting Room Solutions. The form then goes into the correct patient’s chart. It’s that simple. There is no need to scan, label and upload documents to keep them electronically. Waiting Room Solutions brings you the ultimate document management solution for healthcare.

WRS Health captures both the form image as well as discrete data from the form. You can get the best of both worlds& structured data for reporting and the convenience of using pen and paper. Data is encrypted and stored on the secure, CCHIT certified, HIPAA compliant platform ensuring data integrity and regulatory compliance. For less than the cost per-patient of a chart-pull, you can quickly, conveniently adopt a digital charting infrastructure. The digital pen requires very little training and support, lowering training and support costs.

  • Chart using your own forms
  • Capture patient intake forms, questionnaires and consents directly into chart
  • Cost effective solution for paper and form management
  • Integrated platform solution for all charting needs

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