Cannabis Software for Quality-Driven Teams

About Elevated Signals

Elevated Signals is a robust and user-friendly manufacturing execution system (MES) that helps cannabis producers improve, and gain full visibility of, their operational processes. Its customers include some of the largest producers in North America, as well as innovative craft and micro facilities across Canada.

Typically, Seed-to-Sale platforms only provide inventory tracking, so producers are required to use paper binders and spreadsheets to monitor and connect their inventory, current work in progress, QA programs and environmental data. Elevated Signals is unique in that it collects all of this information into a central platform.

As a result, producers have a much more comprehensive understanding of how a batch was manufactured and can see - in real-time - how their operations can be optimized to improve output. On top of this, Elevated Signals is the only company that enables cannabis producers to track and automatically generate fully paperless, pharmaceutical-grade batch records as required by regulatory agencies.

By removing the requirement to manually input data, producers using Elevated Signals have achieved a six-fold increase in ROI annually, while significantly reducing the number of hours their teams spend each day filing records.

Elevated Signals Features

  • Inventory tracking (cannabis & non-cannabis)
  • Automated batch records
  • Environmental sensor data
  • ERP & QMS integrations

Elevated Signals Target Market

Elevated Signals is used by indoor and outdoor cannabis producers of all sizes including Pure Sunfarms, Tantalus Labs, Rubicon Organics, Habitat Craft and Cedar Organics.

  • Quality teams
  • Operations teams
  • Head growers
  • Finance teams
  • CEO/founders

Product Overview

User Reviews of Elevated Signals

Submitted on December 4th, 2020 by Dan Sutton from Tantalus Labs

If you are an aspiring producer that is looking to reduce its QA labour load, I cannot say enough about Elevated Signals. They automate compliance with flexible process reporting 5 years ahead of the curve.

Submitted on December 4th, 2020 by Dr. Earl Oliver from Vodis Innovative Pharmaceuticals

It’s a pleasure working with a team that truly understands the needs of craft producers. They have been working tirelessly to implement every feature I request, and as a computer scientist, I respect them greatly!

Submitted on December 4th, 2020 by Mike Lattimer from Pure Sunfarms

After reviewing our options, we decided Elevated Signals was the best solution available to digitize our batch compliance records system, to give us real-time visibility into our operations, and to provide a platform to continually optimize our processes as we scale up.

Submitted on December 4th, 2020 by Katie Kapcsos from 314 Pure Cannabis

Since our company started using ES, their team has continued to strive for consistent improvement of our experience. The newest time-saving feature is the ability to summarize the month’s work orders in a single spreadsheet. Descriptive, easily sorted, easily interpreted, it cut down the time spent on inventory by half. It’s easier now to see the changes to each substance type and simply apply it to the correct workbook field. I can’t thank them enough for taking the headache out of the month-end.