A next-generation, platform-independent MES


  • Flexible subscription licensing models
  • Offers continual improvements
  • Platform-independent software

About Eyelit

Eyelit MES, is a next generation, platform-independent, manufacturing execution system, providing the broadest set of functionalities for coordination, control, and optimization of a manufacturer’s business and production processes. Starting with the initial order receipt to finished goods, Eyelit MES manages the flow of critical information across the enterprise.

Personnel is armed with the resources to make even the most complex factory operations efficient and easier to manage. Eyelit MES enables customers to reduce or eliminate paper to improve efficiency with real-time manufacturing and quality controls. Specifications for version-controlled products, processes and instructions prevent oversights, capture data, enforce SPC, and counteract contamination even in controlled (clean room) environments.


  • Asset Management
  • Special Processing
  • Advanced Dispatching
  • Operator Certification
  • Inventory Management
  • Activity History (splits, merges, reworks, batches, and usage)
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Dashboard Drilldowns
  • Traceability
  • Distributed Bill of Materials (BOM)

Eyelit Asset Management

The Eyelit Asset Management (AM) application is a comprehensive solution used with or without Eyelit MES to monitor, manage, control key equipment, spare parts and other assets used in the manufacturing enterprise. From facilities to production, Eyelit’s Asset Management solution arms executives, managers, and technicians with information on how assets are performing. They provide real-time status of scheduled/unscheduled maintenance and spare part activities, as well as complete history for process and cost analysis.

Eyelit Special Processing

Eyelit Special Processing (SWR) is used to model Research and Development flows and special processing scenarios. The experimental processing capabilities enable process engineers, on an ad hoc basis, to easily insert and remove steps for R&D lots on the fly. A special route can be used for lot creation without affecting the original route. Specific instructions can also be added for sub-steps to direct operators, engineers, and technicians to test and/or observe behavior for R&D lots.

Eyelit Advanced Dispatching

The Eyelit Advanced Dispatching module extends the capabilities of Eyelit MES with configurable rules, filters, and conditions to prioritize material processing at equipment or workstation for each step of a manufacturing route/build order. The real-time conditions are evaluated for each unit of equipment and/or workstation, and lots/batches/orders in the queue when an operator or automation requests the system to advise which material should be processed next.

Rule Factors

  • Global/Work order/batch/lot priorities
  • Due dates/FIFO/LIFO/Critical Ratio
  • Internal Eyelit/external attributes
  • Variables/conditional flows
  • Look ahead/batching considerations
  • Min/Max batch sizes
  • Inhibitions/Dedications
  • Queue time/Enforced timers
  • Tool recipes
  • Custom rules/calculations

Eyelit Operator Certification

The Eyelit Training and Certification module provides granular control of document access and execution of manufacturing operations within process steps. It tracks changes to document records certification levels of Trainers and Operators, monitors training schedules, and can send out email notifications of new revisions.

IP Shield

The Eyelit IP Shield module provides advanced functionality for shared manufacturing sites, such as foundries and research and development consortium facilities. IP Shield supports NPI (new product introduction) requirements and regulations such as ITAR and Trusted foundries by enforcing intellectual property (IP) and security procedures to ensure the protection and privacy of confidential and/or restricted product designs, process flows, and work-in-progress (WIP).

Key Benefits

  • Monitor and track everything from inventory and serialized production units to people and equipment on the adapted application.
  • Focus on execution strategies and continuous improvement by utilizing the numerous out-of-the-box operations for starting and stopping equipment, collecting critical data, consuming material, tracking statistical process control, etc.
  • Detect problems before they happen by configuring the codeless condition and event manager to automatically respond to unwarranted or unwanted conditions within your facility.
  • Feed production information forward for auto decision-making on unit-specific processing parameters.
  • Capture and control defects, and subsequently resolutions, to correct and prevent future replication of common issues.
  • Stay in compliance with regulatory standards by verifying and validating product builds to a bill of materials (BOM).
  • Record complete transactional history with all relevant transactions including, electronic signatures for eDHR and compliance with FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Enable paperless manufacturing and dramatically reduce the cost of goods produced.
  • Configure executive dashboards and other real-time reporting screens in seconds.
  • Monitor and respond in real-time to inventory changes using the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) module which includes built-in auto-alerts and paging capabilities.
  • And much more.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Eyelit

Submitted on June 4th, 2023 by Anonymous

At first it seemed like it would be helpful, but as time mhas gone on, we really regret making this purchase.

The Good…

Easy to install, but rarely works.

The Bad…

System is down more than it runs. We spend more time trying to get the system working then we do working on running the equipment.

Submitted on February 23rd, 2023 by Anonymous

Eyelit is a clear stand out product in our search because of their knowledge and familiarity with semiconductor/MEM’s fabrication. They have a clear presence and penetration into our specific market. Coupled with their feature set, affordable cost, and customizability they have gone to the top of our list.

Submitted on September 20th, 2022 by Yarden Tsach

We selected and implemented Eyelit’s software for its ability to handle both semiconductor and industrial type manufacturing, as well as the flexible subscription licensing model. Eyelit came highly recommended to WD Lab Grown Diamonds; its software provides extensive capabilities to sustain our company’s rapid growth and meets our evolving needs.

Submitted on September 20th, 2022 by Masamichi Arata

Eyelit’s systems integration experience and flexible applications have helped us implement a platform for manufacturing efficiency and continual improvements. Great teamwork throughout the project, despite the pandemic, was a key factor for this deployment’s success.