A software system designed by Rockwell Automation.

About PharmaSuite

Rockwell Software PharmaSuite® MES brings an innovative approach to MES, with role-based optimization of each stage of the recipe life cycle that drives time to results for every user. Open-content architecture paired with an intelligent upgrade engine provides our customers with a powerful system designed for growth in both batch and discrete processing.

With Rockwell Software PharmaSuite 8.2, manufacturers gain enhanced DCS integration, support for manual scales and for assembly of equipment components with GMP life cycle management, as well as improved master recipe maintenance for ERP BOM changes. The new release also helps to ease 21 CFR part 11 regulatory compliance and is certified to run on Windows 10 clients.

“Release 8.2 builds upon previous DCS integration capabilities by adding two new system phases,” says Martin Dittmer, PharmaSuite product manager. “The new phases allow manufacturers to initiate a DCS control recipe to retrieve DCS reporting parameters into the PharmaSuite batch record. Together with existing DCS alarm-related system phases that let manufacturers include GMP-critical alarms from the automation layer within the batch record, PharmaSuite 8.2 now offers a highly mature DCS integration capability, particularly for biotech and API manufacturers.”

Product Overview

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User Reviews of PharmaSuite

Submitted on March 31st, 2022 by Anonymous

One of the most difficult to deploy MES/MOM systems with weak and expensive EU support.

The Good…

Can be a robust system, if once you are able to deploy the elements of system you need.

The Bad…

Still no available validate cloud capable version released. RA has acquired Plex MES aiming to have this option.