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FabTrol was a steel fabrication management software designed for mid-sized to large fabricators. FabTrol was acquired in 2015 and discontinued in 2022. We recommend looking at our metal fabrication software roundup for alternatives, or talk to one of our software advisors for help.

Product Overview

FabTrol was a software solution widely used in the steel fabrication industry. It was designed to manage the complex and detailed processes involved in steel fabrication, including estimating, advanced BOMs management, production planning, and project management. The software provided tools to optimize various aspects of steel fabrication, from initial bidding and cost estimation to the final stages of production.

Its features typically included material management and production scheduling tools to optimize the workflow in fabrication shops. FabTrol also had capabilities for tracking project progress and managing documents, aiding in quality control and adherence to project timelines.


  • Ease of use in basic tasks like inventory management
  • Easy import of BOMs from 3D modeling tools


  • No native barcode scanning support
  • Discontinued in 2022

Target Market

Mid-sized to large steel fabricators with substantial production scales and complex processes. Professionals responsible for estimating the costs and quantities of materials needed for construction projects found FabTrol useful for accurate cost estimation and material requirement planning.

About FabTrol

FabTrol is no longer sold or supported. FabTrol was acquired by AVEVA Group back in 2015. The product was sold under the AVEVA FabTrol name until mid-2022.

FabTrol was a modular and fully-integrated steel fabrication management solution for mid-sized to large fabricators. The software helped users manage all projects together and get real-time automated updates.

Functionalities offered with FabTrol Pro included estimating, bill of materials, drawings, materials, production and shipping management.

FabTrol Alternatives

Popular alternatives to FabTrol include:

1 Strumis

Strumis is a comprehensive steel fabrication management software designed to optimize estimating, purchasing, supplies management, and production control.

STRUMIS: Production Control
STRUMIS: Estimating
STRUMIS: Item Listing
STRUMIS: Production Lotting
What We Like
Comprehensive features such as parametric assemblies and importing of BOMs from various sources
Integration with BIM software
Custom reports
What We Don’t Like
Limited budget vs actual cost tracking
Requires consult call for pricing
No built-in 2D takeoff tool

2 ConstruSteel

ConstruSteel offers affordable steel production process management through its web-based software solutions. Its solutions are adaptable to companies of various sizes and production process design.

ConstruSteel: Job Preparation
ConstruSteel: Work Preparation
ConstruSteel: Estimating
What We Like
Includes wide range of integrations, including Autodesk and Microsoft
What We Don’t Like
Pricing details not available online
Client OS: Windows
Deployment: On-Premises


ROMAC is designed as a complete solution for steel fabricators, encompassing estimating, production control, inventory control, purchasing, and a drawing log. This makes it suitable for various aspects of steel fabrication, from procurement and material tracking to managing finished goods.


ROMAC: Production Control Job
ROMAC: Bill of Material Editor
ROMAC: Shop Cutting List
ROMAC: Current Stock
Price Range
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   $     $     $     $     $   
Starting Price
Client OS
Cloud Hosted

Video Overview

Features of FabTrol

  • Estimating: Generated quick and accurate estimates, added custom cost categories, and easily made adjustments.
  • Drawings: Streamlined drawing management, created transmittals to avoid delays and keep approvals on track, and tracked changes to prevent bottlenecks.
  • Materials: Planned optimal material usage via nesting, controlled purchasing based on optimal material usage, and generated real-time updates during material receiving
  • Production: Modeled production facilities and recorded production progress. Helped users stay on schedule with shipping management.
  • Quality: Maintained material traceability and package MTRs for all shipping loads.
  • Projects: Created RFIs, managed change orders, and planned and managed project schedules.
  • Mobile: Delivered remote access via mobile devices (iPads, Androids, or Windows) to retrieve documents and drawings, as well as track and record production progress.
  • Barcoding: Expedited data entry with barcode scanners to help receive material as it was unloaded in real-time.
  • ModelView: Provided project information to off-site partners.
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   $     $     $     $     $   

Product Overview

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