A steel fabrication management information software.


STRUMIS is a steel fabrication management software that helps minimize overheads and costs, maximize productivity and profitability in every step of the steel fabrication process.

STRUMIS can integrate with your existing business environment such as your main steel modeling systems, CNC machinery manufacturers and accounting systems.

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STRUMIS Features

The STRUMIS features can be broken down into varying modules:

Inquiries and Estimating

Quotations and tenders can be created quickly and easily by importing electronic data and design drawings. This will apply estimate values and standard inclusions to all quotes and tenders. Steel sections are added to the estimate instantly with properties such as weight, area and pricing–providing accurate estimating of surface finish and painting/galvanising requirements.

All fixed and variable costs can be incorporated into estimates–allowing you to submit highly competitive quotes while protecting profitability.

Parent and Child feature allows linking of multiple estimates and several items to one parent inquiry; summarizing total values and weights on the Inquiry Quotation Report and Inquiry Final Details tab.

The STRUMIS - structural steel estimating module features include:

  • Inquiries contacts management
  • Wizard Import of information from any electronic source, i.e. 3D CAD/BIM authoring systems or Microsoft Excel
  • Rapid material input/take off via inbuilt library
  • Worldwide Hot and Cold Rolled Steel Section Catalog incorporating material lengths and costs
  • Embedded autocut material optimizer for accurate calculation of waste
  • User definable templates for different types of fabrication i.e. stairs or portal frames, etc.
  • Parametric labor and connection costing
  • Quick and easy tools for rapid/on the fly data entry and creation
  • Allows for loading of standard estimate inclusions, e.g. treatments or transport, etc.
  • Batch updating of materials costs and rates, i.e. fluctuating material prices
  • Quotation generation and detailed analysis reporting
  • View 3D CAD/BIM files in BIMReview and any associated CAM drawings

Purchasing and Suppliers

Manage the purchasing of all goods–both steel and non-steel items. Purchase orders acn automatically be issued from the nesting/optimizing wizard with specific instructions. Automatic inventory receiving ensures material is delivered and verified and allocated. Analysis can be conducted that details material purchasing, receiving, and progressing inventory by location, costs by supplier, cost by job,and more.

  • Purchasing and supplier materials database
  • Wizard driven - linear and plate nesting/multing (optional), incorporating multi-suppliers, bevel nesting and butt welding
  • Visual nest representation and analysis
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ) and saved nest retrieval
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI) with Suppliers
  • Automated Purchase Order generation
  • Purchase Order receipts enables good inwards management
  • Materials Classification, facilitating CE compliance, returns, damaged goods, etc.
  • Return to supplier for damaged or unwanted goods

Document Management

The material and drwaing import wizard imports data such as material lists, drawing images, and manufacturing files to hel reduce data entry time. Any revisions that occur can be updated automatically into STRUMIS to ensure the latest drawings are used for purchasing and production. This feature also includes document imports, drawing transmittals, and detailed registers and reports.

  • Instant access to all project data
  • Document management database
  • Document import wizard
  • Document search and task automation
  • Document transmittal wizard including tracking
  • Request for Information (RFI) wizard

Contracts Management

Create contracts with customer, weight, area, phases, drawings, assembly marks invoice milestones, and more. Import estimate/tender values and costs for material, labor, and services. Compare them to committed costs (inventory allocation, purchase orders) and actualcosts (time sheets).

  • Key contact details and project information
  • Import preliminary or advanced material requirements
  • Detailed listing feature allows import of any electronic format and allows for automatic revision control
  • View 3D model for visual status of all pieces
  • QS Analysis feature for breakdown of project by cost versus sale values
  • Contracts Budget for breakdown of project estimate versus actual costs

Customers and Sales

Create sales invoices for contract assembly marks and inventory sales of steel and non-steel items. Display the production status of all contract marks enabling invoices to be created at a certain production stage or milestone.

  • Sales invoices automatically created at milestones along the contract.
  • Sales invoices created at defined production stages.
  • Real-time comparison of budget to expenditure to sales for profitability visibility.
  • Automated common tasks.
  • 3D visual of project production marks and invoices to date.

QS Analysis

Breakdown all components into categories based upon user-defined rules. Incorporate a cost value and sell value to provide QS managers with accurate information such as total surface areas, weights, cost values, and sell values.

  • QS Analysis feature for breakdown of project by cost and sales values
  • Breakdown of project estimate versus actual contract budget
  • Facilities for project cash flow monitoring
  • Benchmark analysis for business performance

Items and Inventory

Control contract material and miscellaneous items such as workshop consumables, non-steel items, and stationary. Adjust inventory levels from purchase orders received, issued, and consumed. Include full traceability and tracking of heat/cast numbers, CE markings, order numbers, delivery note numbers, order and receive dates, and more.

  • Complete inventory management system including non steel items
  • Multi location management including supplier sites or materials on order
  • ‘As received’ cross checking with purchase orders
  • Certification/reference storage against materials
  • Control of stock levels and effective dates
  • Remnants return back to stock or free inventory
  • Item status for historical trend analysis
  • Detailed inventory transaction reporting
  • True plate shape remnant visible in inventory

Production Control

Monitor the current status of each individual component and assembly. Progress pieces to their next stage and progress. Assign definitions and fabrication/delivery dates to loads.

  • Bespoke workflow template creation
  • Automated generation of stockyard picking lists and cutting lists
  • Automated routing of workflow through interrogation of listing and NC data
  • Automated work to list generation and/or post processing and delivery of CAM/NC data to specific machine formats.
  • Integrated StruCNC CAM/NC editing suite.
  • Production phasing and lotting.
  • Process timing generation and labour time recording.
  • Piece Tracking utilizing Bar Coding, Production Console and/or Automated Workstation Feedback.
  • Bar Coding delivers semi-automated individual piece monitoring.
  • Production Console available as a touch screen interface.
  • Workstation and machine automated feedback for several CNC manufacturers.
  • Production overview with real time visual piece tracking in a 3D model.
  • Automated production delivery notes.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of STRUMIS

Submitted on November 24th, 2023 by Anonymous

Not bad

The Good…

I like the interaction with BIM. But when it comes to budget vs actuals is sadly bad. There is no way to check or differentiate between labor hours and machine hours.

The Bad…

said previously

Submitted on August 21st, 2023 by Anonymous

Our experience has been great, they are always ready to work with us and we’re in regular contact with our account manager.

The Good…

Strumis’ capabilities are endless and the response time to service calls are very short. Strumis has been one of the core drivers of our growth from a small shop to a 1000 ton plus shop.

The Bad…

The only cons for Strumis are the same as any great software, and that’s the investment required. It’s well worth it, and the ROI is obvious, but it’s understandable that small shops are hesitant to make the leap to any MRP software.

Submitted on August 21st, 2023 by Anonymous

It serves us well.

The Good…

Strumis is very flexible and handles all of my small bridge, misc. steel, and structural fabrication requirements. One of the features that helps me tremendously are parametric assemblies. Most of my estimating is from a 2D electronic takeoff or from paper drawings, I also like that I’m able to import BOM’s from almost every detailer or model something in my license of SDS/2 and simply import it. There are many reports, and I can create custom reports without any 3rd party software. The nesting features have been a game changer.

The Bad…

I wish it had a built in 2D takeoff tool.

Submitted on January 24th, 2023 by Anonymous

It makes my work impossible to get done in a timely manner. No simple reports such as, how much material do I have left over in a certain sequence. You have to export to excel and configure it yourself. It’s a waste of time.

The Good…

Strumis continually bogs down. If you put everything into this program you will lose days worth of work. Reports are ridiculously complex and you end up making your own reports with their “export to excel” feature.

The Bad…

see above answer