A multi-module management system designed by MISys for manufacturing companies.

About MISys Manufacturing

MISys is a time-tested, fully integrated MRP system that can streamline a manufacturer’s process, saving them time and money. From basic Inventory and BOM needs, to complex Shop Floor Control and Serial/Lot Tracking, MISys offers a scalable solution for a very wide variety and size of manufacturers.

MISys offers an extensive worldwide support channel offers local installation and support options in 40 countries. MISys gives manufacturers high-end functionality at a very affordable price. And, with more than 20 years of MRP software experience, MISys gives you a level of experience beyond most anyone in this market!

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Bill of Materials

MISys Level 1 provides comprehensive Bills of Material that document your assembly process with sub-assemblies of unlimited size and up to 16 levels deep. In MISys a Bill of Material is much more than a pretty picture It’s a real workhorse - driving complex stock transfers with complete back-flushing. Tell MISys you want to build, say, 1000 widgets and it knows exactly how to handle materials, sub-assemblies, and finished goods throughout the structure, instantly updating inventory counts so you know where you stand.

Inventory Control

MISys Level 1 shines with specialized inventory control functions that keep careful track of your raw materials and work in process (WIP) in an unlimited number of locations.

The MISys Item Master maintains detailed data for each raw material and sub-assembly, including detailed costing and stock status. An unlimited number of qualified suppliers can be cross-referenced to each item as well as optional approved manufacturers.

MISys features both batch and direct stock transfer transactions so you can maintain accurate raw material inventory records in a way that is most consistent with your existing methods and procedures.

A powerful function called Stock Check allows you to perform what-if stock transfer simulations and analyze any material shortages that might occur. Proceed with a stock transaction, and the inventory is instantly adjusted and the transaction is permanently recorded in the system’s Master Transaction Log file.


In MISys, the Material Requirements Plan serves as a bridge between the Master Production Schedule and real purchase orders and manufacturing orders.

An array of scheduling reports shows you which items need to be purchased, in what quantity, and when the orders must be placed so that the required material will arrive just in time. Production advice reports show similar information about items you manufacture internally.

When you are satisfied with any Master Production Schedule you have created, simply click the Create MRP button to instantly scan the schedule for any remaining shortages. Create the indicated purchase orders and manufacturing orders manually, or tell the program to create them automatically, saving you considerable time and effort.

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$3,995 (perpetual license)
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User Reviews of MISys Manufacturing

Submitted on December 16th, 2022 by Anonymous

We had been operating on Fishbowl but it was not able to meet the promised expectations. After a thorough search, we are now in the implementation phase for MISys where we find it meeting all our shop floor needs. The only negative we have found is that when you start to create a new BOM it doesn’t automatically give you a new line to enter; you have to click on a new line icon each time. But beyond that one feature we have been happy with how the system is meeting our needs.

Submitted on October 28th, 2018 by Anonymous

I find the system to be limiting in terms of it’s functionality and reporting. We build everything made to order and it doesn’t do a good job keeping track of inventory.

Submitted on October 10th, 2018 by Anonymous

Misys did a fine job for inventory control, but lacked some of the reporting features we were looking for. It was not the most user-friendly software, and it required a lot of adjustments