GP Check 21

A software system designed by BGE.

About GP Check 21

GP Check 21 brings the benefits of 21st Century check processing to small and midsize businesses. It scans the checks, captures the images, allow users to apply check payments to Microsoft Dynamics GP Account Receivable, and SOP Transactions.

GP Check 21 comes with a check scanner and software for Microsoft Dynamics GP. The check scanner scans each check. It extracts the bank account information to search and automatically associate it with the customer. Their invoices will be pulled and matched with the amount of the check. If there is a match, it will apply to the invoice and cash receipt will be generated. If there are multiple matches, it will apply to the oldest one pending confirmation by the user. If there is no match, the software can either prompt the user to choose the invoice to apply or automatically apply to the oldest one and keep going until the check amount is exhausted. The software also takes care of trade payment term discount if defined. If the check is for deposit or payment to a sales order, the user can click on the appropriate button to apply the check payment to a sales order. A separate cash receipt table is used to keep track of these transactions until the invoices are created, then the cash receipt will be transferred to GP Cash Receipt.

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