Credit Card Advantage

Credit card, ACH, and eCheck processing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and GP.

About Credit Card Advantage

Credit Card Advantage is a powerful, flexible, and secure internet-based credit card processing solution that enables you to verify credit card payments over the web in real-time. This solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Small Business Financials, and Microsoft CRM.

Product Features:

  • Encryption & Card Number Masking: All information is encrypted, and card numbers are masked when displayed to comply with government requirements and PCI compliance *
  • Real-Time Verification: Verifies credit card payments in real-time *
  • Address Verification: Allows your company to enforce correct address verification *
  • Freight & Miscellaneous Adjustment: Automatically adds amount to document total as Freight or Miscellaneous charges when authorizing a Book transaction *
  • End of Day Procedure: Allows you to preview each Setup ID’s credit card activity for the day, and print historical settlement reports and daily transaction reports *
  • Expired Cards: Generates a report which shows if any customers have expired credit cards *
  • Customer Inquiry: Enables you to view the processed transaction waiting to settle, and settled transactions *
  • Batch Mode Verification: Saves credit card transactions in a batch for later verification
  • Automatic Renewal Expired Batch: Automatically renews expired book transactions and updates expiration date
  • Card Transaction Reports: Enables you to query and generate a list of credit card transactions by user, date, card, amount, and more
  • Multiple Booking: Allows a document to be associated with several book transactions
  • Partial Shipping: When booked quantities in a Sales Order exceed number of available items, automatically transfers shortage part into a Back Order and processes a new book transaction for the Back Order document
  • Automatic Reconciliation: Enables you to reconcile credit card transactions recorded in your accounting systems with those recorded through your payment processor
  • Denied Transaction: Delivers reason for denial and options to resubmit or delete transaction
  • Level 2 and Level 3 Verification: Submit to payment gateway / processor for Level 2 and Level 3 verification
  • Failure on CVV2 Mismatch: Allow customers to enforce CVV2 verification
  • Open Architecture: Support multiple payment gateways and processors
  • Support for: Encore Business Solutions - Recurring Contract Billing
  • Support for: Avalara’s AvaTax ST - Automated Sales & Use Tax Calculation
  • Support for: TechWerks Agora Management Series - Membership, Events, & Subscriptions
  • And More!

Product Overview

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