Kroll Pharmacy Management Solution

A software designed for pharmacy operations, offering tools for prescription processing, patient and drug information management, and inventory control.

Product Overview

The TELUS Kroll Pharmacy Management System, tailored for the Canadian pharmacy industry, streamlines prescription management and professional services. It’s ideal for both independent pharmacies and pharmacy groups, providing tools to enhance efficiency and patient engagement. Key features include a drug interaction checker and multi-location support for pharmacy chains. TELUS Kroll also offers reporting and analytics features, enabling pharmacies to analyze trends and track performance.


  • Includes drug interaction checker and master compounding formulas
  • Can generate multi-location reports
  • Offers add-ons like PharmaConnect


  • Requires consultation call for pricing quote
  • Generating custom or complex reports can be cumbersome

About Kroll Pharmacy Management Solution

The Kroll Pharmacy Management Solution is designed for prescription management and professional services integration. It’s suited for both independent pharmacies and pharmacy chains, offering capabilities that boost prescription filling accuracy, operational efficiency, and patient engagement.

It’s customizable to suit the evolving needs of pharmacies, offering enhanced patient safety features and a range of digital add-ons. These include PharmaConnect for online patient interactions, a user-friendly interface for easy staff onboarding, and capabilities for managing multiple pharmacy locations.

Kroll also integrates with Canadian Drug Information Systems. It supports inventory management and order processing, making it a decent choice for modern pharmacy operations.


  • Customizable Settings: Tailored to individual or group pharmacy requirements.
  • Operational efficiency: Features and add-ons like Kroll Workflow streamline processes and support a paperless environment.
  • Role Support: Provides documentation and billing support for evolving professional services.
  • Patient Engagement: Includes PharmaConnect for online interactions and virtual consultations.
  • Clinical Tools: Drug interaction checker and compounding formulas integrated.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Facilitates easy staff training; used in pharmacy education.
  • Multi-location Reporting: Centralizes data for easy report generation, ideal for pharmacy networks.

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Product Overview

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