Pharmacy management software from McKesson

About Pharmaserv

Pharmaserv by McKesson is an on-premises pharmacy management solution from McKesson. This system helps manage pharmacy operations, medication dispensing, and patient clinical services.

An intuitive, fully integrated pharmacy management system, Pharmaserv gives you complete control of your pharmacy data and scales with the growth of your business. With Pharmaserv, you can do more with existing resources and can help expand your services to include long-term care, specialty medication dispensing and clinical programs. Not to mention manage operations across multiple stores on a single platform.

Fully integrated right in to Pharmaserv’s workflow, the clinical services allow you to choose from a complete suite of pre-configured or custom-built programs to help you provide better patient care.


  • Pharmacy Workflow
  • Multi-Location Support
  • Point of Sale
  • Perpetual Inventory
  • Medication Adherance
  • Medication Synchronization
  • Prescription Refill Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting
  • Clinical Programs Solution (CPS)
  • Adherence Performance Solution (APS)
  • Patient Communication Solution (PCS)
  • Med Sync
  • Mobile Delivery
  • Intelligent Prior Authorization (IPA)
  • Medication Therapy Management


  • Identify clinical opportunities and build better relationships with your patients through increased communication.
  • Document patient interactions and activities.
  • Create your own clinical programs or integrate stand-alone programs geared toward your patients’ needs to drive healthy outcomes, improve medication adherence and increase pharmacy efficiency.
  • Deliver a cost-effective and convenient Med Sync program for your patients to improve prescription adherence.
  • Pharmaserv’s distributed system allows you to keep control of your pharmacy’s data to maintain security by leveraging an on-site server with available data-back up services provided by McKesson.
  • Minimize data entry and protect data integrity with modular components that operate on a common database.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Pharmaserv

Submitted on June 17th, 2019 by Alison Shirley

I love the Autofill feature— the automatic refill feature that Pharmaserv has integrated into the system. It helps us reach out to patients and notify them that their prescriptions are due for refills. This helps us make them understand why taking their meds is important, and helps us make them more compliant.

There is a tremendous amount of data available to us in Pharmaserv. We can create patient tax reports, which are typically requested by customers multiple times per week. We can create detailed patient reports about medications and how our patients are using them. We can generate these in a few minutes, without the patient having to wait a couple days for the information. This helps them with issues like compliance and education, and helps us stay in touch with their issues and needs. Ultimately, having access to this type of information leads to better patient outcomes.