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ACCEO Logivision

A multi-module management system designed by Logivision for retail trade companies.

About ACCEO Logivision

The ACCEO Logivision POS software is a point of sale system designed specifically for retailers seeking high speed transaction entry and secure data recording. L-BOSS and L-POS are now sub-products of the ACCEO Logivision Suite.

ACCEO Logivision is a user-friendly and secure point-of-sale software:

  • Process sales quickly with a personalized POS screen
  • Manage your inventory in one or multiple locations
  • Offer loyalty rewards and keep track of gift cards
  • Control operations based on user-level permissions
  • Analyze what's happening in your store at anytime
  • Speed up transaction entry with integrated payment processing (compatible with all major processors)

The POS software includes all the tools you need to design entry screens, manage peripherals, and interface with the back-end application.

The back-end module will provide you with great data management for multiple POS terminals or a small gift shop using a single front-end electronic cash register.


  • Returns Management
  • Receipting
  • Promotions Management
  • Gratuities Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Barcode Scanning

Target Market

  • Targeted Industries: fast-moving retail environments, such as supermarkets, c-stores, liquor stores, and specialty retail stores.
  • Companies with 1-499 employees


  • Starts at $2,000 upfront depending on resellers pricing grid
  • Purchased upfront, plus potential ongoing support costs
  • Priced per license
  • No free trial available

Cashier Monitoring

Can you see what your cashiers are doing while you're in the office?

Most retail operations have an owner and at least one employee. Some have several employees. Others have many employees. But no matter the number of employees, inventory shrink and theft are the major problems facing retailers.

The Monitoring application is like a watch dog. It displays all transaction information in real-time to any computer on the network. This means that you will be able to spot-check your cashiers and get better control on fraud like sweet-hearting. The on-line Monitor program also links to 3rd party DVR systems which have been proven to provide excellent shrink reduction.

Credit Debit Payment

Are you looking for high-speed and secure card approval?

Have you ever become impatient while waiting in line for a cashier to finish a transaction? Have you thought to yourself "Why am I here?" We are sure everyone has. That is why we are so concerned with keeping things fast and easy.

That is just what integrated credit-debit authorization does. It keeps things simple and it speeds up the process. The high-speed IP based SSL data exchange with credit authorization centers will eliminate errors and simplify your cashiers' work-flow. And this means that you will be one step closer and minutes closer to checking out another happy customer.

The electronic payment approval system will accelerate the processing time for debit and credit transactions as well as EFS and EBT Cash, etc. Several interfaces support gift card, phone card and other special applications. Funds will be transferred directly into your account at batch closing. Transaction rates are competitive and the rates should be able to match those offered by banks or other debit/credit processing services.

Electronic Journal

Are you still storing paper rolls in case of a financial audit?

The electronic journal provides an electronic trace of all transactions. This means that register journal rolls are no longer required, saving space, paper and time. Data is stored by date and can be located easily using built-in and user-defined search commands.

  • Transaction search & review
  • Reprint past transactions
  • Drill down functionality to locate data

On-Screen Advertising

Do you need to tell your customers about products on special?

Are you looking for an effective way to increase product visibility? We have learned that most retailers answer yes to these 2 questions. The L-POS advertising module does just that. This great tool will help you promote your products and allow you to display images, movies and text content on your POS displays. The Advertising module will enhance your customers' check-out experience and increase your sales at the same time!

Pump Interface

Would you like to replace your pump console and control pump activity from your POS terminal?

Fuel control is a big issue for c-store and supermarket operators. The cost of fuel has made integrated control important because it reduces errors and speeds up the check-out process. In a busy c-store with 3 POS terminals it is really important to allow real-time interaction to authorize and pay out the pumps from any POS station.

The L-POS Pump Interface communicates with forecourt devices through well-known controllers that provide state-of-the-art connectivity to most major brands. L-POS also interacts with the latest new technology available for building loyalty through cross-marketing among different business models. So whether you need simple pump control for a one-stop fuel shop or multi-store connectivity L-POS will fit as a part of a best-of-breed application tailored to your needs.

Rental Tracking

Do you need to control product rental in your store?

If you own a C-STORE or a market in a small town there is a good chance you are renting films. And if you are renting films you need control. Lots of small store operators just like you have tried using separate systems for rental control and POS control. L-POS has a built-in rental module that eliminates the need for a separate rental module.

The system will track who has a film at a given time, who has rented a specific film and all films rented by a specific customer. This means that you can easily track down who is late returning films, who used a film recently that has been reported as damaged and how often you have rented your films in any date range. This will take the guessing out of this important source of revenue and allow you to stock the films that are generating the most revenue.

Product Overview

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