A point of sale and business management system designed by LS Retail for companies of all sizes

About LS Central

LS Central is a unified commerce software solution build on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

LS Central is an end-to-end retail management system that gives retailers full control over their business processes, and real-time access to valuable data and analytical tools. LS Central covers the whole business, from accounting, reporting and merchandising to store operations and POS, providing retailers with a full range of functionality to meet the needs of the most demanding retail environment.

The Benefits of One, Integrated Solution

Managing a retail chain is hard – and it becomes even harder when too many IT systems are in place to handle the different sides of the business. Different software solutions often cannot communicate properly, and end up creating inconsistent data, waste of time and uncontrolled costs.

LS Central eliminates the need to build and maintain multiple applications and costly interfaces. Retailers can maintain their entire operation in a single, centralized database, and keep control of all their locations and sales channels from headquarters.

Omni-Channel Management

LS Central is an integrated end-to-end system; therefore, retailers can track sales, stock and productivity in real time on all their sales channels. In LS Central, it’s easy to get a holistic view of customers, orders and business, and always be on top of all activities taking place in-store, on the e-commerce platform and on mobile.

For Retail and Hospitality

LS Central is designed to run retail and hospitality businesses in one single system, offering all the tools business managers need to make their job easier whether behind the bar or the till.

LS Central Also Features:

  • Customizable POS: possibility to change the look and access to specific operations through staff permissions
  • Loyalty program management
  • Loss prevention tools
  • In-store mobility features, including mobile POS
  • Centralized management of prices, offers and campaigns
  • Cross-selling and upselling tools with personalized product recommendations, in-store and online
  • Automatic and manual replenishment tools
  • Inventory management operations on traditional and handheld devices
  • Reporting, analysis and Business Intelligence tools for data-informed business decisions
  • Support for management of franchises

LS Retail: Experience and Expertise

LS Retail is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the retail and hospitality industry based on Microsoft technology. For more than two decades, LS Retail has focused on providing solutions that meet the needs of businesses worldwide. Thanks to vast knowledge and experience in the retail and food-service industry, Microsoft is able to offer scalable solutions to manage the complex operational requirements of organizations within such diverse industries as fashion, electronics, furniture, duty free, restaurants, coffee shops, forecourt and c-stores and many more.

Analysis and Reporting

LS Retail provides reliable, real-time insight into critical aspects of your business, such as: Comparison of stores; breakdown of sales according to time-periods; single employee or staff comparisons; POS terminal comparison or simply POS terminals - with drill-downs over different periods. User-defined alerts ensure that the management can act quickly and effectively, when required.

LS Retail offers a number of options when it comes to viewing and analyzing sales data. The sales history window gives you an overview over long term sales data. This window is based on posted sales data - usually referred to as Value Entries. Here you can view how your stores have been performing for past periods. You can easily view different periods by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the window. You can also view sales for predefined periods, such as over Christmas and on national holidays

In addition to the built in Reporting and Analyzing Tools, LS Retail integrates to standard Microsoft BI technology such as Microsoft Office, Excel, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Reporting technology in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services - all of which makes it possible for the users to get more out of the data in their Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

LS Retail also integrates to market-leading Business Intelligence solutions for more complex analysis and scorecard reporting.

LS Retail InStore Management

LS Retail includes powerful back office functionality both in the store and at the head office. It gives the store manager total control of activities within the store and manages the replication of data between the POS terminals, back office and head office. InStore Systems functions are also replicated at the Head Office allowing decisions to be executed without delay. These include:

Price Management - multiple sales and tender types, discounting aginst product or item groups, Multibuy, Mix and Match, Buy One - Get one Free and individual or group level Customer Item discounts.

Inventory Management - transfers, adjustments and write-offs, discrepancy management and stock takes via the till or handheld computer.

Staff Management - a full suite of functions to manage allocations, timetabling and time and attendance capture.

Remote Purchasing - allows stores to manage their own purchase as an alternitive to centralized purchasing functions.

Inventory Control

If you would like to time your inventory flow so that you always have fresh merchandise and a healthy turnover rate, the InStore system provides your company with the tools to effectively streamline inventory control.

The LS Retail InStore Management system uses worksheets to specify the work processes by configuration. The user-friendly worksheet layouts all have a similar look to simplify organizing the many different processes. Worksheets automatically fill out transactions, which minimizes time-consuming manual data entries by the user, and guarantees that all entries are correct.

LS Retail Member Management

LS Retail Membership Management system includes Loyalty, Offers and Coupons. It makes it easy for organizations to collect powerful information about the customers, collect sales data while benefitting from their previous purchases, for instance within club-schemes. If the customer benefits enough by joining a well-defined club, retailers that offer the membership management system will collect important data about the behavior and interests of the customer and target the customer in the most effective way.

LS Retail Replenishment

LS Retail includes merchandising and replenishment functionality to support retail managers in the efficient management of their retail business. Size, color and style data (where applicable) on individual items, product groups or item categories is used to create Stock profiles. This is combined in a simple matrix with store, store groups and store type profiles to calculate the optimum stock replenishment.

Each profile also includes a description of where the items should be delivered from and then a stock transfer request is passed to the distribution centre or data is passed to the purchase order processing modules for ordering from a supplier.

The buyer uses a replenishment worksheet which calculates the demand based on a number of selectable criteria and date ranges.

Open to Buy - The Open-to-Buy module allows the retailer to control the capital invested in products during the sales cycle. It allows the retailer to plan purchases and make sure that they match the demand for each period, and at the same time make sure that the money invested in stock is within set limits.

Customer Service - Powerful inventory planning and management features help you deliver customer services excellence without committing valuable cash space and logistics resources to unnecessarily high stock levels.

Vendor Performance - The buyer has a good overview of how the vendor is performing by monitoring his profitability, purchase order fulfillment, discrepancy in receiving quantity and/or quality of goods and invoicing discrepancy. This data can be an important tool for buyers to use when entering vendor negotiations.

Purchase Order Processing

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Purchasing module provides retailers with everything they would expect from one of the worlds leading business applications including requisition management, returns management and drop-shipping functionality essential to any retailer dealing with direct delivery of big-ticket items.

Special Orders

With LS Retail Special Orders, customers can order customized items based on their own preference such as sofas with different types of upholstery, clothing garments, computers, electronics, prescription glasses, and many more. Special ordering is not limited to items that need to be customized; it can be used for all items on file.

The orders can be taken either at the POS or via a sales order in the central database. Items can be sourced from different locations and warehouses. Some items can be sourced from the store itself, other from the warehouse or directly from the vendor.

Shipping is flexible as well. Customers can choose to have the goods delivered directly to their home or pick them up either at the store or warehouse. The system can be configured to ask for a pre- payment when making a special order, which can differ between different kinds of products.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of LS Central

Submitted on August 11th, 2019 by Mark

one of the worse products with no support

The Good…

nothing…it promises everything and delivers nothing

The Bad…

that i implemented it

Submitted on February 28th, 2018 by Mohamed

LS NAV is one of the few applications that gives the client full control over his/her business. The application provides full view of the whole business cycle.

The Good…

The Reporting & Analytics is amazing, more over are the features that most clients care about, which is the customer loyalty mobile App that comes along with LS NAV. furthermore, the POS mobile App and the mobile Inventory App. and it has a full HR application as well.

The Bad…

Nothing is perfect, but LS NAV is an excellent application which gave satisfaction to my retail and hospitality clients worldwide.

Submitted on December 1st, 2015 by Pradeep

There are some issues data replication. Kindly give us error msg ID with solution. Some IDs are not in your error help menu

The Good…

Provide, version update from the starting say Version 1.0…3…etc. Please provide features in the each version. and compatible

The Bad…

Arrange data replication errors pop-up messages