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ePRO Print MIS is an ideal solution for small to medium printing companies looking for better print estimating functionality. It’s also great if you are a printer looking to expand to web-to-print operations without implementing a full eCommerce platform. In addition to estimating, this software acts as a single system for production tracking, auto-generating job tickets, inventory control, deliveries, and invoicing.

If you are a label, or screen printer, ePRO Print MIS is not for you. This software is intended for Digital, Offset-Litho, and Large Format Printing, and there is additional functionality for Print Brokers.

Our Rating
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  • Client portal to streamline web-to-print services
  • Full warranty on software
  • Regular software updates
  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Wide range of third-party integrations
  • High cost to start might price out smaller printers
  • Web-to-print is not quite the same as a full eCommerce storefront
Starting Price
$1,997 (perpetual license)
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   $     $     $     $     $   
  • Developer PrintMIS
  • Client OS Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Web
  • Deployment Cloud or On-Premises

What is ePRO Print MIS?

ePRO Print MIS is a workflow automation software that helps printing companies keep track of cost and profit, improve response time to customer queries, reduce administrative tasks, and manages your overall print operation.

Known in the printing industry for being a robust and user-friendly management information system, especially for:

  • Digital printers
  • Print brokers
  • Offset litho printers
  • Marketing agencies

These types of printing companies use ePRO for print estimating, tracking jobs, generating purchase orders, keeping stock, sending invoices, and more - without the hassle of an Excel spreadsheet or a disjointed system.

Pros Cons
  • User-friendly software which is very intuitive to use.
  • Client portal to streamline web-to-print services for existing customers.
  • Regular software updates based on user feedback.
  • Full warranty on the software.
  • Wide range of third-party integrations.
  • High cost to start might price out smaller printers.
  • Web-to-print is not quite the same as a full eCommerce storefront.

Our Ratings

Usability - 9.0 Has a responsive interface; lets users create estimates and jobs with ease; intuitive navigation between different tasks; drag and drop filtering options.
Support - 8.2 Support is available by PrintMIS agents by Zoom, phone, email and live chat.
Features - 9.0 Easy to use print management; also includes a variety of administrative tools for generating invoices and processing sales orders; separate client portal for web-to-print services.
Security - 9.7 Customer, supplier, and other business information can be imported or exported from Excel spreadsheets in CSV format; API tool-kit available for integrating with third-party solutions; on-premise or cloud-based implementation available; user permissions control access to different features and information.
Value - 9.0 Introductory pricing plans start at $4,500 and go up from there to $30,000+ for lifetime licenses; updates are free for clients using the cloud version; there is a 14-day money back guarantee.
Performance - 9.5 Functionality was fast and responsive; no noticeable slowness when moving between separate tasks.
Scalability - 9.2 Unlimited users; print shops can expand into web-to-print operations with this software; multiple third-party integrations are available for managing growth; additional customization available but at a cost.


During our review of ePRO Print MIS, we focused on some key features related to both print management and general administrative tasks:

Paper Cost Calculator

To account for changing paper prices, ePRO Print MIS lets you upload an Excel spreadsheet with the latest prices into the system and costs will automatically update from there. This is a great timesaver especially with paper vendors frequently changing prices.

Drag and Drop Filtering

The main list helps you see the status of new estimates at any moment. But what makes it even more handy is that you can filter these results to better manage your tasks. For instance, you can rearrange the list by simply dragging and dropping any header. You could choose to sort by the follow-up date, customer, project name, and more, helping you stay organized and efficient.

Different user permissions can limit who can see and interact with each aspect of the project.

Web-to-Print Client Portal

Printers looking for an easy way to offer web-to-print can use ePRO Print MIS to build a client portal leading to a fully customized eCommerce-style shop. The “products” offered can be customized based on the client’s historical printing needs and past pricing rates, so you can take orders faster without going through new estimates each and every time.

The shop is customizable to a certain degree, such as business branding and product categories.

Any orders made in the shop will automatically be added to the Job List as if it had been made through the typical estimating process. Customers can then use the shop for repeat orders on their top purchases. Printers can save a lot of time on quotes by using web-to-print as a shortcut.

What Features Are Missing?

A few extra features could have improved ePRO Print MIS:

  • Mobile apps: ePRO currently does not support mobile apps so users must access the software through a web browser. While apps are not necessary, it would make it easier for quick check ups on estimates and orders.

Pricing Plans

Plan Pricing Features
ePRO Estimating with implementation $3,000 (1 year) Designed to cover:
  • Print estimating
  • Job tickets and tracking
  • Print broker/outsourcing
  • Invoicing and purchasing
  • Deliveries and inventory control
  • Customer and supplier management
  • Reports
ePRO without implementation $1,500 (1 year) Includes everything in the base Estimating package but users must handle implementation themselves
Lifetime license $20,000-$30,000 Includes everything in Estimating and future updates

The lifetime license allows users to make a one-time, upfront payment for ePRO. The first year of support is covered and future updates are included.

Companies looking to save on an annual subscription can opt to get ePRO without professional implementation. There are written guides to help users during this process, and video tutorials are in the works.


Here are some frequently asked questions about ePRO Print MIS:

How much does ePRO Print MIS cost?

Users who begin the buying process after signing up for a software demo can enjoy special introductory pricing starting at $4,500. Otherwise, just the Estimating software is $3,000 per year. Adding on extra features, like job ticketing, increases the total annual price.

Does ePRO Print MIS have an app?

No, although ePRO Print MIS is cloud-based and can be accessed by web browser anywhere in the world.


ePS Pace
ePS Pace Screenshot
Client OS
Cloud or On-Premises
What We Like
Easily aggregates equipment data
For mid-size and enterprise businesses
Scales with your business
What We Don’t Like
Requires consultation call for pricing quote
Easy Cut Studio
Easy Cut Studio Screenshot
Price Range
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   
Starting Price
$60/user (perpetual license)
Client OS
Windows, macOS
What We Like
Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
Reasonably priced with a lifetime license and free updates
Provides a wide range of cutter support, suitable for many models
What We Don’t Like
Some users face software activation and licensing issues
Users desire more support for new cutter models
Issues with software settings, like not advancing after finishing a cut
PrintSmith Vision
PrintSmith Vision Screenshot
Client OS
Cloud Hosted
What We Like
Easy to setup and use
Efficient searching and locating documents
User-friendly rolling estimates and invoices
What We Don’t Like
Requires consult call for pricing


We recommend ePRO Print MIS to printers and brokers looking to automate print management workflow. While primarily an estimating tool, add-ons make this software capable of generating invoices and purchase orders as well, perfect for print shops looking for an all-in-one solution. The web-to-print functionality also allows users to create their own virtual storefront for existing customers without the extra hassle of setting up a true eCommerce platform.

ePRO is intended for digital, offset, and large format printing, so do not use this software if you are a label, screen, or packaging printer. The full version also might be redundant for businesses which already have invoicing and reporting software.

ePRO Print MIS
ePRO Print MIS is a workflow automation software that helps printing companies keep track of cost and profit, improve response time to customer queries, reduce administrative tasks, and manages your overall print operation.
Price Range
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   
Starting Price
$1,997 (perpetual license)
Client OS
Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Web
Cloud or On-Premises

User Reviews of ePRO Print MIS

Submitted on August 24th, 2022 by Anonymous

ePRO can keep past quotes and past work orders. You can easily add a new work order, edit a old work order and clone work orders. You can also see your profit and loss on each job as you quote it. You plug in your cost on stock, ink per sq ft, labor, speed of machine, power consumption. Once it is set up, you can see if you are losing or making money. You can also check stock as you are writing up a work order. If you don’t have enough stock, the system will let you know you need to order supplies. The system can also keep track of the sales person commission on each job. After you generate a work order, billing is a snap. Then print profit and loss sheet and turn into accounting.