Bellwether Purchasing and Inventory

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A purchase order system designed by Bellwether Software for startups and small organizations.

About Bellwether Purchasing and Inventory

Bellwether Purchasing and Inventory Software is a complete end-to-end procurement system that operates in a purely paperless mode. It is available in the Express Version and the SQL Version.

PMX’s SQL version requires Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or higher to be installed on your file server. PMX’s Express version uses File/Server technology and does not require additional database software.

Video Overview

Accounts Payable Interface Module

Streamline invoice entry and eliminate double entry. Automate three-way match of invoice to PO and receipts. Auto-generate invoice data, based on previously entered POs and receipts. Optionally override system-generated invoice data during invoice entry. Pass approved invoices to accounts payable system for payment.

Inventory Software Module

Prints bar code labels and scans inventory transactions. Prints picking tickets and packing slips. Values inventory and inventory usage, using standard, average, and current costs. Supports full statistical control, including reorder point, minimum and maximum stock levels, and reorder quantity. Generates automatic stock replenishment. Tracks inventory balances and inventory usage online or in built-in standard reports.

Purchase Order Software Module

Run the purchase order software module as a standalone unit or use it with PMX’s other modules as part of a fully integrated system. Complete vendor and material file management capabilities are built into the purchasing module.

Stay in control of what you buy and who you buy it form with PMX’s e-procurement and purchase order software. PMX’s purchasing module (e-procurement) was designed to work the way purchasing professionals think and can have you up and running in days.

You can quickly create purchase orders from requisitions, requests for quotations and previous purchase orders. When none of these sources is available, you create a purchase order by specifying the vendor you want to buy from and the materials or services you want to purchase.

Receiving Module

Run the Receiving Module as an add-on unit to the Purchasing Module. There is no longer any need to file a copy of the purchase order to act as a receiving document. Just call up the P.O. and enter the quantity received and quantity rejected counts online. Receiving is immediately alerted to early shipments and over/under shipments. With the procurement software if desired, you can print a receiving ticket to accompany received items. Of course, you have instant online access to all open orders and receiving information.

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Determine the best price and terms for an order. Create RFQ’s for selected vendors based on user-defined criteria, including commodity codes and previously-entered RFQs. Create RFQs from requisitions.

Issue formal RFQs via custom forms, fax or e-mail. View vendor performance ratings prior to bid awards. Carry winning bid information forward to PO with no rekeying. View RFQ status online or in built-in status reports.

Requisitions Module

Run the Requisitioning module as a front-end to your current purchasing system or use it with the other PMX modules as part of a fully-integrated system. Complete material and catalog file management capabilities are built into the Requisitioning module.

PMX’s requisitioning software ( e-requisitioning software ) can automate the complete on-line requisitions entry ( electronic requisitions ) and approval process in a purely paperless mode. The requisitioning software ( e-requisitioning software ), including electronic requisitions and on-line requisitions approvals, was designed for non-technical users and can be quickly implemented. Individual user departments can requisition items directly from on-line catalogs or in free-form mode. Requisitions can also be imported directly from PMX’s Inventory module for items at or below their reorder points. Once in the system, a requisition is easily modified until it is converted into a P.O. or a Request for Quotation. Purchase requisitions can be printed or the entire process can be handled in a paperless mode.

Warehouse Management Module

Run the Warehouse Management module as an add-on unit to the inventory module. Stay in control of your inventory with PMX’s inventory control software and supply chain management software. PMX’s inventory control software ( supply chain management software ) was designed to work the way materials professionals think and can have you up and running in days.

Local and remote users can order inventory items directly from multiple warehouse locations. Online tracking queries and status reports allow users to check the current status of their warehouse order (e.g., shipped, pending shipment, back ordered or received.)

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User Reviews of Bellwether Purchasing and Inventory

Submitted on March 17th, 2020 by Louis Nicolosi from St. Ann's Community

Since centralization and implementation of Bellwether Purchasing Software, employees cannot simply buy what they want. Now they are more informed. We have tools. We have better contract com- pliance, and we know what we spend. Bellwether Purchasing Software is a small investment, considering the ROI. A small financial investment upfront pays for itself many times over in the long run.

Submitted on March 17th, 2020 by Jeannie Robinson-Pownell from Tel Hai Retirement Communities

As a fundrasier, I have to keep track of a myriad of details for our fundraising events, and it has to be PERFECT! Bellwether allows me to look back and see EXACTLY what was ordered and from what vendor, which not only aids in my tracking of expenses but helps tremendously when planning recurring events.

Submitted on March 17th, 2020 by Carol Meador from Lexington Health Network

What I notice is the big difference with Bellwether software, it is written by people that were apparently in purchasing, they were hands on, and get how it works.