A spend management source-to-pay solution.


JAGGAER ONE is a spend management system that helps you source your entire procurement process. The software easily integrates with your existing ERP systems and accounting software to help you quickly understand your spend. This will lead to better decision making by seeing price variations across similar goods and services, and where your employees are buying outside of your preferred channels.

JAGGAER ONE provides consistency and visibility across all spend activities. The software allows the capability to manage direct and indirect spend in one intelligent software. Get global visibility into purchases, suppliers, risks, and more in a common workflow.

The software also provides data-based recommendations that drive real value. Automated analytics help recommend strategic action such as creating catalogs for commonly purchased items or building development plans for at-risk suppliers.

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  • Spend Analytics: Smart automation classifies and normalizes disparate data with a global view of all spend.
  • Category Management: Create strategic approaches that focus on specific areas of spend.
  • Supplier Management: Take an unbiased look into supplier performance to mitigate risks.
  • Sourcing: Add sourcing activities for a full digital transformation of procurement functions.
  • Contracts: Contract-compliant purchasing guides the buyer to the right supplier, price and terms.
  • eProcurement: Guide your organization’s spend to compliance in a powerful marketplace.
  • Inventory Management: Decrease redundant purchases by shopping in your internal inventory.
  • Invoicing: Automate AP processes so procurement teams can focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Supply Chain Collaboration: Modernize your collaboration with direct material suppliers with a completely digital SCM solution.
  • Quality Management: Reduce supply chain risk and costs with a digital solution that streamlines your processes.
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$45,000 /year
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User Reviews of JAGGAER ONE

Submitted on December 21st, 2022 by Anonymous

The Reports were clear and concise with key spend visibility metrics in place. There were more than 60 pre-packaged reports and dashboards provided out of the box. Additionally, the web edit functionality is really intuitive to generate reports and dashboards.

The Good…

One of the only solutions in the market which leverages both NLP as well as ML to classify Spend data. Also, the level of capability provided to end user through the interface is examplary.

The Bad…

JAGGAER does not use partners for Spend Analytics and should look at it as they leverage partners for other components within their portfolio.