A food safety and quality management software for manufacturers, importers, and processors.

Product Overview

3iVerify is a food safety and quality management software. It supports GFSI standards, extensive supplier and material approval processes, and an API for easy integration with other systems. Key features include supplier management and approvals, document control, quality management, and traceability tools. Additionally, 3iVerify leverages AI to monitor food safety incidents globally.


  • Supports GFSI standards
  • Customizable questionnaires and forms for compliance needs
  • Advanced AI for monitoring


  • Initial learning curve
  • May be cost-prohibitive for smaller operations
  • Requires continuous internet access

Target Market

Food manufacturers, importers, and processors looking to digitize and enhance their food safety management.

About 3iVerify

3iVerify is a digital food safety and quality platform for managing supplier approvals, document control, and CAPA (Corrective Action / Preventive Actions). It’s ideal for compliance with GFSI standards such as BRC and SQF.

The platform can help transform existing, paper-based food safety and quality management processes to digital systems that save time and reduce compliance and recall risk.

3iVerify Key Features

  • Supplier Management & Approvals
  • Document Control
  • Food Traceability
  • Quality Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Food Safety

3iVerify Modules

3iVerify is a comprehensive, modular food safety and quality management system. Each specific module can help improve food safety processes:

  • Action management
  • Administration
  • AI supplier surveillance
  • Alerts
  • Audit management
  • Cleaning management
  • Document management
  • Electronic data capture
  • HACCP management and plan templates
  • Product specification
  • Raw material control
  • Risk management
  • Supplier management
  • Task scheduling
  • Traceability
  • Training and e-learning
  • Workflow management

3iVerify Target Market

Food manufacturers and importers with many suppliers, raw materials, and products for which they need to manage food safety, quality, compliance & traceability.

3iVerify Pricing

The cost of 3iVerify starts at $150/month. There is no free trial available. There is no free version available.

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Starting Price
$150 /month
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of 3iVerify

Submitted on January 20th, 2022 by Andy Kerridge

Software written by food people, for food people Pros: Easy to use, and customisable to suit the operation. Cons: Nothing really. Whenever I got stuck, help was on hand

Submitted on January 20th, 2022 by Esther K.

Fantastic Supplier database system Comments: 1. Sending auto reminders to suppliers to upload certificates and reports on expiry 2. Removing the need for updating paper document registers for our quality system 3. Keeping the supplier NC and CA in one place will enable us to complete trend analyses


  1. The dashboard showing the Approval statuses of the various documents. 2. The ability to share Quality system documents with the team at Helios using the documents module 3. Being able to use the system wherever we have an internet connection 4. The Supplier Questionnaire sections are easy to navigate to and have the facility to save the communication notes between the Helios and Supplier on the same section. 5. Having all the supplier quality documents and records on one system


  1. The inability to Share files once so that if a document is relevant to multiple questionnaires, it should be linked through the document library under the supplier records. 2. The file shown in the document module should be from the name given at QA upload not the original uploaded document name 3. The document library is overcrowded create additional sub tabs within the “Documents” tab and for example automatically file the NCR Evidence in a separate sub tab 4. The completion of the NCR report is not straight forward, not intuitive when compared to other supplier management systems 5. Would like the suppliers to upload the annual test certificates for example instead of requesting them by email and storing them on the company server
Submitted on January 20th, 2022 by Anonymous

Primority worked closely with the Pioneer Foods team to digitise their supplier and material approval questionnaires to make the process of sending, approving, tracking, and managing supplier information more efficient, organised, standardised, and complete.

Pioneer Foods also implemented raw material goods inward checks which are populated directly from the approved material specification information gathered during the material approval process.

The solution now helps Pioneer Foods operate more efficiently and stay organised and on top of supplier and raw material information. Automated reminders chase suppliers to ensure that approval questionnaires are completed on time and supplier certification is always up to date.

“The system saves us a lot of time chasing suppliers and ensures that we are always up to date for our BRCGS audit.”

Submitted on November 15th, 2021 by Anonymous

Culinary Collaborations LLC experience has been and continues to be positive. 3iVerify’s ability to meet our growing company’s needs. We continue to embed the software into our systems throughout our company. 3iVerify’s response time to queries is fast, reliable & their support is top notch. We highly recommend them not only for their software, services but for their vast experience in the food industry. 3iVerify understands the food industry enabling them to provide your business with solutions to help your company meet food safety & regulatory requirements.

The Good…

The software helped me -: Manage over 900 documents with expiry dates, Automate Supplier Approvals, Automate Material Approvals, Conduct Risk Assessments, Assisted to ensure CCL met all regulatory compliance, Assisted in the process of GFSI certification/recertification. 3iVerify made my job easier! The dashboard, questionnaires and actions linked all my documents, certifications & data in one system. My customers and suppliers login to complete and upload directly to the system - no more email exchanges and trying to find documents within email strings. All team members have access to the system with users specific access.

The Bad…