Adagio Accounting Software

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An accounting software for small to mid-sized companies.

Product Overview

Adagio Accounting software stands out for its ability to efficiently manage high-volume transactions, which is a significant advantage for businesses experiencing limitations with entry-level accounting software. Its cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive option for small to medium-sized businesses. The software offers flexibility in posting transactions to different periods, a feature that enhances its appeal to accountants and bookkeepers.


  • Handles high-volume transactions efficiently
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible transaction posting to previous periods


  • Slightly outdated interface

Target Market

Small to mid-size companies looking for a flexible accounting software.

About Adagio Accounting Software

Adagio Accounting is a comprehensive accounting system for small to mid-sized businesses, particularly useful for those with high transaction volumes. It offers robust audit controls and financial reporting, emphasizing batch processing for error prevention and enhanced audit functionality.

Adagio Accounting Software Key features:

  • Advanced audit trail, data integrity, and GAAP compliance features.
  • Financial reporting tools, including dashboards and automated report distribution.
  • Over 25 accounting modules, catering to growing accounting departments.
  • Designed for professional accountants, enhancing productivity and accuracy.

Adagio offers specialized solutions for various industries, including First Nations, Non-Profit, Construction, Wholesale Distribution, and Business Services. It also includes a range of modules for specific tasks:

  • Adagio BankRec: Simplifies bank account tracking and reconciliation, with features like up-to-date cash balances, easy handling of NSF checks, and integration with other Adagio modules.
  • Adagio DataCare: Automates data integrity checks, with scheduling options and detailed logging.
  • Adagio GridView: Provides read-only access to accounting data for non-accounting personnel.
  • Adagio Inventory: A full-featured inventory management system with detailed tracking and reporting capabilities.
  • Adagio Invoices: Offers customizable invoicing with detailed line items, drag-and-drop design, and integration with other modules.
  • Adagio JobCost: Designed for job costing, it integrates with various Adagio modules for comprehensive project management.
  • Adagio Lanpak: Enables multi-user access to Adagio modules.
  • Adagio Ledger: A complete general ledger system with batch transaction management.
  • Adagio MultiCurrency: Manages foreign currency transactions and exchange rates.
  • Adagio OLEDB: Facilitates order entry and invoicing, with extensive features for managing sales orders.
  • Adagio Payables: Provides accounts payable management, integrating with other modules for efficient financial tracking.
  • Adagio Receivables: Offers complete receivables management, integrated with Adagio’s billing and order entry modules.
  • Adagio Reports: Utilizes Crystal Reports for tailored reporting across all Adagio modules.
  • Adagio SalesAnalysis: Delivers detailed sales data analysis, integrated with other sales-related modules.
  • Adagio SalesCQ: Combines contact and quote management with Adagio’s core accounting features.
  • Adagio Time&Billing: Manages time and disbursement accounting, ideal for professional services.
  • Adagio TimeKeeper: A timekeeping application that integrates with Adagio Time&Billing.

The system offers a balance of enterprise-level features at a price point suitable for businesses scaling beyond entry-level accounting products.

Video Overview

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$950 (perpetual license)
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Adagio Accounting Software

Submitted on May 23rd, 2014 by Lyndon

We have installed the Adagio Accounting Suite in many First Nations. It is especially well suited to First Nation accounting because it handles the ever-changing environment well. Adagio allows for simple addition of accounts and departments which automatically populate to the financial statements. The ability to set departments as inactive and then have them ignored in the financial reports is key as many projects in First Nations are one-time or are only there for a year or two.

Adagio also handles Capital Project reporting well as it is very easy to set up a department for a project and produce a multi-year report for that project to track the costs and budget variances for the entire project even if it spans several year ends.

It is easy to train on as the menus are intuitive. Since Adagio is a batch accounting system it is also very easy to support the clients when there are mistakes to be corrected as correcting batches can be worked on without tying up the client’s data and then posted once they have been fully tested.

The Good…

There are so many things:

  • Almost any report can be exported to Excel. This makes analysis extremely easy as Ledger listings, Payables listings, and other reports can be funnelled to Excel and then all of Excel’s powerful functions are quickly available.
  • Adagio is continually being improved. The product was solid 20 years ago, now it is simply fantastic.
  • Full drill-down capability from within the modules or from the financial reports.
  • Very flexible financial reporter. Almost any imaginable financial report can be created to pull data from accounting transactions that have been entered.
The Bad…

Nearly every deficiency that we have brought to their attention has been addressed as new releases have come out.

The only complaint would be about the Bank Reconciliation module, it is a powerful tool but it is also very complicated to set up and therefore makes is difficult to support. Fortunately the Bank Reconciliation module is totally optional and the product functions perfectly well without it.

Submitted on January 13th, 2014 by Anonymous

We selected to use Adagio. It is a lesser known software package but had a lot of functionality we needed to track expenses on a detailed job basis. It was a batch system similar to AccPac but was a lot more user friendly and had more flexibility to it. Adagio has a reporting function that allows you to design your our reports based the information recorded in the system and allowed you to design it in the format you like. It has the ability to allow managers to view reports directly on their computers and not have to rely on the accounting staff to provide the reports to them.

The Good…

the best part was the flexibility within the program making it easier and quicker to use once you know the system. It allows integration with the payroll systems that creates the accounting journal entry automatically and therefore eliminating a lot of extra work creating allocation spreadsheets. The conversion from our old accounting system to the new one was seamless.

The Bad…

As with any new software program there was a lot of training involved to learn the new system.