Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Made2Manage Edition

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A discrete manufacturing software for made-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturers with tools like real-time scheduling, job costing, and shop floor execution.

Product Overview

Aptean Made2Manage Edition is a discrete manufacturing software. It offers key features like real-time scheduling, job costing, and shop floor execution to enhance supply chain transparency. The software handles manufacturing operations and expenses, including production process planning and configuration management. Finally, Made2Manage increases on-time delivery by overseeing multiple suppliers for each item.


  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Simple to set up and track job orders
  • Integrates with Microsoft products


  • Outdated user interface
  • Cannot copy and paste data from spreadsheets into system
  • Customer support slow to respond

Target Market

SMB mixed-mode and made-to-order manufacturers in specialized industries like industrial equipment, electronics, and fabricated metal.

Aptean’s Industrial Manufacturing ERP Made2Manage Edition is a software solution designed for custom manufacturers. It simplifies complex product production and covers various areas like ERP, BI, CRM, APS, MES, and configuration from a single supplier.

Aptean offers Intuitive ERP for repetitive, discrete manufacturers.

Key Features

  • Ideal for discrete manufacturers with various production modes.
  • Offers data analysis tools and performance notifications.
  • Provides tools for defining, monitoring, and controlling production scenarios.
  • Enterprise Explorer for visibility into business operations.
  • Can custom reports without programming skills.
  • M2M Advanced Configurator for complex product configurations.
  • Customer support, field service, materials management, and production management tools.


  • Order Costing tracks and reports costs in the production process, monitors production costs, generates reports, and manages various aspects of production.
  • Monitoring Production tracks job-related costs and progress.
  • Creating Routings lists work centers and operations for part production.
  • Bills of Material management simplifies product structure updates.
  • Shipping and Receiving streamlines material management.
  • Notifier keeps stakeholders informed about important events.
  • Engineering Change Management (ECM) tracks engineering changes.
  • Total Quality Management integrates with Powerway for quality control.
  • Financial Management includes various functions for effective financial management.
  • Human Resources integrates with Sage Abra HR for HR management.
  • Advanced Reporting provides powerful reporting and analysis tools.
  • Time & Attendance automates labor data collection and payroll preparation.
  • Progress Billing tracks billing for larger projects.
  • M2M Supply Chain Management maximizes production efficiency with forecasting, planning, and scheduling tools.

In summary, M2M ERP offers a comprehensive solution for manufacturing and business operations, covering production cost tracking, financial management, and supply chain optimization.

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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Made2Manage Edition

Submitted on September 14th, 2022 by Anonymous

M2M is very unfriendly to use, hard to navigate

The Good…


The Bad…

hard to use and find what needed

Submitted on January 8th, 2021 by Anonymous

Everything in M2M is 10-steps for a 2-step process. Support is argumentative and even after you prove a bug in the system, they say, “that’s a customization; pay $$$$$ and we will fix it.” System is based in FoxPro, and although they will claim they have transitioned to .NET (v7.5+), there is still FoxPro and it is slow, antiquated, and poorly implemented.

The Good…


The Bad…

Design; Support; Implementation; Aptean corporate attitude.

Submitted on July 4th, 2018 by Anonymous

It has a lot of good features. But - the support to get things actually working for something you’ve paid for is expensive and very time consuming. Response is painfully slow. $250/hr for anything you want accomplished, on top of licensing.

I’d recommend looking at other products. M2M is well suited for manufacturing. It covers all aspects of the business, but I think if you had a couple of software packages to cover specific areas you would have less of a headache.

The Good…

It has everything related to the operation of the company within one software package.

The Bad…

It is incredibly painful to setup. We have employee names that are hardcoded into some database with no way to edit except paying $250/hr.

Submitted on March 1st, 2018 by Anonymous

I like a lot of the things that it does, we don’t use it to the full capacity, I don’t like the support, the cost, and the fact that the upgrades crash, and it’s not very user friendly at this point. I’m not sure it was ever installed correctly