A donor management and fundraising software with customizable reporting and embedded forms.

Product Overview

Bloomerang is a donor management and fundraising software designed with a focus on helping nonprofit organizations enhance donor engagement and retention. With customizable reporting features and strong customer service, Bloomerang is a good fit for nonprofits looking to streamline their donor management processes.


  • No cap on users
  • Unlimited online giving pages/forms
  • Strong training and support


  • No email marketing in free version
  • No mobile app

Target Market

Small to medium-sized non-profit organizations with employee counts ranging from two to 200 and operating on varied budgets.

Bloomerang is a donor management software that helps nonprofits deliver a better giving experience. The simple-to-use program aids in acquiring, retaining, engaging, automating, and measuring donors, volunteers, and partners.

Benefits of Bloomerang include:

  • Spend less time on daily admin tasks
  • Get insights to engage donors
  • Award-winning support team

Bloomerang Key Features

Bloomerang features include interactive dashboards, giving summaries, constituent timelines, email communication tools, reporting, and more. Bloomerang integrates with organizations’ websites to provide online giving with custom donor forms and event registration. It also has a mobile app available on both iOS and Android.

Donor Database

Retain more donors, communicate more effectively, find more major gift prospects, and report on metrics.

  • Interactive Dashboard: Review donor retention rate, view suggestions for improvement, and see incoming donations for the week/month/year. Monitor campaigns, create tasks, and analyze results.
  • Constituent Timeline: View interactions at the individual and organizational levels.
  • Wealth Screening: View donors’ charitable giving histories and Generosity Score from publicly available wealth screening data.
  • Engagement Meter: View a constituent’s current engagement and score based on interactions such as giving, volunteerism, and marketing engagement.
  • Data Segmentation: A filter-based reporting system to drill down into constituent groups and deliver targeted communications.
  • Mobile App: Harness the fundraising power of Bloomerang from anywhere and in real time. The Bloomerang Mobile App is free and available on iOS and Android devices

Online Giving

Make it easy to accept donations.

  • Dynamic Donation Button: Turns every page of an organization’s website into a donation page
  • Online giving pages and forms: Create custom landing pages and forms for different campaigns and encourage donors to make recurring gifts
  • Peer to peer fundraising and crowdfunding: Allow donors to share on social media
  • Ticketing and events: Build custom event landing pages and ticket types.
  • Donor portal: Allow donors to view giving history, update credit card information, and manage recurring gifts.
  • Text to Donate: With Text to Donate, your donors can give from anywhere using their mobile device.
  • Tap to Pay: Give every team member the ability to collect donations in seconds. Donors can quickly tap their credit card or digital wallet ith the Bloomerang Mobile App.

Marketing and Engagement

Stay connected to volunteers, donors, and the community.

  • Email marketing: Create email campaigns with scheduling to send newsletters, appeals, and acknowledgments.
  • Email insights: Get data on email open rates and click-through data.
  • Letters and mailings: Design and print direct mail pieces like appeals and acknowledgments.
  • Donor surveys: Measure donor satisfaction and determine their wants.
  • Templates: Quickly create appeals and event invitations with preloaded email templates.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate reports for staff and board members and stay prepared for presentations, marketing campaigns, fundraising events, and annual planning.

  • Filter-based reporting: Learn more about donors.
  • Supported sentiment: Track changes in donor’s trust, commitment, satisfaction, and intimacy.
  • Segments and lists: Create segments for presentations, marketing, fundraising, and annual planning.
  • Report templates: Includes LYBUNT, SYBUNT, pledge reminders, and downgrades.
  • Trend and comparison reports: View lapsed and/or downgraded donors and determine reasons why.

Bloomerang Payments

Avoid third-party payment processors and use Bloomerang Payments to process online debit card, credit card, and ACH donations.

  • Daily deposits: Make deposits to bank account daily.
  • Instant setup and approval: Start raising money instantly without a sign-up for a separate gateway.
  • Fully integrated: Reconcile donations and access support.
  • Payment tracking: Accept one-time and recurring credit and debit card payments.
  • Options for donors to cover fees: Let donors cover the transaction fee to save money.

The cost of Bloomerang Payments is:

  • ACH: 1% plus $0.30 per transaction
  • Credit cards: 2.2% plus $0.30 per transaction.
  • No additional fee for American Express payments
  • No monthly processing minimum

Bloomerang Integration Options

Bloomerang integrates with several tools. These include:

  • QuickBooks
  • Mailchimp
  • Smartsheet
  • Zapier
  • PayPal
  • Emma
  • Constant Contact
  • Slack
  • Survey Monkey
  • Shopify
  • Eventbrite
  • Square

Bloomerang Pricing

The cost of Bloomerang starts at $125/month. Plans are priced by the number of records in the database. Discounted pricing of $83/month is available for nonprofits with less than $250K in annual revenue and have less than 1,000 records. There is no free version or trial available.

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Starting Price
$125 /month
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Bloomerang

Submitted on February 24th, 2023 by Hilary Mahan

This is a limited CRM run by unprofessional and ineffective people. We have broken our contract and requesting a refund. What we had hoped to be a move to simplify has only complicated our efforts. Stay clear.

The Good…

The Bloomerang sales website is a great resource for non-profits, but you don’t have to use the platform to take advantage of the resources. The website is more thorough and thought out than the donor database capabilities and processes.

The Bad…

Donor Management - The tracking of donations is the most frustrating aspect - the CRM platform lacks a robust method of tracking and soft crediting donations. The system is a template that allows for very little flexibility. If we can’t get the right donations associated with the right donor, how can we manage them. How can we acknowledge and thank the donor correctly? How can we actually fundraise?

Tracking Donations - Tracking donations is a major part of any effort but we also use it to run our campaign - making shifts based on the data that record. For example, we track the children who belong to a donor family by school site to see how much is raised at that school site. We run reports to identify what grade levels are lacking donations or which donors we will expect matching gifts from. The inability to produce accurate reports is disastrous.

On Boarding - The process for transferring our data was ineffective, taking months of weekly calls that were repetitive and offered little progress. We had intended Bloomerang to ease our workload and provide our small organization with more efficient processes. This is not the case - we have spent many hours in the transfer stage bringing incorrect and inaccurate data fields to their attention. We cannot afford to lose time in the middle of a consecutive campaign.

Submitted on January 17th, 2022 by Ed Lukes

Our goal is a $2,000,000 Endowment fund to make Vail Mountain Rescue sustainable without continued fundraising. The fund was at $500,000 when we started with Bloomerang and is now over $1.4 million.

[Bloomerang] helps us organize to report the source of donations and communicate with donors, e.g. news stories and thank you letters. It also helps us with registrations for special events.

Bloomerang has helped us raise a lot more gifts.

Submitted on January 17th, 2022 by Christina

After switching to Bloomerang, all of the donations were immediately transposed onto the donor’s profile, one less step! The built in email system allowed me to cancel a separate email program saving us money, plus it tracks the email on the donor profile and still provides analysis. Bloomerang has become more of a one-stop shop where I can store donor information, send out emails, and track volunteer information.

Since switching to Bloomerang we have really had a focus on lapsed donors. With the ability to pull a variety of reports, learn more about those donors, and target them appropriately, we’ve seen a number of them return.

Being able to send communications (email) through Bloomerang has alleviated a large headache. The new templates are great and the ability to test and preview on desktop and mobile make sure we have everything correct before sending it out. We’ve even started an e-newsletter to a specific constituency base and with the analysis we can track the open rate and see who isn’t reading our emails!

Bloomerang has it all! And if it doesn’t have what you want, they are probably working on it.