CAI Minotaur

An ERP system designed for the food and meat industry with key features including traceability, inventory control, and material handling.

Product Overview

CAI Minotaur is an ERP solution for the food and meat industries, streamlining the entire process from raw material purchase to final invoicing. It oversees material handling, manufacturing with quality and traceability, and integrates inventory with real-time warehouse management. The system also facilitates order processing and EDI.


  • Includes Code 128 barcodes for catch weight or fixed weight items and serial numbers
  • Supports standard, customer-specific, markup, and promotional pricing with volume discounts
  • Supports live plant floor weighing and labeling


  • No integrations with other accounting systems
  • Initial learning curve
  • Online or onsite server required, not web-based

Target Market

Food and meat manufacturers, abattoirs, and processors with 15+ employees and sales of $3M to $80M, especially those with complex costing, pricing, and varying cutting requirements.

Not Recommended For

Small businesses with fewer than 15 employees, especially those focused on selling to consumers through website sales.

About CAI Minotaur

CAI Minotaur is a comprehensive business management system designed specifically for the food and beverage processing industry, with a particular focus on the complexities of meat and seafood processing as well as dairy and cheese manufacturing.

CAI Minotaur Key Features

  • End-to-End Traceability: Track and trace capabilities from raw ingredients to finished products, allowing for quick access to information about where raw materials were used and which customers received the products. This is crucial for fulfilling food safety audits and ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Real-Time Costing and Inventory Management: Integrated, real-time costing to help businesses manage their inventory, manufacturing, and costs more effectively. This includes the ability to incorporate additional costs such as freight, duty, and brokerage into the cost of raw materials, as well as labor and overhead costs into finished products.
  • Quality Control Specifications by Lot: Ability for quality control departments to enter test results against lots of product produced, with system-generated Certificates of Analysis (CofA) for shipped products. This ensures high standards of quality and safety.
  • Flexible Customer Pricing: Provides flexibility in pricing through price lists, customer-specific or date-based promotional pricing, along with volume breaks, catering to the dynamic pricing needs of the food industry.
  • Barcode Generation and Scanning: Generates labels with barcodes for raw materials, work in progress, finished goods, and more, facilitating efficient warehouse management and traceability. Handheld scanning for warehouse management enhances accuracy and productivity.
  • Allergen and Organic Product Tracking: Tracks allergens and organic certifications, improving production controls and customer service while avoiding recalls due to undeclared allergens.
  • Built-in Unit Conversion: User-defined units of measure and conversion factors for purchasing, manufacturing, and selling products, ensuring accuracy in inventory and sales.


  • Efficiency and Growth: By integrating office functions with manufacturing processes, Minotaur helps businesses improve efficiencies, manage costs more effectively, and ultimately grow their operations.
  • Food Safety and Compliance: With its traceability and quality control features, Minotaur ensures that businesses can meet food safety standards and regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of recalls and enhancing consumer trust.
  • Cost Control and Margin Management: The system’s real-time costing capabilities provide businesses with critical insights into their costs, helping them manage margins more effectively and make informed decisions.
  • Operational Flexibility: Minotaur’s flexibility in pricing, unit conversion, and inventory management allows businesses to adapt to the varying needs of the food processing industry, including dealing with daily variances in shrink and waste.
  • Technology Integration: The ability to integrate with existing equipment, such as scales and RFID readers, minimizes the need for additional investments in hardware and facilitates a seamless transition to the Minotaur system.

Product Overview

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