CenterPoint Fund Accounting for Nonprofits

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A comprehensive financial management system designed by Red Wing Software for non-profit organizations.

Product Overview

CenterPoint Fund Accounting software, designed for nonprofits and municipals in the United States, offers both cloud-based and locally installed options. It offers customization capabilities and the ability to use true fund accounting. The software includes various features such as customizable charts of accounts, real-time transaction recording, and an optional payroll module that integrates with the core accounting application. A sales order module, inventory management, and ratio analysis tools are also included.


  • Very clean and intuitive layout
  • Software is scalable
  • Reports are incredibly detailed


  • Requires a consultation to get a price quote
  • API information is limited

Target Market

Small to midsize nonprofit organizations and municipals that require customizable reporting and tracking of multiple fund types.

CenterPoint Fund Accounting for Nonprofits is available as both a locally installed program or via a cloud deployment.

Red Wing Software Company Overview


  • Accounts Payable: Write checks without setting up a vendor, or select vendors and pay invoices due.
  • Accounts Receivable: Enter invoices and know when payments are due for better cash management of your nonprofit.
  • Budgeting–Financial Analysis: Create scenarios to project cash flow, and prepare future strategies.
  • Fund Accounting: Fund accounting software users will find the budgeting and reporting process to be particularly strong and easy to customize to their own needs.
  • General Ledger: Get a true picture of operations for reporting to management, advisors, and lenders with standard reports such as Income and Cash Flow Statements, Balance Sheet, and Budgeting.
  • Payroll Integration: CenterPoint Fund Accounting integrates with CenterPoint Payroll, a payroll system that is designed to streamline your payroll processes, saving your organization both time and money.
  • Purchase Orders: Manage purchases and requisitions. Standard or custom reports help users monitor all orders and the appropriate quantities for purchased items. Purchase orders can be easily produced, modified and received and receipt of a purchase order automatically creates an accounts payable transaction for that vendor.
  • Report Writer: Customizable reporting in CenterPoint allows users to share information by exporting data to a spreadsheet, word processing and other popular formats. Combine or separate departments within a report–CenterPoint has the ability to compare variances between actual data and the percent of the annual budget that has already been used.
  • Security: Company level and menu-level security.
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of CenterPoint Fund Accounting for Nonprofits

Submitted on April 3rd, 2023 by Bryan Johnson

We run an agricultural business with 150 employees. We run accounts payable, accounts receivable, full detail inventory, payroll and track 8 profit centers. We ach all payroll checks to employees and provide employees with payroll portal so they can see their paystubs. We ach as many vendors as we can and are able to attach invoices, receipts and many other documents to the transactions to maintain paperless operation. All information is instantly up to date. No “posting”. We have many users and are able to use security features to give each user just what they need. And if I have an issue, their customer service is always professional and knowledgable.

The Good…

Very clean layout. Super customer service with someone you can understand. Always trying to upgrade and improve product. We have been able to scale easily with the software. Extensive paperless options across the system. Tons of online training if needed. Great Value.

The Bad…

Reports are pretty easy to customize to a certain level but scrolling on screen is a little funny on “interactive” view. They dont have much info out on their “api” to connect to other data sources.

Submitted on April 3rd, 2023 by Cris Peterson

Our banker asked us to switch to it because Quikbooks doesn’t have the depth of info available. It’s a top analytic program for agriculture.

The Good…

Great support. Very detailed and specific farm info available.

The Bad…

It’s big and complicated. Took me a long time to learn what I needed to know.

Submitted on March 1st, 2023 by Duane VandenBerg

I’ve used CenterPoint since it came out, but its done a good job for me

The Good…

Its a excellent accounting program

The Bad…

Has a lot of helpful things to use but difficult to remember how you do some of these things you only use once in a while.

Submitted on March 1st, 2023 by Angela

The software works great and is very user friendly.

The Good…

I like the ability to have as detailed of information as you need from reports. If the data is being inputted than it can be retrieved.

The Bad…

I would like the ability to lock a period from new transactions but allow journal entry as an option.

Submitted on November 8th, 2019 by Mary Wiles

I’m happy we upgraded our accounting and payroll system to CenterPoint. The reports are easy to customize and are so user-friendly. The drill-down features give us access to the info we need and make it easy to manage our fund accounts.

We also chose to integrate CenterPoint Payroll into the system. It really streamlines pay entry processes. We have been able to simplify our pay processes even further by adding direct deposit features, reducing our time spent and costs from printing checks.