A property management software designed for community and homeowner associations. Formerly TOPS[ONE] by TOPS Software and TOPS Professional before being merged into Enumerate.

Product Overview

Enumerate Central, formerly known as TOPS[ONE], is an all-in-one platform designed for efficient community management. It features an innovative accounting engine that automates critical processes and adapts to specific needs. And it enhances resident and board engagement, automates processes like collections letters and fines, and offers integrated payment options.

The HOA software streamlines community operations, from daily tasks to advanced reporting, and provides tools for managing board and homeowners, including integrated payment options and resident engagement.


  • Significantly reduces manual data entry through automation
  • Real-time reporting and transparency


  • Challenging implementation process
  • Pricing details unavailable online

Target Market

Community associations, HOAs, onsite managers, and similar property management organizations that require a solution for property, accounting, and resident information management. It is especially beneficial for those who need real-time reporting and management operation capabilities for transparency.

About Enumerate Central

Video Overview


  • Accounting
  • Payment Processing
  • Owner Access Self-Service Portal
  • Violation Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Document Management
  • Communication Tools
Starting Price
$375 /month
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Pricing Details
$0.75/door/month. $375/month minimum.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Enumerate Central

Submitted on December 4th, 2019 by Trever Midgley

Manual data entry for customer payments took one to two hours per day. With TOPS[ONE] it’s done in three minutes.

Tracking violations now takes 15 minutes instead of two to three hours. Our managers can upload photos from the field and upload the information into the homeowner’s account. The violation letter is automatically generated and includes info about the violation, the image, and CC&R reference.