A financial, human capital, and revenue management solution for cities, counties, and special districts.

Product Overview

ERP Pro by Tyler Technologies, powered by Incode, is a software designed for local governments. It enhances financial and personnel management and utility billing. The software offers over 50 integrated modules to help meet specific community requirements. Key features include Smart Card technology for data analysis and alerts. ERP Pro also provides user-specific data insights and mobile access.


  • Simplifies complex billing
  • Multiple active billing cycles
  • Online customer portal


  • Limited scalability for larger organizations
  • Complex and time-consuming customizations

Target Market

Small to mid-size local governments needing capabilities in financials, HR/payroll, utility billing, community development, and revenue management.

About Incode

ERP Pro by Tyler Technologies is an integrated ERP system tailored for local-level governments. It aims to improve financial and personnel management, streamline utility billing, and enhance citizen engagement. The software is comprehensive, featuring over 50 integrated modules to cater to the unique needs of communities.

ERP Pro Features

Key features of ERP Pro include:

  • Proactive, Actionable Alerts: ERP Pro utilizes Smart Card technology to analyze data and notify users of necessary actions. It automates the tracking of essential information like budget balances and employee milestones, facilitating information sharing within the organization.
  • Customizable, Role-Based Dashboards: These dashboards are tailor-made with input from government professionals, providing immediate insights that cater to specific roles, such as finance directors or HR directors. They also allow for the creation of customized approval workflows specific to each organization.
  • Remote Access: ERP Pro offers flexibility and mobility, enabling users to access information from any location, at any time, and using any device. This feature supports productivity outside the traditional office environment.
  • Strong Analytics Tools: The system provides easy access to critical data through interactive charts, graphs, global search capabilities, and powerful filtering and sorting options.
  • Support Services: Tyler Technologies provides extensive support services, including a U.S.-based support hotline, email support, an online portal, and a user-driven online support community.
  • Paperless Solutions: The system includes integrated document management to reduce paper usage, automate document capture and storage, minimize manual data entry, and streamline workflows.
  • Citizen Engagement: ERP Pro extends government outreach through a citizen-facing mobile app, enhancing community engagement.

Utilities Pro

The Utilities Pro module, powered by Incode, focuses on managing municipal and independent utility services. This module offers comprehensive billing and customer information management, particularly for services like electricity, gas, sewer, and water billing. Key features include:

  • Centralized contact and parcel database.
  • Full cash collection and receipt integration.
  • An online portal for improved citizen service.
  • Extensive reporting and querying capabilities.
  • GIS spatial analysis and mapping.
  • Mobile technology for field employees.
  • Integration with various meter reading devices.
  • Customizable user experiences with client-defined codes, fields, and processes.
  • Integrated document management and output processing.

Incode, a component of Utilities Pro, can be customized to meet the specific needs of utilities organizations. It facilitates tasks like meter inventory and reading, service order processing, and supports various billing rates and definitions. Its features include automated meter reading, automated billing calendar, customizable audits, integrated form letters and work orders, and automated bank drafting options.

In summary, ERP Pro, along with its Utilities Pro module powered by Incode, offers a comprehensive set of tools to efficiently manage and engage with local government operations.

Starting Price
$25 /user/month
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Incode

Submitted on December 31st, 2017 by Kent Reeves

Bosque County purchased Incode from Tyler and it has exceeded our expectations. The program is incredible and the support has been great. In fact, I liked Incode so well I purchased it again for Hamilton County less than a year later.

Submitted on December 31st, 2015 by Ken Eppelheimer

We have about 70 employees, and with our old software, they weren’t involved with the financial reporting at all. But within a year of having Incode, all of our staff are doing their own budgets. They have the tools they need to pay invoices and make sure things go to the right accounts. It used to take a month to get all of our financials over to accounting, but with Incode, that task has gone from taking one month to just one day, with fewer errors.