Estimating and takeoff software for commercial plumbing, piping, mechanical, HVAC, sheet metal, and insulation companies.

Product Overview

FastEST offers a suite of software products including FastPIPE, FastDUCT, and FastWRAP. These are specialized for estimating in the construction sector, particularly for plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, and insulation projects. The software caters to commercial and industrial contractors, offering features like comprehensive reporting and integration capabilities for streamlined project management.


  • On-screen digitizer takeoff
  • Comprehensive reporting tools for detailed project analysis
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Initial learning curve due to complexity of features
  • Potential compatibility issues with certain hardware setups
  • Setup and customization can be time-consuming

Target Market

Mid to large-scale commercial and industrial contractors in the construction industry, plumbing, HVAC, and mechanical projects.

About FastEST

FastEST is a collection of estimating and takeoff software that provides a complete solution for cost-estimating and on-screen plan takeoff needs. The solutions include FastPIPE for mechanical estimating, FastDUCT for HVAC estimating, and FastWRAP for insulation estimating.

FastEst Key Features

  • Support for a large variety of digital plans formats (including PDFs)
  • Takeoffs performed directly on digital job plans using the on-screen digitizer
  • Labor rates based on industry standards that can be adjusted for job or site conditions
  • Material pricing that can be job-specific based on your supplier quotes
  • Labor and material reports filtered and sorted as you require
  • Export to a Microsoft Excel workbook for final quote

The three core versions of FastEst include:


  • Plumbing & mechanical-specific pricing catalog, jobs and bids
  • Specifications that can be tailored to each plumbing & mechanical job


  • HVAC-specific pricing catalog, jobs and bids
  • Specifications that can be tailored to each HVAC job


  • Insulation-specific pricing catalog, jobs and bids
  • Specifications that can be tailored to each mechanical insulation job

FastEST Industries Served

  • Plumbing & mechanical
  • HVAC & VRF systems
  • Medical gas piping
  • Industrial process piping
  • Sheetmetal & ductwork
  • Mechanical insulation

FastEST Pricing

The cost of FastEST starts at $225/month for leased options, or $4,995 for purchased options. This cost includes one (1) of FastPIPE, FastDUCT, or FastWRAP.

Additional systems are available at an extra $93/month for leased options or $2,495 purchase price. Maintenance costs $1,100/year for the first system and $200/year for each additional system.

There is a free trial available. There is no free version available.

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Starting Price
$225 /month
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Product Overview

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