gWorks Finance Hub

A fund accounting software for municipal governments, counties, and special districts.

Product Overview

gWorks Finance Hub, formerly BMSI financial software, is a fund accounting software for municipal governments, counties, and special districts. Its capabilities include managing funds, tracking financials, and customizing reports, designed specifically to meet the needs of local governmental entities. Key features include budget management, accounts receivable and payable, and fund accounting.


  • Integrated budgeting, accounts receivable, and payable features
  • Configurable reporting options


  • Limited applicability to non-government organizations
  • Pricing requires consultation

Target Market

Small to mid-sized local governments, municipal governments, counties, and special districts.

About gWorks Finance Hub

gWorks Finance Hub is cloud-based fund accounting software for local governments, counties, and special districts. It includes tools for budgeting, fund accounting, and financial management. The software can be customized to meet specific government requirements, such as setting up a chart of accounts based on state regulations and grouping accounts by department, fund, and object.

Features support remote work, collaboration, and real-time access to financial data. Security and confidentiality are prioritized, with data hosted on secure servers and encryption protocols in place. Part of the gWorks Enterprise suite, it simplifies operations, reduces duplication of efforts, and ensures process consistency across government departments.

gWorks Finance Hub Key Features

  • Fund Accounting: Allows comprehensive fund accounting tailored to an agency’s needs, managing financial transactions, budgets, and grants seamlessly.
  • Budgeting: Facilitates easy creation, management, and tracking of budgets in a single platform, enabling fund allocation, spending monitoring, and expense forecasting.
  • Reporting: Offers various reporting options for audits, budget reviews, and financial planning, supporting data-driven decision-making.
  • Integration with Other Core Systems: Fully integrates with systems like payroll for seamless accounting processes.
  • Security and Confidentiality: Hosted on secure servers with encryption and backup measures for data safety.
  • Support Resources: Provides user-friendly interfaces and extensive support resources to assist users in making the most of the software.
  • Payments and Billing Streamlining: Offers solutions for efficient payments, payroll management, billing, and revenue collection.
  • Integration with Other gWorks Hubs: Can be integrated with other gWorks Hubs, providing a comprehensive solution for local governments.

Product Overview

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