An MES software delivering real-time manufacturing operations management. Formerly known as Shopfloor-Online.

Product Overview

Infor MES, formerly known as Lighthouse Systems (Shopfloor-Online), provides a modular approach to factory operations. It offers pre-configured, role-based dashboards, low-code options for easy integration with machinery and assets, and standard KPIs for performance analysis. This manufacturing execution system provides real-time information to everyone on the shop floor. The system standardizes business processes, reducing waste and improving quality.

All data recorded in Infor MES is accessible through user-configurable reports, enhancing transparency and aiding in multi-site performance analysis​. It digitizes all manufacturing operations, integrates with ERP systems, and automates data collection for better decision-making and operational control.


  • Extensive implementation support
  • Easy to adapt workflows to meet existing processes


  • Can be costly when implementing
  • Limitations to the standard templates

Target Market

Manufacturing organizations of all sizes seeking to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. Its ability to handle multi-site rollouts and provide enterprise-wide visibility makes it particularly suitable for larger, more complex manufacturing environments including aerospace, automotive, building and construction, electronics, FMCG/packaging, food and beverages, green energy, machinery and equipment, medical devices, pharma, plastics, and textiles.

Infor MES Features

The core capabilities of Infor MES are broken down into type of operations being conducted:

Production Operations

  • Scheduling
  • Job Tracking
  • Downtime
  • Production Counting
  • Waste
  • OEE
  • Line Log Book
  • Labor
  • Workflow

Quality Operations

  • Quality
  • SPC
  • Process Monitoring
  • Links to Documents
  • Concerns and CAPA
  • Customer Complaints
  • Supplier Complaints

Inventory Operations

  • Inventory Management
  • Label Printing
  • Traceability - Consumption
  • Build Traceability
  • Warehouse - Logistics

Maintenance Operations

  • Asset Register
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Tool Management
  • Energy Management
Starting Price
$50,000 (perpetual license)
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Infor MES

Submitted on March 3rd, 2020 by Nikhil Padhi

Shopfloor-Online MES empowers the machines with intelligence so they know what they have to do.

The MES system needed to fit into the overall design, be able to support quick fire implementation, be within budget and easy to learn. We chose Shopfoor-Online from Lighthouse Systems, which we already used in other plants, as it met these requirements well.

Automation is often associated with job losses. But at Ensanada, thanks to a robust training programme, there was practically no job loss as workers were redeployed to new lines