A cloud based ERP software for midsize companies in manufacturing and distribution.

Product Overview

S2K Enterprise software is a cloud-based ERP software for midsize distributors, manufacturers, specialty retailers, service & repair, and equipment rental businesses. The software offers tailored versions for industries like electronics, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.


  • Strong customer support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable versions for specific industries


  • Requires consult call for pricing
  • Lacks HCM features
  • Limited multi-language support

Target Market

Medium-sized businesses in industries such as retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and distribution looking for an integrated ERP solution.

About S2K Enterprise

VAI S2K Enterprise Software stands out for its ability to integrate various business processes into a cohesive system, greatly benefiting small to medium-sized businesses. Its cloud-based nature ensures a cost-effective solution with the flexibility of deployment options, including on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid models. Furthermore, it supports multiple industries, making it versatile for different business needs. The software’s focus on user-friendly design and strong customer support enhances its appeal, particularly for businesses looking to streamline operations and improve efficiency without the burden of managing complex IT infrastructure. This makes it an ideal choice for companies in sectors like retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and distribution, who seek to modernize and integrate their business processes efficiently.

S2K Enterprise Software Overview

S2K offers benefits like:

  • Aligning strategies with operations
  • Enhancing productivity and insight
  • Flexible cost reduction
  • Supporting industry changes
  • Risk reduction
  • Improved financial management
  • Optimized IT investment
  • Faster ROI
  • Retaining top talent
  • Quick access to enterprise data

S2K Enterprise Features:

Customer Orders

S2K’s customer service application is designed for modern customer servicing needs, featuring a user-friendly interface and quick access. It supports item selection from shopping lists, email confirmations, and integrated contact management. Customers can place orders directly through the website, checking stock, account, and order status, with real-time transaction processing. S2K’s RF barcoding system simplifies warehouse order tracking.


S2K Distribution Management Software is a cost-effective solution for competitive businesses, offering integrated systems for growth and success. It enhances customer service, reduces costs, and delivers significant investment returns.

Custom Orders

S2K enables dynamic order processing to ensure customers receive the right products at competitive prices.


The software processes high volumes of EDI data efficiently, streamlining order and payment cycles.

Inventory Management

An integrated inventory control system designed to maximize ROI and customer service.


Automated purchasing tools reduce manual tasks and optimize the ordering process.

Sales Analysis/Forecasting

Provides detailed sales data and advanced forecasting for future activity predictions.


S2K e-Commerce streamlines the online business model, offering a comprehensive and affordable solution for mid-market companies.

Financial Management

VAI’s Financial Management Software processes financial transactions and provides insights for better financial control.


VAI’s Manufacturing Software offers solutions for cost reduction and market share expansion, with features like capacity requirement planning, work orders, and quality tracking.

Rental Management

S2K Rental Software manages rental operations effectively, providing insights into inventory status and financials.

Retail Management

S2K Retail Management Software enhances productivity and centralizes information, offering features like e-commerce, point of sale, and route management.

S2K Analytics

A business intelligence tool that offers insights into sales, profitability, and supply chain management.

S2K Enterprise Portal

A technology solution providing personalized user interaction with a range of web-based applications.

S2K Mobile

Mobile applications for order entry, delivery proof, and sales force automation, facilitating connected and disconnected transactions.

Service & Repair

S2K Service and Repair Software integrates service management with enterprise applications, managing service calls, and equipment repair efficiently.

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Product Overview

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User Reviews of S2K Enterprise

Submitted on October 29th, 2010 by Isaac Rogers

VAI worked to fully customize S2K to meet our needs and interface with our existing modules. The solution has helped improve the company’s efficiency in warehousing and distribution operations, thus allowing us to open a third location, one of our primary goals.

Submitted on October 29th, 2010 by Sandra Parmentier

Prior to working with VAI, Sheralven’s internal processes lacked the efficiency needed to manage its growing business. In implementing S2K for Distribution, VAI dedicated countless hours to testing the system and making sure it was the perfect fit for us—and all without a moment of down-time. S2K for Distribution has already proven to be a great asset to our business and our customers.