An MES to provide real-time control, traceability, and documentation of raw materials into finished goods.

Product Overview

Sepasoft is a leading provider of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software that is designed to help manufacturing companies improve their production processes. Its key features include real-time tracking and documentation of raw materials transformation, statistical process control for quality data analysis, and document management capabilities. These features are particularly beneficial in controlling, tracking, and optimizing production processes. The company’s software is highly regarded for its advanced features, reliability, and ease of use.


  • Adheres to ISA-95 and ISA-88
  • Connected production data
  • Low code/no code offerings
  • Easy licensing model


  • Software complexity means deployment can be difficult
  • Training recommended to fully utilize

Target Market

Industries that require robust tracking and management of manufacturing processes, such as food and beverage, automotive, building materials, aviation and aerospace, packaging, and pharmaceuticals.

About Sepasoft

Sepasoft MES Software Features

  • Real-time monitoring of production processes
  • Native integration with Inductive Automation® Ignition® SCADA software
  • Comprehensive data collection and analysis capabilities
  • Advanced quality control and traceability features
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting tools
  • Support for machine, site, and enterprise
  • Easy-to-use interface and flexible configuration options


Sepasoft charges a license fee per server for its MES modules. These include:

  • OEE Downtime Module
  • Batch Procedure Module
  • Track and Trace Module
  • SPC Module
  • Settings and Changeover Module
  • Document Management Module
  • Web Services Module
  • Business Connector Module
  • Interface for SAP ERP Module
  • Instrument Interface Module
  • Barcode Scanner Module

Individual module prices start at $2,750 and reach $31,500.

Product Overview

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