ShopVue MES

An advanced manufacturing execution system designed to optimize production processes for industrial and manufacturing companies.

Product Overview

ShopVue MES is a shop floor productivity software for mid-sized and large manufacturers. ShopVue collects data with user-friendly screens and automatic machine polling to provide deep insights into what’s happening in a factory setting – all in real-time.

ShopVue has a module approach to MES. Choose from basic labor and WIP tracking or deploy everything to provide total manufacturing execution, including Paperless Manufacturing Workflows, Digital Instructions and Lot/Serial Traceability from raw material to shipment.


  • Platform is adaptable to wide range of business types
  • Implementation takes 8-12 weeks on average
  • Offers role-based access


  • Limited customization options on the user-end
  • Exact pricing details not provided by the developer

Target Market

Medium-to-large-sized businesses in discrete manufacturing sectors, where precise job tracking and labor management are critical.

Video Overview

ShopVue Features

  • Production Optimization
  • Factory Time and Attendance
  • Labor Management
  • Paperless Manufacturing
  • Electronic Work Instructions
  • Real-time Production Monitoring
  • Track / Trace and Part Genealogy
  • Machine Scheduling
  • Dashboards and Alerts
  • Poka-yoke
  • Inspection Plans
  • Analytics and Dashboards
  • Integration with ERP, PLM and other business systems

ShopVue Target Market

ShopVue is best used by Discrete Manufacturers from a vast number of industries, including:

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer products
  • Engineer-to-order
  • Foundry and forge
  • Food and beverage
  • Life sciences
  • Medical devices and diagnostics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paper (rolled goods and milled products)
  • Printing
  • Sintered metals
  • Warehouse and distribution

ShopVue Pricing

The cost of most ShopVue systems fall between $45,000-$180,000. The price is based on a myriad of factors including number of terminals on the shop floor, modules purchased, and the complexity of implementation services needed. There is no free trial available. There is no free version available.

Starting Price
$45,000 /year
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Pricing Details
Prices range $45,000-180,000 per year

Product Overview

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