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We like SOS Inventory for small to midsize businesses because of its integration with QuickBooks Online, user-friendly interface, and affordable price. We found the system to be pretty easy to navigate, with most actions on one screen within just a few clicks.

However, SOS Inventory may not be the best option for large enterprises and corporations that require a more complex and customized ERP system. Additionally, we found the implementation process time-consuming and challenging without support.

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Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses with 1-50 employees that require inventory management. It suits various sectors, including manufacturing, food processing, and reselling, particularly those looking for a cost-effective solution with enterprise-level features.
  • Integrates with QuickBooks Online, ShipStation, and Shopify
  • Affordable pricing for SMBs
  • Mobile app for warehouse inventory management
  • Setup can be time-consuming and a bit confusing without support
  • Only Plus and Pro users can access phone and email support
Starting Price
$59 /month
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What Is SOS Inventory?

SOS Inventory is an inventory management app specializing in streamlining inventory control, order management, and manufacturing operations. This software integrates with QuickBooks Online, allowing a two-way synchronization of inventory, sales, and purchase data. Other key features of this software include inventory tracking across multiple warehouses, low stock alerts, barcode scanning, and inventory adjustments on shortages and overages.

Our Ratings

Usability - 10 Dashboard is well organized and easy to navigate; includes separate ‘modules’ for purchasing, inventory, sales, and fulfillment; integrates with QuickBooks Online, with vendors, customers, and inventory data quickly and easily populating into SOS Inventory’s system; the settings toolbar allows users to set up and integrate with UPS, PayPal, and more within just a few clicks; all tasks can be completed on one screen within a few clicks.
Support - 6.5 Technical support is available via phone and email during normal business hours (9 am. - 6 pm CT); only Plus and Pro plans can access phone support; upon signing up, users can schedule a demo or have access to a virtual demo; users also have access to topic videos and support tools.
Scalability - 9 Supports numerous integrations, including QuickBooks Online, Shopify, BigCommerce, MindCloud, UPS, and ShipStation; can integrate with IoT and real-time location systems to provide cold storage warehouse management capabilities; allows for easy upgrades from plan to plan; has great scalability for growing small businesses, handling up to 40,000 inventory items; allows mobile access on iOS.
Security - 7 Multi-factor authentication can be integrated through a third-party service like SAASPASS; allows users to export data in common formats like CSV and Excel but not PDF.
Value - 9 Offers a free 14-day trial for users to try out plans before committing; Companion plan starts at $59.95 per month for two users; prices increase when additional users are added to a plan; highly affordable compared to other inventory management software like Fishbowl and inFlow.
Performance - 8 Responds quickly to adding new data; however, switching between modules results in a slight lag.
Key Features - 10 Users can set up alerts if they are low on inventory or have upcoming orders due; real-time inventory tracking across multiple warehouses and locations; sales rep tracking; supports partial shipping of orders; barcode scanning for fast and accurate inventory counts; inventory adjustments to account for overages, damages, and shortages; temperature and humidity monitoring with alerts; lot tracking and food traceability; sales order management and order fulfillment capabilities; can create to-do lists.

Who Uses SOS Inventory?

SOS Inventory offers numerous features catering to various sectors including manufacturers and distributors. It best suits smaller companies who want to integrate their inventory management data with QuickBooks accounting software. This could also benefit companies with a limited budget and not wanting to invest in a new ERP system.

How Do You Add a New Invoice to the SOS Inventory?

To add a new invoice to SOS Inventory, follow the steps below:

  1. Head to your sales tab, then click on ‘Sales Orders.’
  2. In the upper right-hand corner, there will be a purple ‘Add New’ button. Click on it.
  3. Here, you can start a new invoice. Choose the customer, add their billing and shipping address, the item, quantity, tax, and more.
  4. You can also add a customer message and comments.

The software automatically updates inventory levels when invoicing a customer to ensure accurate tracking of inventory levels and sales data.

Adding a new invoice

What Features Are Missing?

  • Advanced ERP features: SOS Inventory isn’t a full-fledged ERP system, therefore, some advanced features, such as HR management and supply chain management, aren’t included. The software is primarily focused on inventory management and integrating with QuickBooks Online.
  • Phone support across all plans: Although SOS Inventory does offer phone support, the phone number is only given to Plus and Pro users. Companion users could view this as a drawback as there is likely a longer wait period to receive the answers to their questions.

SOS Inventory Pricing Plans

SOS Inventory offers plans as a monthly subscription based on the number of users per platform. It has a Companion, Plus, and Pro plan, which offers three separate packages. Companion plans include general purchasing, inventory, fulfillment, and sales capabilities. The software also offers a 14-day free trial to all users who are looking for a tool to manage their inventory and orders.

Plan Pricing Features
Companion (2 users) $59.95 per month, $20 each per additional user Starter Plan Features include:
  • Unlimited items/SKUs
  • One custom field
  • Integration with QuickBooks Online
  • Fulfillment functionalities, including bills of lading, packing slips, shipments, and UPS integration
  • Limited inventory functionalities like cycle counting, kits, and adjustments
  • Sales capabilities, including invoices, sales orders, estimates, returns, credit memos, and ShipStation integration
Plus (3 users) $119.95 per month, $20 each per additional user Includes all Companion features, plus:
  • 3 custom fields
  • Inventory capabilities like serial and lot numbers, bin tracking, transfers, and item variants
  • Unlimited locations
  • Contract pricing, price levels, and ‘cost plus’ pricing
Pro (5 users) $169.95 per month, $20 each per additional user Includes all Plus features, plus:
  • Manufacturing functionalities, including labor tracking, variable-yield manufacturing, job cost accounting, and overhead
  • Email, phone, and priority support
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Customer portal

Who is SOS Inventory For?

SOS Inventory is best for SMBs with 1-50 employees that require inventory and order management. The software caters to various sectors but is most popular with manufacturers and distributors, such as craft beer distributors, aircraft manufacturers, and resellers. However, manufacturers should utilize the Pro plan of SOS Inventory as it offers extensive features, including WIP, labor tracking, work orders, contract manufacturing, job cost accounting, and variable-yield manufacturing.

How Do You Connect SOS Inventory to QuickBooks Online?

Connecting QuickBooks to SOS Inventory is quick and effortless:

  1. In the SOS Inventory, under the settings tab, click ‘QuickBooks Setup’. Select ‘Connect to QuickBooks’ button.
  2. You’ll be prompted to fill out your login information.
  3. Select which QuickBooks account you want to connect with SOS Inventory.
  4. Click ‘Authorize’ to allow SOS Inventory to access your QuickBooks.
  5. Check your QuickBooks sync settings to ensure it’s set up for automatic sync frequency.
Integration with QuickBooks Online


Fishbowl Inventory
Fishbowl Inventory Screenshot
Price Range
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   
Starting Price
$4,395 (perpetual license)
Client OS
Windows, macOS
Cloud or On-Premises
What We Like
Competitive pricing; does not require a subscription
Integrates with QuickBooks
Can function as a light MRP system
What We Don’t Like
Somewhat steep learning curve
Transactions do not post to QuickBooks in realtime; manual or scheduled sync only
Customizations can lead to difficult support scenarios
inFlow Inventory
inFlow Inventory Screenshot
Price Range
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   
Starting Price
Client OS
Windows, Web
Cloud or On-Premises
What We Like
Audit trails that highlight abnormal behaviors
Base package includes sales and purchasing
Unlimited user accounts to track transaction processing
What We Don’t Like
Difficult for multiple warehouses
Limited integrations
No lot code tracking
Cin7 Core
Cin7 Core Screenshot
Price Range
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   
Starting Price
Client OS
Cloud Hosted
What We Like
Intuitive user interface with logical navigation
Several different automation options to streamline workflows like eCommerce and order processing
Real-time inventory tracking and order processing
What We Don’t Like
Initial integrations and training can be time-consuming
Accounting only through QuickBooks or Xero
Lacks complex manufacturing functions like traceability and full process support


After utilizing SOS Inventory’s 14-day free trial, we recommend it for small to midsize businesses as this software is user-friendly and highly affordable for smaller teams. The platform offers real-time tracking of stock levels, inventory valuation across all warehouses, purchase order management, sales order fulfillment, and extensive reporting. With free online group customer training and demos, new users can easily adjust to their new system.

SOS Inventory is primarily used by distributors and manufacturers in the food and beverage sectors, as well as retailers, warehousing, and resellers. However, it’s not a good fit for large corporations and enterprises that need more complex features. Overall, SOS Inventory helps small and midsize businesses streamline their inventory, manufacturing, and ordering processes.

SOS Inventory
SOS Inventory is designed to cater to small to medium-sized businesses that deal with physical inventory and need an affordable yet strong inventory management solution that integrates with QuickBooks Online.
Price Range
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   
Starting Price
Cloud Hosted

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