A free-to-use accounting software for managing the rental property finances of landlords.

Product Overview

Stessa is a specialized, free-to-use property management software primarily tailored for individual real estate investors. It offers features such as automatic bank and credit card transaction imports, financial reporting, and integrations with property management platforms like AppFolio. The software automates accounting tasks, provides key property financial analytics, and assists in tax preparation. It also allows users to store and organize important investment documents in one place.


  • Free with unlimited properties
  • Automated financial tracking
  • 20% discount when billed annually


  • Free version has limitations
  • Some integrations are not as functional as others

Target Market

Individual landlords or investors managing a small portfolio of rental properties.

About Stessa

Video Overview

Stessa Features

  • Track unlimited properties (single-family, residential multifamily and short-term rentals)
  • Access your portfolio from anywhere
  • Get performance dashboards at the portfolio and property level
  • Collaborate with partners & family
  • Automate income and expense tracking
  • Get bank-grade security to protect your data
  • Organize and store all your real estate documents
  • Track expenses on the go with the iOS and Android app
  • Run unlimited monthly reports (income statement, net cash flow, capital expenses)
  • Get resources to help you scale and optimize
  • Export tax-ready financials
  • Stay up to date with the latest real estate news that matters for investors
  • Personalized recommendations and Custom alerts based on your portfolio and investment strategy
  • Auto-categorize transactions for reporting and tax prep
  • Document management

Stessa Pricing

Stessa is a 100% free software. Pricing for the Pro version, which includes extra features such as project expense tracking, starts at $20 per month.

Starting Price
$20 /month

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Stessa

Submitted on April 29th, 2021 by Anonymous

Stessa is even simpler than I could have ever imagined. Most packages are either complex accounting or complex property management, this is a great combination of both but in a simple format.

Submitted on April 29th, 2021 by Anonymous

Stessa is the only program I’ve found that works across our entire portfolio. Keeping track of receipts and invoices, and running cash flow reports are so easy that I can finally get rid of my spreadsheets. I can’t wait for next tax season when I’ll have a full year of Stessa data. Stessa works!

Submitted on April 29th, 2021 by Anonymous

Two thumbs up for Stessa: What-gets-tracked-gets-improved made easy. Transactions download automatically from AppFolio and bank accounts, similar to Mint.com. Hats-off to the reps, who have answered 10+ “hard questions.” I only ask “hard questions” since the FAQ is also excellent.

Submitted on April 29th, 2021 by Anonymous

I’m thrilled to no longer be using my Excel pivot table reports or having to manipulate Xero, Wave, QBO, Netsuite, etc. to fit my needs as a real estate investor. Stessa is a stellar platform with amazing customer service and great regular content!

Submitted on April 29th, 2021 by Anonymous

I downloaded another software solution for landlords and hit the eject button within the first hour. I LOVE your service! It is exactly what I needed in terms of automation and tax prep efficiency without trying to be an accounting app.