A utility management software from Tyler Technologies designed to simplify billing, scheduling, and reporting.

Product Overview

Utilities Pro, powered by Incode, is a utility management software that handles automated billing, scheduling, and online citizen services. It supports various billing methods like consumption-based, flat-rate, assessment, and installation agreement billing. It also provides an online client portal for smoother interactions and service delivery. Utilities Pro delivers extensive reporting and querying and supports field employees with mobile technology.


  • Simplifies complex billing
  • Multiple active billing cycles
  • Online customer portal


  • Limited scalability for larger organizations
  • Complex and time-consuming customizations

Target Market

Small to mid-size local governments needing capabilities in financials, HR/payroll, utility billing, community development, and revenue management.

About Utilities Pro

Tyler Technologies’ Utilities Pro is a software suite designed for municipal and independent utility services. This software eases the process of utility billing, scheduling, and reporting by automating these tasks. It’s versatile in handling different types of billing such as consumption-based, flat-rate, assessment, and installation agreement, along with various other charges.

Utilities Pro offers a user-friendly portal for customers, enabling them to pay their bills using any digital device. It also gives them the ability to check their account balance, usage data, payment history, upcoming bill deadlines, and details about any deposits.

Utilities Pro Key Features

  • Cash Collection and Receipting: Integrates full cash collection and receipting capabilities.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Provides extensive reporting and querying functionality.
  • Mapping and GIS Analysis: Enables mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial analysis.
  • Mobile Technology for Field Employees: Facilitates on-the-go operations with mobile technology for field employees.
  • Meter Data Integration: Exports data from meter reading devices including handheld, touch, automatic, radio, and fixed-based types.
  • Utility Access: Provides secure online access for customers to view utility info and make payments.
  • Customization Options: Users can customize their experience with client-defined codes, fields, and processes.
  • Document Management Integration: Integrates with document management and output processing.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Allows customers to access info and make payments via phone.
  • Smart Meter Access: Offers real-time insight into consumption data for smart meter systems.
Starting Price
$25 /user/month
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Utilities Pro

Submitted on January 1st, 2018 by Kent Reeves

Bosque County purchased Incode from Tyler and it has exceeded our expectations. The program is incredible and the support has been great. In fact, I liked Incode so well I purchased it again for Hamilton County less than a year later.

Submitted on January 1st, 2016 by Ken Eppelheimer

We have about 70 employees, and with our old software, they weren’t involved with the financial reporting at all. But within a year of having Incode, all of our staff are doing their own budgets. They have the tools they need to pay invoices and make sure things go to the right accounts. It used to take a month to get all of our financials over to accounting, but with Incode, that task has gone from taking one month to just one day, with fewer errors.