VISCO Software

A distribution software for import and export businesses in chemicals, food & beverages, and consumer goods.

Product Overview

VISCO is a distribution software for import and export businesses. Key features include inventory management, detailed profit and loss reporting per shipment, and the ability to track imports on a container basis. VISCO also supports advanced landed cost tracking and venture-level analysis.


  • Advanced landed cost tracking
  • Automatic container tracking and updates
  • Customizable for all industries


  • Initial learning curve
  • Navigation requires multiple clicks

Target Market

Small to mid-sized import and export businesses in various industries such as chemicals, food & beverages, and consumer goods. Best for companies with 11-50 employees requiring detailed import, inventory, and reporting management.

About VISCO Software

VISCO is a comprehensive software solution for small to mid-sized businesses involved in importing and distributing. It excels in landed cost calculations, shipment and inventory tracking, and the creation and management of documents crucial for import operations across various industries.

VISCO Key Features

  • Certificate of Analysis: Supports shipment specification management and provides documentation to suppliers and customers.
  • Customs Tracking: Includes duty calculation, customs broker management, document imaging, and an automated broker interface.
  • Individual Unit Level Tracking: Offers detailed tracking for each unit, storing information related to purchase, sale, and shipment documentation.
  • Logistics Management: Covers various logistics aspects such as order matching, billing, tracking, packing, shipping, and cost management.
  • Product Position: Gives sales and purchasing agents real-time data on product availability, including items on hand, in transit, or sold.

VISCO Benefits

Sales Enhancements

  • Enables the sales team to access order histories, customer order statuses, and inventory levels, including items “at source” and “in transit,” in real-time.
  • Facilitates sample and RFQ management from customers, leading to sourcing requests to suppliers.
  • Utilizes a price estimator to evaluate supplier offers, considering additional costs like ocean freight and customs inspections before generating customer quotes.
  • Supports the entire sales process from order entry to real-time shipment and inventory status updates, aiding sales decisions during customer interactions.

Financial Advantages

  • Offers detailed transaction-level profitability analysis and landed cost calculations.
  • Integrates with existing accounting systems, including QuickBooks, and supports accrual-based costing.
  • Enables custom report generation with Crystal Reports and data export to Microsoft Excel.
  • Calculates net profit for orders upon entry, providing a financial projection tool alongside inventory management.

Logistics Improvements

  • Automates document generation and prepares US Customs documentation.
  • Enables tracking at the shipment, lot, and unit levels, including “in transit” inventory.
  • Provides container information for better visibility over inventory across locations.
  • Alerts users to potential issues like late shipments or low inventory, and allows direct customs entries filing through a partner at a reduced cost.

Target Market

VISCO is ideal for food, plastics, chemicals, wine, beverages, hardware, home goods, seafood, textiles, and dropshipping industries. It caters to the unique needs of these sectors by providing specialized features for import and export business processes.

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Product Overview

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