An AI-powered ERP system specifically designed for the food supply chain industry.

Product Overview

WholesaleWare ERP is a secure, cloud-based, AI-powered platform specifically designed by the food supply chain industry, for the food supply chain industry, including: wholesalers, distributors, shippers, brokers, importers, exporters, and more.

Features like dynamic pricing, delivery, logistics, and food safety tracability aim to deliver greater efficiencies and profitability across the entire supply chain. Furthermore, GrubMarket has an ecosystem of integrated softwares which include an AI assistant (GrubAssist), eCommerce (Orders IO), and digital payments (GrubPay).


  • Cloud-based solution
  • Food supply chain specific features
  • Integrates with other tech stack tools


  • Does not offer on premise installation

Target Market

Any food supply chain company including wholesalers, distributors, shippers, brokers, importers, and exporters.

Not Recommended For

Companies outside of the food supply chain industry.

About WholesaleWare

WholesaleWare is an ERP solution designed for the food supply chain industry. The system is completely cloud-based and AI-powered and includes features such as accounting, inventory management, manufacturing, pricing, food safety and traceability, and many others.

WholesaleWare gives companies access to their ecosystem of integrated software, which includes an AI assistant (GrubAssist), eCommerce (Orders IO), and digital payments (GrubPay). This combination allows companies in the food supply chain industry to be more efficient and profitable while adhering to specific industry standards.

WholesaleWare Key Features

  • Live General Ledger
  • Inventory
  • Warehouse Management
  • Food Safety
  • Traceability
  • Settlements/Liquidations
  • Work Orders
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Price Lists
  • Delivery
  • Logistics
  • Digital Record Keeping
  • eCommerce
  • CRM
  • Employee Management
  • AI Tools

WholesaleWare Pricing

The cost of WholesaleWare starts at $15,000/year. No other pricing information is available, so businesses must request a quote. Users can receive a complimentary demo, but there is no free trial or free version available.

Video Overview

Starting Price
$15,000 /year
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of WholesaleWare

Submitted on May 2nd, 2024 by Jimmy

The Covid-19 pandemic made us realize we needed to adapt our business quickly in a very uncertain environment. We weren’t going to just wait it out. WholesaleWare’s rich features surprised us, because they were delivered in an easy-to-use and lightweight website. It enabled us to cement ourselves in a rapidly-changing supply chain while profitably pivoting our food business during this critical moment.

Submitted on May 2nd, 2024 by Cindy

As a produce wholesaler with hundreds of SKUs to manage, we searched long and hard for a software program that would increase our productivity and power our operations. WholesaleWare came highly recommended by other produce professionals. The automation features to create sales orders enable my team to output orders much faster with minimal errors. The user-friendly platform helps new employees train with ease. It allows modification of orders at any point in the process, even after shipping, without friction, for faster and accurate invoicing. As a cloud-based program, Wholesaleware can be accessed from any computer at any time - this mobility is a game changer in the produce industry. I highly recommend this program; it’s worth the investment.

Submitted on May 2nd, 2024 by Jackey

Prior to WholesaleWare, sorting and finding items or prices was time consuming and a hassle. After switching, the program was easy to pick up, modern, and made sales and inventory management far more streamlined. We really enjoy the many options for customization and the feature-rich platform. Support for the program is excellent!

Submitted on May 10th, 2022 by Anonymous

With WholesaleWare, we expanded our distribution footprint by 350% while stocking 1000 more product SKUs that we pick in real-time giving us a valuable edge in our competitive market space.