A property management software supporting rent collection, accounting, and maintenance requests.

Product Overview

Yardi Breeze is a property management software. It handles key functions, including rent collection, tenant communication, and property marketing. Yardi Breeze supports maintenance requests and basic accounting functions with a general ledger, AP/AR management, and analytics. Its online payment system simplifies rent collection and fee payments. The software’s maintenance functionality enhances the speed and ease of property upkeep.


  • Available for mobile use anywhere
  • Cuts down on time-consuming tasks
  • Integrated property management and accounting
  • No setup charges
  • Portals for tenants, renters, and owners


  • Custom reporting only available in Premier version
  • May not be suitable for commercial
  • Minimum charges per month
  • Missing features from Genesis2
  • Premier is needed for additional features

Target Market

Small to medium-sized businesses in the real estate sector. Caters to residential, commercial, associations, self-storage centers, and affordable housing communities.

About Yardi Breeze

Yardi Breeze is a property management software offering accounting and property marketing tools. The software also has portals for various stakeholders, online payment capabilities, and integrated services for applicant screening and resident insurance.

It supports various property types, including residential, commercial, condos, affordable housing, PHA, manufactured housing, and self-storage. Yardi Breeze aims to increase efficiency by automating and simplifying time-consuming tasks.

Yardi Breeze Pricing Model

Yardi Breeze pricing starts at $1 per unit per month for residential properties, with a minimum of $100 per month based on an annual agreement. The pricing varies based on the property type, with monthly billing done per unit in arrears. There are no fees for onboarding, training, or support.

Yardi Breeze Premier is available for $2 to $5 per unit per month, depending on the property type, with a minimum of $400 per month on an annual agreement. There is no free trial or version available.

Versions Available

Yardi Breeze has two main versions: the standard Yardi Breeze and the more advanced Yardi Breeze Premier. The choice between the two depends on the size and scale of operations, the number of units managed, and the required features.

Yardi Breeze

  • Offers online payment collection and portals for applicants, residents, tenants, and owners.
  • Ensures accuracy in reports with its accounting system.
  • Allows management of maintenance requests, vendor assignments, and tracking from a single dashboard.
  • Provides customer support through live chat and a comprehensive online Help Center.
  • Optional resident screening and renters insurance are available.

Yardi Breeze Premier

  • Includes features of Yardi Breeze, along with additional advanced capabilities.
  • Provides automated invoice processing, job costing, custom reporting, and security controls.
  • Offers add-ons for investment management, utility billing, vendor management, and more.
  • Features include property websites, online lease documents and execution, CRM, and customizable financial statements.

Yardi Breeze Key Features

Yardi Breeze offers a range of common features across different property types, including residential, commercial, self-storage, affordable housing, association, and manufactured housing.

  • Property Management: Centralized management of properties, including various aspects of property operations.
  • Rent Collection: Facilitating rent collection and other fees from tenants or residents.
  • Accounting: Comprehensive accounting tools for managing financial aspects like accounts payable and receivable.
  • Accounts Payable: Streamlined outgoing expenses and vendor payments management.
  • Maintenance: Tools for managing property maintenance requests, assignments, and tracking.
  • Owner Tools: Features that help property owners manage and oversee their properties effectively.

Residential Features

  • Marketing & Leasing: Tools for advertising properties and managing the leasing process.
  • Renters Insurance: Options for residents to obtain insurance, safeguarding both the tenant and the property owner.

Commercial Features

Cam Recovery: Management of common area maintenance expenses and recovery from tenants.

Affordable Housing Features

  • Compliance: Tools to ensure affordable housing regulations and standards adherence.
  • Renters Insurance: Providing insurance options for tenants in affordable housing units.

Self Storage Features

Marketing & Leasing: Dedicated marketing and leasing tools tailored for self-storage facilities.

Association Features

  • Community Tracking: Tools to manage and track various aspects of community associations.
  • Fee Collection: Facilities for collecting fees related to association management.

Manufactured Housing Features

  • Community Tracking: Management tools for tracking and overseeing manufactured housing communities.
  • Renters Insurance: Insurance options for residents in manufactured housing units.

PHA Features

  • Voucher Management: Manages housing vouchers and ensures compliance with relevant regulations.
  • HCV Landlord Tools: Specific tools for landlords in the Public Housing Authority sector.
  • Renters Insurance: Options for insurance coverage for tenants in PHA-managed properties.


  • Simplifies marketing, leasing, and operations with an easy-to-use platform.
  • Offers fast setup and live chat support.
  • Built-in, reliable accounting management.
  • Online facilities for residents, including rent payment, lease signing, and maintenance requests.
  • Organizes operations with corporate accounting tools.
  • Enhances efficiency with CRM follow-up activities and job cost tracking.
  • Allows customization of financial reports to meet owner preferences.
Starting Price
$1 /unit/month
Price Range Learn More
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Pricing Details
$100/month min. $1/unit/month.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Yardi Breeze

Submitted on May 15th, 2023 by Natalie Noble

After looking at a few suggestions from Software Connect, we were able to find Yardi Breeze for our Property Management business. We loved them because their system has so many layers and we are learning new features every day.

They were able to support my small business as alot of the other systems were not able to handle under 200 doors. After buying the program they got me set up with 4 zoom calls to make sure I felt comfortable with it.

The Good…

So many great features

Ability to handle smaller amount of units.

Great for handling home owners not just rentals

The Bad…

Nothing bad to say so far. They have been wonderful!

Submitted on April 21st, 2023 by Anonymous

We needed a software that was well versed in commercial, residential, and pre-development managenent. With Yardi it was apparent, because they have a large market share in the industry, their format and templates were set up to our meets without having to customize any features. We also weighed the value they brough against the invesntment, and they were the stand out choice…

Submitted on March 4th, 2021 by Pamela J Hurlburt

Yardi has been a workhorse for our company since the 1980s. I would not even consider using another company. When we made the decision to go to a web-based program, I did not feel others even came close. We certainly don’t regret the decision.

We lacked the ability to process EFT payments to our owners, as well as email and portal options. Breeze brings us into the 21st century.

I love that we can bill tenants directly from the program by email — that’s a big timesaver. Not to mention, it eliminates the cost of paper, postage, etc.

We also love the tenant portal, where renters can access their account and pay their rent. This is a feature tenants expect, and in the past, we had to tell them we did not have that capability. Not anymore! Online portals have been very well-received by our tenants.

I can honestly say that all features reduce time spent in the program, from daily data entry to the monthly accounting cycle. Since Breeze stores each report produced for the owners and tenants, we find that we have a lot less filing to do. It is a very user-friendly program that we all enjoy working in.

The vacancy rate is low, and rents are rising. With the pandemic, we are having to navigate through new laws and notice requirements. Breeze is assisting in this through the report templates. It has not been easy, nor are we on the other side of it; however, I expect that Breeze will have what it takes to get us there.

Due to Oregon shutting down some businesses starting last year, I can honestly say that Breeze is the reason we have been able to make it through. In our old system, we could not work remote.

With Breeze, all office staff has been able to work remotely except for one, whose duties are outside of Breeze. Working from a web-based program means that we are able to keep our business going without missing a beat.

Breeze ensures that we can get our property owners their money, which is their number one concern. Our old program required written checks. Now we always use EFT disbursements to our property owners, and we love it.

I am also able to send out mass updates to our owners anytime there are changes coming down that are going to affect them. This has been a huge timesaver and has been well-received on the other end.

Businesses are swaying toward doing work from home offices. If you have the right program, you may not have to do everything from the brick-and-mortar location. I think that this is going to change the look of businesses in the future.

I think the secret is to get up every day and put one foot in front of the other. Don’t give up when the going gets tough, because it will get tough. You have to listen and be willing to change with the times.

We have done this over the past 40 years. We started with Yardi’s DOS software, then to the Windows version and now the web-based version. Yardi software has been dependable and accurate for us through the years.

With regards to Breeze’s data retention to monthly reconciliations, which have held up to audit, I’ve been known to ask my team, “Have I told you how much I love this program?” It’s true!

Submitted on September 8th, 2020 by Cadie Burton Myers

Breeze is incredibly user friendly. The Help Center is the standout feature for me. The way it pulls up the topic for the window you are working in is incredibly time-efficient and accommodating.

The 1099 preparation saves us a great deal of time during tax season. It’s typically a cumbersome task. We rely on the 1099 reports to track vendor payments and decide what information should be sent to our CPA.

The first property management company I worked for used a different software, RentManager, and it was incredibly outdated. It required a lot of additional training and time to learn how to utilize its features. Although I watch the training videos provided by Breeze, I can typically figure out most features on my own just using the Help Center or chat feature!

Lease negotiations and renewals have been all about compromising and helping the tenant with their needs during this unprecedented time.

We work closely with each tenant to find out what their personal business needs are. This puts them in a better position to honor their lease.

We are able to work remotely, and we do so by utilizing the many different tools out there today such as Breeze, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and of course, our phones.

Submitted on September 2nd, 2020 by Jeff Mense

Over the past 25 years, we have updated from paper receipt books and spreadsheets to several different property management software programs. In 2013, we were told that our standalone software would no longer be supported, so we explored cloud-based software … lots of them.

While nearly all programs offered occupancy status, rent generation and receipts, very few integrated those functions with a full array of accounting functions. The idea of having to transfer data on a regular basis from the self storage software to an accounting program just seemed archaic.

In 2018, Yardi told us about a new software product called Yardi Breeze. Once again, we became an early adopter and have never looked back. We transitioned all our correspondence to email. That includes monthly statements, late notices and tenant alerts. Breeze integrates gate functions and automatic credit card processing, which significantly reduces the manager’s workload.

Everything was going smoothly, then along came COVID-19. We put a note on the main office door letting folks know we could be on the property — in person — within 20 minutes. Otherwise, our entire staff would be working remotely. In fact, remote work is a piece of cake with Breeze. If we’re out and about, we can handle anything on a tablet.

Submitted on August 19th, 2020 by Robert Chiang

Before Yardi, we were using spreadsheets. By far, the biggest improvement that we have now is rent collection. We are officially paperless, and all payments go through RENTCafé. No more trips to the bank to deposit rent checks (except to occasionally deposit laundry coins). I would estimate that we save at least 24 hours of work per rent collection.

Another task, which saves at least 16 hours per month, is the Monthly Report feature. In QuickBooks, we used to make a PDF of each page, package them together and email everything to clients individually, hoping not to have a typo. With Breeze, you simply go to Monthly Reports and in approximately 45 seconds the reports are sent in a bulk fashion.

I have even sent monthly reports from my phone, using the desktop version of my web browser. This cloud technology is incredible. Let me say this again: Time we spent compiling reports shrank from 16 hours to 45 seconds.

Being able to display our current portfolio on a navigable map helps potential clients understand our management envelope in real time. Our corporate site is a powerful marketing tool for new accounts.

Ease of use has to be the biggest surprise. We transitioned to Breeze within a few months and went live. There are fewer moving parts in Breeze, but it has everything you could ever need to run your property management operations. And if one of our team members gets stuck, the Breeze support staff are ready to assist through live chat or phone.

We were considering AppFolio and Buildium, as well as a few others. However, their platforms were too rigid for our setup. Furthermore, with Yardi being the original juggernaut in the industry, we gravitated towards Yardi. We also own apartment buildings across the region and one of our property managers has used Yardi for years. The Yardi Monthly Reports we received for the past 25 years were very impressive and CPA-friendly.

Submitted on May 4th, 2020 by Anonymous

Yardi Breeze is probably fine for residential, but it is not a good option for commercial property management. We have been a Yardi customer for many years. We used Yardi Genesis, Genesis 2, and now Breeze. Breeze has definitely been a disappointment.

The Good…

We can use it from any computer.

The Bad…

The accounting functions

Submitted on October 21st, 2019 by A. Shapiro

We were able to set up our apartments in about 30 minutes; the process was easy, straightforward and seamless.