AMSI Property Management Suite

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A complete, web-based site operations application designed to centralize property activity.

About AMSI Property Management Suite

Infor | AMSI Property Management Suite is a cloud-based residential and commercial property management software. Extensive industry knowledge allows AMSI to deliver proven, business-specific software solutions with experience built in.

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AMSI helps them enrich the value of their current investment in IT and extend their core applications with new best-in-class solutions. AMSI delivers business-specific software that requires less customization, shorter implementation times, and fewer IT resources to maintain than competitive solutions. With hosting plans to fit any organization, regardless of the IT infrastructure they posses, clients can choose a subscription service as well as fully-hosted and self-hosted licenses.

Serving more than 13,000 properties across the U.S. for the last two decades, AMSI’s solutions help their clients turn the challenges of property management into opportunities for increased revenue, streamlined operations and enhanced resident satisfaction.

eFinancials - Property Management Accounting

eFinancials is a web-based property management accounting solution designed to provide owners and managers of real estate assets with a strong, industry specific, accounting foundation. Integrated with the AMSI property management suite, eFinancials provides seamless reporting and auditing functionality and controls for your entire portfolio. eFinancials supports simultaneous cash and accrual-based accounting and allows use of different accounting periods for multiple entries. The system also includes the ability to move from summary data to detail data all the way to the transaction level, giving you the ability to better understand results and to investigate problems. Comes complete with reports designed for property management and furnishes a tool that enables user to tailor reports to address specific needs.

ePO - Budget Control

ePO is a web-based purchase order and budget control application designed to centralize and control critical expenditures occurring on-site. Complete budget control capabilities can effectively eliminate budget overruns and costly mistakes by checking against your budget. For example, ePO will disallow an over budget expenditure or an expenditure exceeding a userýs spending limit. ePO also provides an easy way to verify funds before a purchase order or invoice is created using the ýCheck Budgetý option. Invoice management in ePO provides seamless integration with purchase orders and manages the process from invoice entry through bill payment completing the purchasing process.

ePortfolio - Portfolio Reports & Alerts

ePortfolio Reports is an intuitive addition to the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and provides fast and adaptive ways to analyze your financial and operational data. The extensive functionality of Excel is enhanced through ePortfolio Reports, enabling powerful user-defined reporting and presentation of real-time data from eSite and eFinancials. Users can easily design reports and with ePortfolio Alerts, automate the generation and delivery of reports to specific individuals, groups or offices. Users save thousands every year through the elimination of manually created reports and the ability to view a clear picture of portfolio performance at regional, property and unit levels for decision making with a positive impact on the bottom line.

eSite - Commercial Operations

Commercial Property Type provides the commercial real estate owner and manager a comprehensive and fexible property management accounting solution. Commercial proficiently automates cumbersome lease administration tasks and accounts receivable processes, thereby eliminating manual re-entry of data. eSITE/Commercial interfaces with eFinancials to provide the owner or fee manager a complete accounting solution. This powerful lease administration and accounts receivable tool enables owners to manage their assets e"ciently using intuitive lease profile set up and tenant billing screens. It is designed to handle leases for industrial, flex, retail and o"fice portfolios.

Lease Administration Tools

  • Intuitive interface for lease abstracting that provides detailed lease data capture including:
    • insurance certicate requirements
    • unlimited abstract memos
    • automatic renewals
    • rent escalations – Base Rent, CAM, CPI increases, etc.
  • Flexible recurring and one time charge processing with Invoice/statement printing using Microsoft Word mail merge functionality.

CPI Increase Escalation Billing

  • Automatic calculation and billing of rent increases based on the Consumer Price Index increase using any table published by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.
  • Easily manages base year or roll forward billing periods, as well as exible anniversary billing frequencies (annually, biannually, etc.).
  • Stores unlimited values in unlimited CPI tables (i.e. local, city, region and national tables).
  • One time set up of lease level escalation formulas.

Percentage Rent/ Retail Sales Reporting & Billing

  • Off"ers comprehensive retail gross sales tracking and reporting capabilities.
  • Automates the calculation and reconciliation of percentage rent billings.

Flexible CAM Recovery

  • Provides calculation and automatic billing of CAM prepayments and reconciliation through intuitive data entry screens at the lease level, eliminating duplication of set up and data entry each year.

eSite - Residential Operations

eSite is a residential application that provides centralized site-level control and automated task management, significantly reducing operational costs and increasing decision support capabilities. eSite utilizes an intuitive browser interface making it easy to use and easy to learn. eSite also provides the most efficient workflow available. With the ability to manage many types of property management tasks, users easily view and link to move-ins, transfers, follow-ups, move-outs and pending applications. eSite organizes and presents daily activities to maximize the productivity of the people responsible for generating revenue.

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User Reviews of AMSI Property Management Suite

Submitted on September 13th, 2022 by Anonymous

This is the absolute worst software Ive ever worked with. It is incredibly non-user friendly. There is not a good help menu or directory. Its easy to get someone on the phone, but often has to be escalated to another technician. You cannot delete or undo anything in efinancials. You have to create a batch, create a bill/invoice, close a batch. Create a batch, do a check run, approve the check run, validate the check run, print the checks, close a batch. Everything takes entirely too long. In order to do anything a batch has to be created, so minimum of three steps in order to do simple accounting. It is awful, Awful, AWFUL!

The Good…


The Bad…

EVERYTHING, its terrible.

Submitted on December 20th, 2017 by Ray

Of the handful of property management solutions the recommendation service provided to me, this is the one I pursued the most. I was thoroughly impressed. It was the class of the group of options I looked at. We had some internal issues which prevented us from moving forward with the options which was unfortunate, as this was the clear-cut winner. I would highly recommend it.

Submitted on October 2nd, 2017 by Anonymous

I purchased the software a few months ago. It has been a process.

The Good…

I have nothing that stands out as of yet. I’m still working with it.

The Bad…

In my opinion, there has to be an easier way to do this. It’s a very tedious program. It requires a lot of set-up. All the way down to creating invoices and financial statements… there is nothing done for you. It was more involved than what we anticipated.

Submitted on March 24th, 2011 by Anonymous

I want you to know how much we value this software. Having AMSI is like an insurance policy; we know we will be able to accomplish our goals.

Submitted on December 28th, 2006 by Anonymous

This past year we updated from DOS to a web-based application and went through this upgrade seamlessly. The web-based application has created additional efficiency as opposed to the DOS software. I am extremely satisfied with the AMSI software. I highly recommend it for all your software needs.

Submitted on May 31st, 2004 by Anonymous

We started out using the DOS based software from AMSI which was a very good product for us until we started branching out and acquiring multi-family housing outside of Tuscaloosa. We quickly found out that it was a nightmare to manage our properties using the old DOS based software. We looked back once again make our decision and settled on the internet based software AMSI. Over the years we have been provided excellent service from the support staff.