A web-based professional property management solution designed by RenTec Direct.

About RenTec

RenTec from RenTec Direct, designed for professional property managers, includes all the tools necessary for a professional property management firm to manage and track unlimited properties, owners, and tenants. RenTec is easy to learn and requires no complex manuals or training. You and your employees can be up to speed literally in minutes.

Depending on the size of your portfolio, RenTec offers “RenTec Pro” for landlords and apartment owners and “RenTec PM” for propery managers who work for property owners.

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Top Features:

Full property, owner and tenant accounting - Full bank, property and tenant accounting, plus powerful owner and security trust accounting. Easy tab based navigation to switch between your properties, tenants, and other accounts. Queue and print checks directly from RenTec Direct.

Automatic ACH payments - Automatic ACH support to allow your tenants to make secure payments online. Recurring support included to schedule payments or setup recurring weekly or monthly payments to take the guesswork out of rent collection.

Tenant Screening - Tenant Screening provides you the security of knowing the history of each tenant you place as well as if they have past challenges paying bills. RenTec Direct provides real-time reliable criminal as well as financial background check service built-in.

Secure online access - Provide secure online access to tenants and accept rent payments online. Tenants can login to make payments or view their payment history and set their email preferences.

Publish Vacancies Online - Publishing your vacant properties online has never been easier. Enter details and pictures, and you are provided a unique web address for your listing(s) to publish in the paper, or craigslist, newsletters, or flyers. Even accept applications online.

Give your owners a login - Give your owners a login via the owner portal to view their property performance, see up to date accounting along with notices of past and upcoming move-in and move-out events.

Additional Features:

  • Online file management allows file storage related to tenants or properties safely and securely online
  • Enter and track your own workorders, or allow tenants to place their own repair requests via the tenant portal.
  • Manage other recurring transactions such as: utility billing, landscaping or supplemental fees you may charge your tenants and let the software automatically generate the charges whether you’re at a computer or not.
  • Attach receipts and bills to expenses as you post them to easily keep a legal record of expenses.
  • Tenant Portal allows tenants to login and review their account, make payments via ACH, or submit workorders.
  • Easily track bank deposits with undeposited funds support.
  • Many management reports to show property performance, then quickly email those reports in PDF to owners.
  • At a glance stats and graphs of current and historical property performance.
  • Easily print checks with RenTec’s built in check printing support.

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User Reviews of RenTec

Submitted on October 16th, 2016 by Trevor

Check out their free trial, it’s a great way to see if it’s for you. The pricing is very simple to understand.

They are a fun growing company and I think most people would enjoy working with them. They have my highest recommendation for a property management software.

Submitted on April 30th, 2013 by Trevor Mauch

This is the best property management program that I’ve found that is free. Down the road they’ll have a pro version but I’m talking about the free version.

I’ve gone through 20-30 property management programs from using them to reviewing them. Something I really love is the homepage. It shows a glance of what your business is doing such as your occupancy rate and income and expenses.

For what it is, it has a very clean easy format and is easy to use. If you’re looking for a property management software for between 1-20 units, this software is great. If you have over 20 you might want to look at something else.